Tutorial #4 Trio of Snowmen

This is the Snowman Trio


Don’t you love all that extraneous stuff in this photo? And how about those lamp reflections in the window? Would you believe I did that on purpose? I didn’t think so.

My original pin is here. It was a quartet. I decided on a Trio.

I was unable to trace it back to a tutorial.

Here is the list of materials and vague instructions for creating your trio. Hope you have better luck getting yours to sing! Mine are stubbornly silent.


1 x 4 x 17” for Base

Trim Scraps for Base

Landscape timber scraps – One each length, 8”, 12”, and 15”

Gloss White Spray Paint or whatever white you have on hand

6 Wiggle Eyes

3 Bells (Noses)

Black Paint Pen

3 Fuzzy Socks (Dollar Store!)

Ribbon – 3 12-14” lengths

20-Light Strand

6” Wide White Tulle – 40 6” lengths

24-30” Length of Green Garland

Construction Adhesive or Nails or Screws and Wood glue




Caulk gun for construction adhesive if you use construction adhesive

Hammer or drill and bit if you use nails or screws

Hot Glue Gun

Staple Gun and Staples

Tape measure

Wire cutter for cutting Garland

Start With Lumber
  • Cut your Base, Trim, and Snowmen or have the lumber store cut it for you.

Scrounging in the barn has become my favorite pastime. For the Snowman Trio I was able to scrounge up a scrap of 1 x 4 and scraps of trim for the base from some household project I’ve since either completed or abandoned, and scraps of landscape timber for the Snowmen.

I cut the 1 x 4 to 17” in length, then cut the trim on 45 degree angles to fit the base. My handy dandy miter saw saved the day. The scraps of landscape timber were cut to 8”, 12”, and 15” in length. I wasn’t too concerned with the roughness of the timber, but I did sand all the pieces to remove as many splinters as possible. Yay for my little palm sander! I still got one splinter. Oh well.

  • Nail, screw, or glue the trim and Snowmen to the base. Use wood glue with nails or screws if you go with that method.

I had intended to screw the Snowman to the base with 2.5” deck screws and nail the trim with 6 Finish Nails everything together, but I’d left my drill in the attic and being of the lazy 47%, I just used construction adhesive to put the base and trim together and glue the Snowmen to the base. Worked for me!

  • Spray the whole thing white.

It took three coats to reach a satisfactory result. Again, I wasn’t too worried about the wood imperfections. Snowmen aren’t perfect. Then, I watched the paint dry. No. Not really. Just kidding.

A Few Snowman Goodies
  • To make the hats, cut the toes off three of the socks about ½” from end. To make the fringe make 3 or 4 cuts 3 -4” deep from toe toward ankle.
  • Slip hats onto Snowman heads. Tie a length of ribbon around the fringe at the top of Snowman ‘head’.
  • Glue on eyes and noses.
  • Paint on mouth

I used a hot glue gun. Tacky glue works too.

  • To make the scarf, lay sock flat with heel to your right,  cut sock from top to toe through heel and up to toe, leaving the toe closed, then cut the sock in half lengthwise to create a strip of fabric. Tie on Snowman.
  • Tie 6” strips of tulle evenly across light strand. I tied one at each light and one between each light.
  • Staple the garland to the base.
  • Twine the light strand through the garland.

TA DA. Y’all made a Snowman Trio. I’s raight proud o’mine. Hope y’all are too.

And a one, And a two.

Thanks for playing. I had a blast!

Oh please, oh please, oh please share your thoughts!

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