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It’s Hump Day

6 May

Can you hear that camel proclaiming the day? There truly are advertising geniuses out there. How many jingles can you hum or sing? How many ad quotes pepper your thoughts or speech? Oh yeah…geniuses.

I’m not one.

There is a lovely cardinal hovering around the window outside my workroom. He was perched on the fence when I first noticed him. Ah, Spring has sprung and the temps are hovering in the eighties this week. Time to consider opening the pool. The water will slowly warm and eventually we can spend an evening or two enjoying the stars.

Nights would be best. Either that or a full body suit for me. Either one would hide the many imperfections! Hehe…who cares? Every wrinkle and imperfection has been earned I think.

Today I’m posting again to my Etsy shop. Here’s the offering. Let me know what you think…or go shopping here!

4 x 6 Photo swapping frame. Rustic, country style, embellished with cotton florals.

4 x 6 Photo swapping frame. Rustic, country style, embellished with cotton florals.

Pretty in Green photo swapping 4 x 6 picture frame

Pretty in Green photo swapping 4 x 6 picture frame

Saturday, Snow, Shopping

8 Feb

I’m reading a book on organizing and maintaining. Another desperate measure?

Here’s my take on it. My probably started in college when there was a whole new world opening up in front of my very eyes.

No longer the chubby little girl with a lack of confidence; now a chubby young woman with a lack of confidence and an inability to say no when asked to participate in one thing or another. Reader’s theatre, anyone? Yeah, me! Stage hand? I’ll volunteer! Need a body in the scene shop to build sets or hang lights? Oh, here I am.

And my home became a tangle of dropped papers and piled up laundry. Anybody relate yet?

Then, there were kids and husbands and they just don’t get on the same page with you. You clean until you throw your hands up in despair.

I have enough of a challenge to take care of my own messes, let alone everyone else’s.

So today, I’m making a resolution. One corner at a time, maintain that corner for a while and start on another corner.

Baby steps. I think we’ve been through this before. Hmmmm.


There’s snow on the ground. What is up with the weather? Oh, yeah…global warming. And there is a large faction of folks out there that don’t believe it. Okay, folks, get on board. We’re killing the planet. We have to start fixing it. Again, baby steps are needed by all of us.

Get on board, peeps. We can do this.

Let’s take recycling. I’m not perfect. I slip, but I try. Same with re-useable shopping bags. I remember them more often than not now.

And it doesn’t hurt a bit! It’s a pain-free effort. I really like it when it’s pain free. Making changes too.


So, with the snow, I drove Zach to work. The roads weren’t too bad, so I picked up the daughter and away we went to shop for baby clothes. I had coupons at Penney’s. Woooowhooo. And it was her pay check week and her turn to buy. So much fun and such cute little girl onesies and pants and little jackets and play sets. Love me some Carter’s! Target has some cute stuff too. But she bought a desk there today. We had to retrieve Zach from work to help unload that one!  Glad he was available.

She has discovered such cute ideas for baby shower on Pinterest. Can’t wait! One of our Bunco players is also pregnant and one of Falon’s other friends is having dual babes…fraternal twins. Oh, my. I’m thinking play dates. Lots of play dates.

Guess we need to rest up for those.


Manic Monday and Short Weekends

9 Sep

‘Gee mom you really are a big spender.’

So sayeth the daughter when she got her birthday tickets for the Tuesday night taping of Tales of the South.

Let me just say those tickets were imminently affordable.

I know, I know…she spent a week’s salary, mine, not hers, on Wicked tickets for us.

Have I told you this story before?

Sorry, I’m older now. Oh…you know that too.

I’m on a roll.

And here it is a Manic Monday.

Monday’s have taken on a whole new dread for me. I switched jobs and this one has the definite disadvantage of filling my email inbox with lots of information, most of which is extraneous to the tasks of Monday morning, but much of which is a job for me. Last Tuesday, after a long weekend, almost killed me.

I’m glad to say that I did survive on two bathroom breaks and half hour overtime.

So now I’m on the road to recovery.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning off my desk and ordering things for my fall wardrobe. I’m stoked about the fall anyway with all the activities Falon and I have planned. We need a plan for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking a holiday film with the second Hunger Games. But there’s must be more. Until my job demise last year we took a family vacation…but now, having become gainfully employed again, Zach and I have no time off …so we have to postpone the next one.

Can you believe I’m talking about the holidays? Wasn’t it just Memorial Day? Hehe…I wished you guys Happy Memorial Day on Labor Day…

I ordered yarn for the knitting machine…planning to make felted bags, so wool was in order. I chose several colors for mixing and matching. Currently there is fabric and a pattern for pants on the cutting table. Once moved, it’s onto sewing and then knitting.

The desk is loaded again. I have to find the courage to add a new router to the house. Wi-Fi needs help. I is rather timid about doing this…Really don’t want to screw it up and have to call for help. So the router and the cables and the instructions are on the desk…anybody with advice for the tech-challenged is welcome to come by for tea and biscuits.

And then there is the hat I want to cast on for hand knitting. Maybe tonight?  Well there is another episode of The Newsroom to watch.

We discovered Sunday that I’m in need of a windshield. Zach and I were headed out to exchange his shoes and pick up a few groceries and discovered the once-upon-a-time -little chip got a whack somewhere over the weekend and spread to an all-out crack.  Woe is me again.

Busy days, lots of plans, and a cool Sunday morning on the verandah with coffee and the sounds of the birds and all those other little critters serenading made for a great weekend.

I must say, I really missed that verandah thing this morning.


Tangled Tuesday Gets Straightened Out

28 May

It was an exciting day. He finally agreed to car shopping and two stops later, we were sold.

After a lifetime of waiting, Bob got his first new car and he so deserves it.

Friday night after I’d made hot dogs for dinner, I wandered into the living room and said, “Do you want to go shopping with me tomorrow?”

“What for?” he asked.

“A new car,” I answered.

Nothing more was said and I went to bed early.

I woke up Saturday morning just after six. By eight Bob was getting dressed to go out. I asked him where he was going. He said he thought I wanted to car shop.

I showered and we left the house around 8:45. We stopped at Sam’s to pick up a prescription and drove to a local Hyundai dealer. He had looked up the Elantra and found they were a good buy. But then he didn’t want to drive one. So I said I would. A few words later, he agreed to drive the car.

“It was bumpy”,’ he said.

“Look at the Accord”, I said. “Isn’t that what you want?”

Since I had a really bad experience with the Honda dealer next door a few years ago (don’t EVER buy a car from BALE. They are chauvinist good old boys who let a pregnant woman with a baby and her mother in tow WALK!), we drove to my favorite dealer in Conway. And we proceeded to buy our third Honda from them.

It looks good on him. He wouldn’t drive it to work last night, claiming it screamed ‘New’. So he’s waiting until there are tags on it. He’s chosen to have a vanity plate reading ‘STRWOLF’, Starwolf. He’s been using that moniker for web ID since before we met.

We can scratch the brand new car off his bucket list. He waited his entire life for this experience. Next, I have to get him to Scotland, his father’s birthplace.

I’m working on it. After all, I have Romania on my list!



He So Cute!

He So Cute!

Going for A Drive?

Going for A Drive?



Hint Fiction Friday

22 Mar


Etsy for 03.22 and 03.23 001

On Me Old Wrist!

On Me Old Wrist!

Here’s a little piece of jewelry being offered in my Etsy shop. Crocheted and beaded, with a magnetic clasp, the bracelet measures approximately 7.5″ long x .75″ wide.  If you have a wedding in your future and would like one in white or would like one sized differently, please request a custom item on the left side of the shop page! Now on to Hint Fiction Friday.

Actually, today is more Flash Fiction Friday. Hope you like it.

Gracie was always careful to make his sandwich just so, with butter and bologna and white bread. He would mumble and growl otherwise.

She kept the butter on the counter to keep it soft. She bought plain old sandwich bread at the grocer. It wasn’t her preference and so she kept another loaf of wheat bread in the refrigerator.

This day was a special day.

Gracie took out the white bread, carefully spreading butter on both slices.

‘Are you ready for lunch, Joe’, she asked politely.

There was no response and Gracie expected none.

Gracie removed two slices of bologna from the package and returned it to the refrigerator.

‘I have the chips you like so much my dear. Junior brought them for us on his visit yesterday.’

She cut the sandwich in half diagonally and placed it on a plate, adding chips to the side and walked to the kitchen table. She set the plate on the table and removed two napkins from the holder. One was placed beside the plate and one was placed across the table from Joe.

Returning to the refrigerator, she retrieved a bottle of ginger ale. It was Joe’s favorite. She picked up a glass.

She slowly returned to the table, grunting a little with the effort to put one foot in front of the other.

She sat across from Joe and opened the ginger ale.

‘Here we are Joe and you’re still drinking ginger ale.’

She took the top off the bottle and slowly poured the ginger ale.

‘And I still love you’.

She picked up half the sandwich, reached for his hand, and placed the sandwich in it.

‘Share this with me Joe.’

He didn’t respond. She didn’t expect it.

Tears slid down her cheeks, pooling in the well-worn crevices and folds that spoke of life lived, children raised, hard times fought.

This was a special day.

‘I’m going to miss you, mostly at night. You’ve been keepin’ my backside warm for a long time. I’ll see you as much as I can, Joe. I’ll think about you every minute.

Joe, I’ve kept our memories. I think it’s time I passed them on to the kids.’

She smiled softly through her tears, her words barely a whisper.

‘I’ll be joining you soon, I imagine.’

She took a bite of the bologna and butter sandwich, winced.

‘How in the world do you eat this? I’ve been asking for sixty-one years and you’ve yet to say. ’

He did not respond. She didn’t expect it.

New Goals, Dinner, Lizard Spit

30 Nov

Today, I have to re-think my purpose for being here.

It seems that my set goal is interfering with my necessary goal, which is to make a living.

So, I am changing my raison d’etre ici.

I have to concentrate on designs for my Ravelry store and products for my Etsy shop.

And I have to write.

So the project goal has been suspended and although I’m sure my projects will continue, they will do so infrequently. The blog posts will continue. That’s too much fun to abandon.

Today I begin again. I want to do what I love and still bring home some bacon. I love pig. Have to have green in order to have pig! And I do not want to work for anyone else again. It’s difficult for a fringe dwelling, pantyhose hating, jeans loving, red-headed, wild haired, random, possibly ADD woman with attitude to work in Corporate America.

I want to avoid that if at all possible.


Dinner’s late, it’s time to cook.

Pull out the pot, the recipe book,

Gather together needed ingredients,

No time to dawdle, be expedient.

Lizard spit, tail of cat,

Eye of newt, ear of bat,

Hair of horse, a puppy tooth,

Supper’s a spell of witch, forsooth.

Chop and mix and stir it well.

Watch it bubble, watch it swell.

Mutter, snort, and purse the lips.

Invoke fat absence from the hips.

Add powdered croc, a bit of spice.

Tap the pot, circle it thrice.

Sprinkle in baboon butt fur,

Crumble and add two cocklebur.

Now it’s done, supper’s ready.

Hold the bowl, keep it steady.

Serve it up, eat your dinner.

Mama’s brew, alas a winner!

I love writing stupid poetry.

I tried a blood glucose lowering drug for a while that was derived from a chemical found in the saliva of the Gila monster. I called it lizard spit. It is an injection. Stuff made me hurl. Repeatedly.  I tried that therapy twice. Just couldn’t hang with the nausea.

Ewwwweww, right?

In other news, I managed to get a couple more garlands lit and placed around the Christmas village. We need a couple more village pieces now that there is a dedicated place above the windows to display them. I’ll check the stores tomorrow. Bob and I are going to Christmas shop and perhaps take in a movie. It’s our weekend adventure. Aren’t we just the most exciting old people ever?

So now I wish you a happy weekend.

See ya Monday!

Projects, Polyester, Party, and Signs

27 Nov

Today, I’m posting two projects. They are here. This was amusing.  I’m always amused. Sometimes more so than others.

I shopped for new lights to accommodate picture taking this morning.  I’ve been wandering around the house looking for some way to set up a small ‘studio’ and jokingly mentioned under my desk as the perfect spot. Well that’s the spot lights and white board will be calling home. Wooooowhooooo. Picture taking will no longer be a dreaded chore! I can get the project photos any time day or night! Just pick up the camera and shoot those puppies.

Today is the day for, dare I utter the word….senior …discounts at Kroger.

I told Falon this morning that I really hate that word. It somehow implies that I am rushing toward my demise with nary an obstacle in my path. Not a pleasant thought. I have too many projects, too many places to visit, people to see.

There is a sure sign for loss of my mental acuity.  If I lose my jeans and boots and cute little hats, it’s time to shoot me. No polyester and certainly none of those yucky grandma shoes will grace my shopping bags, let alone my body.

I may revert to a sweats wearing slob, but never again polyester. Never again.

My mom made polyester dresses for me when I was growing up. It was the latest in no-iron, care-free fabric. I hated that shit. It’s evolved, I will admit, but visions of a chunky kid in polyester still haunt my dreams. It was a bit thick, didn’t breathe, created impossible static, and clung in all the wrong places.

Anybody else out there old enough to remember that stuff?

It was gross.

In college, I was strictly a jeans and work shirts kinda girl. I did embroider some of my work shirts. Pretty suns and flowers and little trees of thread worked across the back added a bit of a girly touch. And then I would sew outrageous dresses to wear when I worked the theatre front of house. One night I stepped out to the disco, feather boa wrapped and a ‘tattoo’ of Dali’s Capricorn on my shoulder, done in colored makeup by my best bud Michael. That particular night I wore clunky black sandals with lace-trimmed ankle socks with a black backless dress just skimming my ankles. Michael wore a vintage tux.

Geez, were we cool or what?

And that brings us to cooler weather. Mmmm…..I love autumn. Some days are actually cool and crisp here in my Southern hometown. Sweaters and sweatshirts come out of the closet. We do not, however, pack away the shorts. Things can change rather abruptly. I find it rather amusing to go out in public this time of year. You’ll see folks with jackets and scarves, followed by a guy in shorts and flip flops. Lately I’ve spied several women in their pajama bottoms….I have no clue. It must be a new trend. One I will not be following.

It’s time to finish cleaning the house, or go to bed and do it tomorrow.

I much prefer the latter idea.

Woman Seeks Commitment for Black Friday Shopping

26 Nov

I am a blogaholic. It’s been five days since my last post.

Two hours later… I ‘ve made it through all my email! Taking the holiday to cook, eat, and shop really put me in a state of behind. I like that. State of Behind. That’s my perpetual state of being. I live in a State of Confusion.  I wonder if the State of Behind is synonymous with the State of Late. I suppose that would depend on how you define late. I don’t think it would work for the late Mr. Smith.

Tuesday, I shopped for groceries and an odd assortment of craft supplies. Wednesday dear hubby and I did chores and errands. Thursday I cooked, we ate, we played Fill or Bust and then Falon and I left the house on a night long shopping expedition.

What were we thinking?

Apparently we weren’t thinking at all.

We started at Walmart at 8 p.m. People had been lined up for four hours according to one of the staff. We missed a few deals.

We headed to Sears tool department. The things I wanted didn’t go on sale till 4 a.m.

Michael’s was next. Now that was a joy. We got what we wanted and the store was not crowded.

Next stop Kohl’s. Kohl’s was opening at midnight so we had a few minutes in the parking lot, in the rain. I checked my blood sugar, injected my insulin, and we played games on our I-phone and Kindle Fire, respectively.

We got some of what we wanted and a couple of things we stumbled across. We stood in line for over an hour to check out, but that was okay. Kohl’s gets you through pretty quick. They have method to the madness!

By this time, my blood sugar had dropped a little lower. I was hungry again. We went to Denny’s for breakfast. Num!

Next stop was Gordman’s at 5 a.m. It was still drizzling. We napped for a few minutes, played more games….then decided to skip Gordman’s and go to Penny’s for their 6:00 a.m. opening.

Penney’s was a struggle. Folks is crazy. And the fine print on the signs equals disappointment in the check-out line. I lost Falon, nearly got trampled, she yelled for me, I heard her….told her I was headed to the back, stood in line only to find out about said fine print and left with her swearing she’d never do it again.

I should have recorded her, video and sound.  Some of the sound would be X-rated.

At least we made line friends. You know those people you chat up while standing in line attempting to stave off frustration and sleep?

In our sad, frustrated, sleep-deprived, State of Fogginess, we decided to head North to Joann Fabrics.

It was the best stop ever! I actually got fabric and pinking shears, rotary cutting blades, and a dog toy for less than the cost of the fabric shears. I was soooooooooo happy. And there were no large crowds, no lines. I was sooooooooo much happier.

I dropped Falon at home and headed to the house. Finally at approximately 10:00 a.m. Friday morning I found the sofa.  Woke up just in time to make dinner and go back to sleep.



I’ve left specific instructions for my commitment to a pre-chosen asylum should I EVER consent to Black Friday shopping outside the confines of my laptop again. The arrangements have been made.

So after all that I’m thinking a weekend of decorating and crafting, right?

MAKING PLANS 101: Don’t Do It.

Saturday morning I’m drinking coffee and trying to figure out if it’s still Friday. Bob comes out showered and fully dressed. Do I wanna go to Best Buy with him?

Not only no, but HELL NO!

I fall out of my chair. Shopping? Again? Just shoot me now.

It’s my fault. I told him to shop for his computer sound card. It’s been blown for months and he’s been using a poor crippled dino Dell.

Okay, I’ll go.  I sigh really big and head to the shower.

Bob drives. I put on a bit of makeup. We go to Best Buy.

Then Home Depot and Target… We stopped at Starbucks, Old Navy and Penney’s (I’m masochistic)….

And eight hours later we came home.

We bought a new computer instead of a sound card. We Christmas shopped for the kids. I picked up new makeup.

And the stores were gloriously, wonderfully, free of lines. Almost dead.

Now we know when to shop sales.

After dinner we returned to Best Buy to pick up his new computer.

I really dread balancing our checking account after last week. I have a mental tab running. It makes my bar tabs dwindle into insignificance, although I am a cheap date. Please don’t spread that around. It’s my best kept secret.

But the real horror of it all? I have to go out again tomorrow.

This time, I’m going armed.

Strange, Lucky, Electricity, and Home

18 Oct

Strange has been happening all day. We needed a few things from the grocery. But the most imminent need was Diet Rite. I can’t live without it. Must have my soda. Tea is cool with a meal or on a long, hot Arkansas afternoon sitting on the veranda with the fans blowing a gentle breeze across gleaming skin.

Of course being Southern means sweet tea, being diabetic means artificially sweet tea. It’s good though. I found a sugar substitute that works quite well.

Anyway, the Diet Rite supply was dwindling fast. So off we go. First stop was Wal-Mart in hopes of a one stop shopping experience. There were already 3 other stops to make and I didn’t want to add my grocery store and the nearest Home Depot to the stop list.

Found the crack foam for filling in the spaces around the attic stair and found the spray paint. Found the very few grocery items I needed and found goggle eyes and a new tee shirt. You know that tee wasn’t on the list, but long-sleeved tees and winter sort of go arm in sleeve.

I chose self-check-out. Oh boy. There is never a dull moment when I’m scanning the contents of a cart. The poor woman manning the self-registers baled me out half a dozen times. It all started because I bring my own bags. Oh well.  We were best buds by the time I finished. She’s been working for Wal-Mart for 35 years. I simply cannot imagine. I woulda shot myself 30 years ago.

I finally paid for my purchases and left the store, only to get halfway to my car and realize I forgot the Diet Rite.

Now why was I going to the store today?

I loaded the car with my filled bags, locked it up again, and went back in the store.

They only had one 12 pack of Diet Rite. That will last me until tomorrow.

Okay so tomorrow I’ll make a run to another store. Let’s see if I can get Hob Lob and the dollar store knocked off my stop list.

Hob Lob was pretty quick and not too disappointing. I did spend more than I intended, but that’s nothing new.

The dollar store did not have Christmas socks, nor did they have the dish towels I wanted. Geez. Okay I made a substitution on the socks and bout pot holders instead.  I’m flexible. After that my patience was exhausted so I stopped for a couple of tacos and had a picnic in the parking lot while playing Sudoku on my phone. Much better now.

Now it is on to Sam’s to pick up Lucky’s prescription.

Lucky Dog. He’s Thinner Now.

Lucky has a heart condition. If he doesn’t have his meds his little chest fills with fluid and he hacks and coughs and sounds like he’s about to expire, which he may be. I really don’t like to run out, but I had. Sam’s lights are dim. There is only back-up light and all the registers are down. The pharmacy staff is at lunch too. So I wander around and then sit down outside the pharmacy for some more Sudoku.

Time passes. After about thirty minutes one of the pharmacy staff comes by my bench. Apparently the power is off all over the area and won’t be on until around 10 tonight. Oh.

Well to make a long story longer, eventually the pharmacist gave me Lucky’s prescription. She asked me to come back tomorrow to pay for it, but I had cash. We traded.

It’s a scary world out there. It’s good to be home. I dread tomorrow’s trip for Diet Rite.  Who knows what alarming events will unfold.

Have a great Thursday evening. It’s almost the weekend.




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