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Pinterest Inspired Tutorial #7 Posted

31 Oct

Good morning!

It was still dark when I woke this morning. Before you know it I’ll be bearish and hibernating.

This is a quick one….hope to get back later today. We’ll see if I get all my chores done. Wish me luck!
The Snowman Quartet made it to posting today! Yay! It is here.

The Snowball Quartet

I intend to make another. I’ll add more pics when I do.

Hope everyone has a delightful day today. It has certainly been my pleasure to be here.


Snowmen, Balls, Liberty, and Behinds

30 Oct

I have a developed a crush on all things Snowman. If I become disenchanted with a Snowman,  I can allow him to melt and toss his parts out. The worst mess a Snowman makes is that little puddle around the toilet. Snowmen do not leave dirty underwear lying about. Nor do they spit or fart. Granted they can be a little cold…. Well, cold shoulders are nothing new. It might be difficult to snuggle with a snowman, but I have a dog for snuggling. Just hope he doesn’t decide to pee in the snow.

We rarely have snow in this part of the country. Building snowmen and sledding do not rank in Arkansas’ top ten winter sports. Probably not in the top 100. That may have some bearing on my obsession.

Then again, it may not.


This brings me to the 7th Pinterest Inspired project.  It is complete. It is a hanging Four-headed Snowman. And no, he/they is/are not a Halloween Snowman/men. He /they is/are made with a tube sock and he/they is/are kinda cute. The tutorial will go live tomorrow. Pictures must be taken.  I’m a little behind.

I’m actually a big behind.

There is no reason to further investigate that statement. We shall leave it be.


My daughter discovered once again that finding a liberal in Arkansas in a needle in the haystack proposition.  Of course we’ve known this for some time, but it never fails to baffle when confronted with an evangelical righty. My daughter asked where they get their ‘facts’, using the term loosely.

People hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe. They will pay good money to have someone reinforce those beliefs. Look at talk radio….there are a few of those supposed right wing conservatives that have made a killing speaking bullshit. And most of them are probably laughing all the way to the bank.

Take it to heart America. It isn’t about your personal morality. It’s about HUMAN RIGHTS. I wish I could find a way to make this universally understood. I think America would be a better place.







Boys, Men, Dogs, and Snowmen

16 Oct

Okay so maybe 104 projects in a year was a bit optimistic considering all the irons I have in my fire. But I intend to persevere.

Adorable Clay Pot Snowmen, Pinterest Favorite Pin

Today we have Twins! Clay Pot Snowmen Twins. They are adorable. Check out the tutorial. Tell me what you think.

I think I will include them in my decorating scheme this year, perhaps on a wreath. Oh…another tute waiting to happen!

I’m jonesing for popcorn again. Sarah and I were planning an evening movie. I forgot about the prez debate tonight. So we cancelled the movie. Don’t want to miss the debate! I know my guy is gonna win, but it’s still fun to watch Mr. Romney make a complete contradictory ass of himself. No offense intended for his supporters. We all have our idiosyncrasies and I for one am perfectly tolerant of  your right to be wrong!

That was intended as a joke.

Maybe I should stick with the weather. It’s lovely. Nice breeze blowing through the yard, and the rich colors of fall just peeking through summer’s green. I have to say that the time change still rankles my fur. I’ll get over it.

The boys have been whistling today. And the dogs have been barking. I have to find a behavioral adjustment tool that will work on the lot of them, boys included. You raise ‘em up, think you’ve done your best, and they still turn out to be boys. Women traditionally raise their sons, right?. I have yet to find an explanation for this phenomenon. Because no matter how many women are involved (with Zach it’s been 6!) they still end up being BOYS. I am truly baffled. This state of confusion has persisted for quite some time. It has to be testosterone, or some combination of hormones not found in women. Is there a spitting hormone? Is there a hormone involving base humor, as in flatulence as a cause for hysterical laughter? Is there some male genetic anomaly that suggests boys/men must be always be right?

I give up. Maybe it’s just the age. No that can’t be the reason for these behavioral issues.  It seems to be a problem for the son and the husband.

It is what it is apparently. Guess this universal mystery will remain unsolved. It’s probably already a cold case. C’est la vie.

This is going to be Snow week for projects. The next one is another holiday snowman as well. I’m stuck in that mode. Love, love, love the holidays. I think the lights are the draw. Of course we have plenty of time.

And then there was Tuesday. As always, it’s been my pleasure.


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