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Up Today

18 Mar

Adding a second display board to my Etsy collection today. Glad to be here and get this done!

Using Ms. Zoe's Pic again. Notice the change in floral color!

Using Ms. Zoe’s Pic again. Notice the change in floral color!








This one is a bit knotty. Love that. Adds character

This one is a bit knotty. Love that. Adds character







I spent a few moments in the barn today and I wore a MASK, hoping to avoid any more sick days due to inhalation of dust, sawdust, and whatever other detritus flies in the face of a 50 plus year old animal structure. It is well weathered and worn, but I do so love it!

Also spent time discussing mono-printing at the local art store. The young man who spoke to me was so full of ideas! Loved it. Can’t wait to get started. A new craft!!! Oh my!!!! Add it to my collection of have-to/had-to try its. This one may be a keeper.

Until next time!


Such Is Beauty

17 Jun

Life is messy, sometimes too messy.

… at my house.

The mop and brrrroom have not appeared recently, except for the one I ride, but it’s special. The vacuum snuck out of the closet for a brief tour around the living room, down the hall, and into the kitchen where it sucked up a potato chip, coughed once, and retreated again to the closet.

That is where it will likely remain until time for another Spring cleaning. Indeed,  I have no intention of taking it out for a walk.

Now you may wonder how I could possible live in a house with two men and three dogs. Let’s face it, men are nasty creature. Their toilet aim is worse than my aim with a bat. The seat is never down. That one nasty habit has caused me innumerable wee-hour-of-the-morning ass dunkings.  They can’t seem to locate a sponge, or paper towel, or dishcloth to clean up the crumbs on the counter. Dirty socks and muddy shoes accumulate at the door and laundry is shoved in the corner of the bathroom. And that’s just the beginning!  Dogs….well dogs are dogs and they like to roll in dead stuff, the stinkier the better. They shed their hair too. I believe a myth has been perpetrated on us in regard to dog hair. That shedding thing is NOT seasonal. Just ask Peanut.

So, how do I tolerate this hellish living environment? I carve out large spaces of messiness that are mine and mine alone. Take my desk. You won’t find a man anywhere near the paper, books, crafts-in-progress, knitting on needles, plastic bags of yarn and such, an adding machine, a printer or three, a growing collection of pens, pencils, and markers, bills to be paid and three air plants from the bromeliad family, books, reference manuals, a used coffee cup, a bottle of sugar-free syrup, several kinds of glue and tape, measuring implements, a laptop, one hat, a few pieces of jewelry, my piggy bank (an old peanut jar), a statue I once gifted to daddy, my froggy bookends, a couple of cd’s, magazines, empty soda can, the carriage to my knitting machine, two lamps, four boxes and a basket of supplies, and, of course, odds and ends pinned to my pinboard, as well as a screwdriver set, and all the detritus one collects to staple, clip, band, and sort.

Oh, I forgot the bra, the calendar pad, two hot pads from the kitchen, the scarf, the coaster, mouse, and mouse pad and the rubber duck with the googly eyes.

It is beautiful, but you should see my craft room.

Sewing Projects and Perseverance

23 Oct

I decided I wanted to sew.

My sewing machine is cranky and old. Some would say it resembles its owner. That opinion is not shared by the owner.

It also makes really crappy buttonholes. Sue had an old Singer with a buttonhole attachment. She sold it to me and gave me a demonstration. Thanks Sue! Now I have to save up for a Bernina or maybe a Husquvarna. Spell check isn’t going to catch that one.

So the tutorial on my Pinterest Inspired project today is posted here. And it does require a bit of sewing or some really good fabric glue. Check it out.

Sewing as a hobby has been a love/hate thing with me since I was a kid. My mom made some of my clothes. Back then chubby girl clothes weren’t readily available. Of course dinosaurs were still wandering around back then. I only had one of them for a pet. When he ate my little brother Mom made me give him away.

So I learned to sew pretty young. I spent a bit of time in the costume shop as an undergraduate theatre major. The problem is perfectionism. I’m never quite happy with the finished results. It may be that a seam is not quite as straight as it could be or that something just doesn’t fit together as I think it should or the machine gets hung and breaks 5 or 6 needles or the fabric is too thick or too thin. For some reason if I get hung up on something I have a tendency to throw it in a corner for a few days and then pack it in a box only to discover it years later and throw it away.

Go figure.

Whatever possessed me to want to sew again? Oh yeah. I found a project I wanted to make. It’s done. It’s not perfect, but I persevered to the end.

Yay me!


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