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Weekend Gardening, Carbs, and Stinky

8 Apr

We like to putter around outside weekends when weather permits. This past weekend we did do a few things in spite of the soggy, swampy yard we now possess. The island garden is freshly mulched. The raised bed garden is on its way to clean paths and new perennials. Chico’s garden is looking much better after a bit of weeding.  And so it will go until the weather changes and the heat sends us to the pool or the AC.

Busy, busy. In preparation for beginning a new job, I must schedule an oil change and a couple of tires for Bruhonda. Can’t wait to clear the checking account for that one!

Oh…yes I finally have gainful employment…if I pass the drug test. I hope it isn’t too complicated. I hate tests. And thanks to Susan! She told me about the job.

Sarah gave me a glowing recommendation. I had to pay her for it. Just kidding! So I must say thanks to Sarah as well. She’s my almost big sis……

This morning I started counting carbs again. I’m a carb addict. It’s been 3 hours since my last carb.

My blood work was awful. I’m a stroke waiting to happen, so weight has to go down, carbs have to go, and have to walk at lunch once I start the new job. Ewww. Walk? Next thing you know I’ll be doing competitive something or other. Nah…not gonna happen. Washing Bru this afternoon whooped my fat…uh energy and left me quivering for a piece of bread.  And a painkiller.

Step away from the bread box.

That’s my new mantra.

The next couple of weeks I’m trying to really cut back, lose a few pounds, and break the cravings. Oh yeah baby. Thank goodness for Atkins bars and shakes. Quick and easy for those days when quick and easy is the only way.

After that I’ll add a few things back in until I have steady weight loss.  Blood sugar and cholesterol have to go down!

Lose the weight, get my blood work in line, and keep my mental acuity, or at least get some mental acuity, and I will no doubt live to a ripe old age.

Speaking of ripe, what’s the deal with not wearing deodorant? Is this like a new trend or something? I know natural is great, but isn’t there a natural deodorant?  I really don’t like the smell of unwashed and un-deodorized body…especially boy.  Stinky boy is the worst! That and school.

I know you know the scent of school. My niece and my kids would come home from elementary school smelling bearing that scent and totally unaware. It is as identifiable as the scent of lavender or a rose or body odor. Perhaps we should bottle it for old folks who like to reminisce. There’s my first million!

So I took a moment to look up this trend. One woman uses lemon slices for her pit odor. I found a site with recipes for homemade, natural ingredient deodorant. I found folks that just make sure they shower daily and wear deodorant only on special occasions, like weddings.

Then there were articles on the deodorant rock called an Alum Stone and the Moroccan clay, Rhassoul clay, for washing using very little water.

Oh my.

Controlling the odor is apparently still acceptable. Thank goodness.

I was in deep despair over the possibility of stinky persons all over the place. I like natural, don’t get me wrong. I love the smell of honeysuckle. I even like the smell of dirt…as long as it’s clean dirt.  But the idea of stinky bacteria growing in the pits just turns me off completely.

I guess my hippie tendencies have a limit after all.

Progress, Head Gear, and Dreaming

13 Feb

I’ve fallen behind in my reading. Hate that. So many blogs, so little time. Just know that if you haven’t heard from me lately, I’m still reading, I still love you…just behind.

Part of it is due to the daily excursions I make to the local college campus. I have a deal with Zach. I take him, drop him off, and pick him up and he makes it to class. We’re working on helping each other through a difficult time.

Most of the time, I do the grocery shopping and run errands while I’m waiting. I also work on any portable projects I have in progress. Today I finished a doily I was crocheting and ripped back a few rows on a knitted head band in search of a missing yarn over. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a parking lot!

I really need to up the data plan on my I-phone…then I could read in the parking lot. Soon.

There’s a new piece for sale in my Etsy shop. Here’s my shameless self-promotion for the day. Picture first.


Ear Warmer Extraordinaire?

Ear Warmer Extraordinaire?

Etsy shop is here.

Now I will hide my blushing cheeks and pretend I didn’t just do that.

This afternoon I wandered up to the barn to swing for a bit. Thank goodness for workout gloves. No rope burns!

It is so peaceful there. I can see the house and a small portion of the road. I can hear the birds. The night creatures were just beginning to sing. There are spots of green appearing in the field. It’s a little hard to see those spots with the pasture in such desperate need of a good mow. There are many broken limbs and branches as well. The storm earlier in the year that knocked the power out for 4 days did some serious damage. It will take a long time to clear it. There are already piles of wood and twigs and branches in various spots around the yard waiting to be fed into the fire pit.

I’ve digressed from the swing.

It makes me smile. I’m only swinging for short periods as it hurts my shoulders and knees and sometimes, if I’m sitting just right, it stresses a nerve in my leg. But short and sweet is way better than nothing at all.

I’m still determined to build another one closer to the house. Perhaps one day I will have a grandchild to push. We will giggle and see who can go higher. Then we can plant pansies and have ice cream and eat mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon.  And she will love German chocolate cake for Christmas just as Zach and I do. We’ll swim and splash in the pool and play badminton.

We’ll shop. Pink pinafores and purple high tops will share space in our shopping bags with bright green tutus and lace trimmed socks.

But always, we will return to the swing.

As I dream of a granddaughter I have only one hope. I hope that soon there will be no nay votes on legislation that protects women’s rights, gay rights, human rights. The past few days Arkansas’ representatives have failed dismally along with others from around the country. It is a travesty to vote a personal agenda and ignore the rights of others.

Let’s move forward.

Swinging, Coining a New Word

12 Feb

I’m a swinger now!

Finally have a tree swing hanging just behind the barn…it’s actually not my tree, but this big ol’ limb hangs way over the property line…so I’ve taken the liberty of using it.

I swing a little cattywampus but then I’ve never done anything square.

We found rope that is multi-colored pink and blue and turquoise. I wonder if that makes me a fashionable swinger. Oh, yeah!

Still trying to find my sense of humor. Hanged that puppy out to dry when Zach was robbed and it just keeps drippin’ and not dryin’. Perhaps if I do swing meditation it will reappear.

Today has been a wet day. The clouds dropped some slushy stuff for about 10 seconds. Sarah asked if it was sleet or snow. Uh….well…it was ..sneet!

Here we are up to our asses in sneet. Not really, it was too warm today so the sneet melted.

Wonder when that will make it into a dictionary.

I need to pop the popcorn and ice the soda as soon, it will be time for the State of the Union address. I can’t wait to hear the Republican response. NOT.


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