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Up Today

18 Mar

Adding a second display board to my Etsy collection today. Glad to be here and get this done!

Using Ms. Zoe's Pic again. Notice the change in floral color!

Using Ms. Zoe’s Pic again. Notice the change in floral color!








This one is a bit knotty. Love that. Adds character

This one is a bit knotty. Love that. Adds character







I spent a few moments in the barn today and I wore a MASK, hoping to avoid any more sick days due to inhalation of dust, sawdust, and whatever other detritus flies in the face of a 50 plus year old animal structure. It is well weathered and worn, but I do so love it!

Also spent time discussing mono-printing at the local art store. The young man who spoke to me was so full of ideas! Loved it. Can’t wait to get started. A new craft!!! Oh my!!!! Add it to my collection of have-to/had-to try its. This one may be a keeper.

Until next time!


Pins, Profits, and Getting Started

17 Mar

Today, I began the adventure…well actually the adventure started a very long time ago. Lots of preparation and a split in the space-time continuum and here I am,  finally making the first photo display board post to my Etsy shop.

There will be more!

Not above using my gorgeous granddaughter to sell product!

Not above using my gorgeous granddaughter to sell product!








Oh yeah, ain't she cute?

Oh yeah, ain’t she cute?







A little detail!

A little detail!








And a little more!

And a little more!










Since I am currently unemployed (again!), this seems a good use of time and energy. I must remember to use a mask in the barn however, for once again I am also suffering a sinus infection. A week of it has almost done for me.

Reminds me of Wally Lamb’s novel, She Has Come Undone. Great book. Consider it for your next read.

And so onto tomorrow. It is another day and another board. Here’s hoping for one a day. That’s imposing for one such as myself.

But who knows?

If you know someone who loves the rustic, sorta shabby look and looks kindly upon recycling endeavors, please send them my way. I’m here!

Manic Monday and Short Weekends

9 Sep

‘Gee mom you really are a big spender.’

So sayeth the daughter when she got her birthday tickets for the Tuesday night taping of Tales of the South.

Let me just say those tickets were imminently affordable.

I know, I know…she spent a week’s salary, mine, not hers, on Wicked tickets for us.

Have I told you this story before?

Sorry, I’m older now. Oh…you know that too.

I’m on a roll.

And here it is a Manic Monday.

Monday’s have taken on a whole new dread for me. I switched jobs and this one has the definite disadvantage of filling my email inbox with lots of information, most of which is extraneous to the tasks of Monday morning, but much of which is a job for me. Last Tuesday, after a long weekend, almost killed me.

I’m glad to say that I did survive on two bathroom breaks and half hour overtime.

So now I’m on the road to recovery.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning off my desk and ordering things for my fall wardrobe. I’m stoked about the fall anyway with all the activities Falon and I have planned. We need a plan for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking a holiday film with the second Hunger Games. But there’s must be more. Until my job demise last year we took a family vacation…but now, having become gainfully employed again, Zach and I have no time off …so we have to postpone the next one.

Can you believe I’m talking about the holidays? Wasn’t it just Memorial Day? Hehe…I wished you guys Happy Memorial Day on Labor Day…

I ordered yarn for the knitting machine…planning to make felted bags, so wool was in order. I chose several colors for mixing and matching. Currently there is fabric and a pattern for pants on the cutting table. Once moved, it’s onto sewing and then knitting.

The desk is loaded again. I have to find the courage to add a new router to the house. Wi-Fi needs help. I is rather timid about doing this…Really don’t want to screw it up and have to call for help. So the router and the cables and the instructions are on the desk…anybody with advice for the tech-challenged is welcome to come by for tea and biscuits.

And then there is the hat I want to cast on for hand knitting. Maybe tonight?  Well there is another episode of The Newsroom to watch.

We discovered Sunday that I’m in need of a windshield. Zach and I were headed out to exchange his shoes and pick up a few groceries and discovered the once-upon-a-time -little chip got a whack somewhere over the weekend and spread to an all-out crack.  Woe is me again.

Busy days, lots of plans, and a cool Sunday morning on the verandah with coffee and the sounds of the birds and all those other little critters serenading made for a great weekend.

I must say, I really missed that verandah thing this morning.



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