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It’s Time

26 Mar

Soooooo hard to believe how fast time flies these days. Although the sinus infection from Hades has slowed it down a bit for the past two weeks….doctor visit anyone? I really don’t want to go. Body, heal thyself.

Zach is gardening in the drizzly, cloudy weather we are experiencing today. The drizzly, cloudy stuff has become a common theme…and the temperature is dropping. We must keep our hopes up that warm weather and swimming will soon be upon us.

In the meantime, we await the new roof and the tree-trimming that has to precede it. Oh dear, home repair is expensive! We’ll also be shopping for a new hot water heater. I can’t wait to move to an on-demand version, energy-efficient and won’t crash through the floor!  The floor in that spot has a joist problem. Poor old house. Love it, but it is the money pit.

I’m taking my stoppered head to a place of comfort for a spell. Have a great day. Smell a few roses along the way.

Weekend Adventures, Monday Mania Approaches

15 Jul

The best laid plans….

I have to publish the short story begun last week in its entirety once completed, perhaps on a separate page of the blog as I seem to be incapable of establishing a schedule for writing and blogging.

It is a most bothersome predicament.

Last week I was in bed shortly after 8 o’clock two or three nights, having succumbed to the sheer exhaustion of 9 hour days with only brief intervals for a bite to eat or a trip to the bathroom. I do hope this time gobbling task passes soon.

Saturday, however, I was treated to a day of respite by my daughter. We took the short drive to Hot Springs for breakfast, a soak in the mineral baths, and a bit of shopping. As always when in company with Falon, I had a lovely day. We even splurged on a cupcake at Fat Bottom Girl’s Cupcake shop!

Our first stop was the Farmer’s Market. You can buy produce and crystals, homemade breads and jewelry. The highlight here was the Old-timer’s volunteer band. What a treat! Some of those men and women were pushing 90. With guitar and mandolin, banjo, and fiddle, they made music for a small, but enthusiastic crowd.

We soaked at the Quapaw Baths. The water is so buoyant with minerals and salts that you can lean into them and find yourself afloat with no effort. I’ve never been able to relax enough to float, but the waters here will hold you and remove all pressure on muscle and bone. Steeping in 104 degree water and sliding into 98 degree water makes for a refreshing tension reducing experience. Loved it. Although that soak and the outside temperature caused a torturous sweat for a few minutes! Perhaps all those ugly toxins were expunged from my system.

And we visited Nom Noms for dinner nachos. They were nom nom too! Good thing we shared one. It was huge!

I’m still chuckling over the number of times I executed a side street turn-around or a U-turn to compensate for having missed the little blue dot target on Falon’s  I-phone GPS. You would think we’d never been in Hot Springs!  At one point we turned into an alley, travelled up a steep hill and onto a roof top parking area designated as ‘private’. I did a private turn around and left it in peace.

We stopped to take a picture of the historic Hot Springs high school, now loft apartments.


Historic Hot Springs High School

How many students entered through these doors? What marks have they left upon the world?

How many students entered through these doors? What marks have they left upon the world?



Hot Springs is beginning to appear tidier and better kept. The only disappointment is the demise of the Majestic Hotel. Would that someone would restore and refine her, make her a beauty. She would be lovely for condos, with shops and spas on the lower level, and a dog walking and grooming service for resident pets. A small grocer could offer services. Green spaces could be created for relaxation. A rooftop garden would be lovely. And making her self-sustaining would top the cake!

There is another, smaller hotel downtown that would benefit from the vision of an entrepreneur/restorer. If you know anyone, send them my way. I would love to show them around.

I found this stumbling around…and had to share.

A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.”

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, “You’re in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

“She rolled her eyes and said, “You must be an Obama Democrat.”

“I am,” replied the man. “How did you know?”

“Well,” answered the balloonist, “everything you told me is technically correct. But I have no idea what to do with your information, and I’m still lost. Frankly, you’ve not been much help to me.”

The man smiled and responded, “You must be a Republican.”

“I am,” replied the balloonist. “How did you know?”

“Well,” said the man, “you don’t know where you are or where you are going. You’ve risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. You’re in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but somehow, now it’s my fault.”

Link to original post

Another Monday! Manic, oh yeah.

Rough Night

Rough Night

Me Up Tuesday Tangled

4 Jun

Last week was a tumultuous affair of learning new things, attempting to recall old things, and weeding through the stormy weather and the general detritus of life.

You’ve been there.

Time and tasks don’t often level out.

It was unusually quiet this weekend. Only one major disagreement occurred in the family unit.  We left the television off and chose to read or play games. We enjoyed the storms and the quiet aftermath. I wandered in the garden and was charmed by the appearance of tiny little broccoli buds and cabbage leaves curling into themselves, just beginning to form heads.

Mama’s gift was this place I’ve called home since 1963.

Then I found Bob.

And between the two of us we have created a retreat. The gardens are lush and getting better every season. The house has slowly become habitable again. The barn is an ongoing project as are the gardens. Though frustrating and often tiring beyond words, it is a labor of love. It is also a labor of trial and error. We are learning.

Monday occurred.

And I find myself in the middle of Tuesday concluding there is a blue funk slithering over the world. Blue Funks are by definition, well okay my definition, something to be avoided.

So how does one avoid a blue funk?

We could all begin by studying the Golden Rule again and living by it. That would certainly put a new twist on the state of things. I wonder if the 1% would play with the rest of us. Seems they don’t have a real grasp of the concept, as they don’t particularly work and play well with others. We need to bring back my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Kanakis. She would straighten them out!

Then we could all benefit from a refresher course on the Pledge of Allegiance. Whether or not you are an ‘under God’ proponent, there is this one phrase that could use some contemplation and implementation.  I speak of ‘indivisible, with liberty and justice for all’. I personally have never seen a version written for some of us.

The hate needs to stop. The divisiveness needs to stop. Those hot button issues like abortion and gay marriage need to be resolved in a manner that is just for ALL of us.

You don’t believe in killing ‘babies’? You continue to perpetuate the divisive nature of the issue? Well what are you doing about the thousands of lost, living children who are wards of the state, in foster care, on the streets trying to survive? So get over it. It’s not your body, it’s not your ‘child’, it isn’t your decision, and it isn’t your business what I choose. All you are doing is creating a distraction for the politicians to use as cover for their treatment of the other 98%. Think about it.

You think Gay Marriage is an insult to that one man/one woman thing? Let me direct you to the statistics on divorce. That one man/one woman relationship/marriage is an iffy proposal. It ain’t what it used to be. We women don’t tolerate nearly as much bullshit as we once did. And frankly I’m beginning to believe you men who so strongly advocate for the biblical definition of marriage are a bit light in the loafers. That can be the only explanation for your vehement protests. No offense intended to my gay friends. May I suggest that you get over it? Why do you care?  Why do you allow politicians to distract you so?

Gay marriage only serves to stabilize our communities and provide additional love and support for all those children you aren’t willing to support. Remember that Golden Rule? Do you recall the inclusion of ALL in the pledge? And ladies please stop allowing yourselves to be bullied by husbands and gods. Love and commitment are not limited by gender and sexual orientation. Love is Love. It is the emotion that grounds and centers us. It is perfect and has no limitations. Stop fighting over this. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Marriage should be for ALL.

I live in a state of red, decidedly red. There’s not even much purple here. And frankly I’m surprised when I run across a liberal, shoot even a Democrat. With Senator Mark Pryor being a Republican hiding in Democrat clothes, we Arkansas libs don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being represented. With the Koch brothers having moved into Arkansas the hellfire got hotter. The bible-toting citizens of our great state are real easy to rile up with a hot button issue. And so their votes go to the party that certainly doesn’t have poor people’s best interests at heart. It is beyond frustrating. How does one go about convincing a populace to do the research? Who is going to benefit from your vote? What’s the agenda? I would venture to guess the Koch brothers could give a shit less about abortion or gay marriage one way or t’other. They just need you to vote emotionally. Those votes are keeping the wealthy in charge and getting richer.

Today’s hot topic on the web was the ‘cutest couple’ voted by a New York high school. A gay couple accepted and loved. Oh my. That has been my experience all my life. Honestly I’ve never understood hate crimes. We’re all different in one way or another. We should embrace the diversity of the human race.

Bob says he’s always tempted to respond to questions about race on applications with a simple ‘human’. We are of the human race.

I know I’m repeating myself. Just cain’t seem to help it.

New Poochies and Suckers

4 Apr

Hell has frozen over. How do I know this?

Bob came in this morning with a big bundle of dog toys, blankets, puppy pads, a puppy tent, and an apple head chi named Angel.

He is such a pushover. We need to paint ‘SUCKER’ on his forehead.  If I had created such a furor I’d never hear the end of it.

Apparently one of the students doing her practical in the sleep lab had to find a home for the little darling. Angel belonged to her mother and her dad is not a dog person. Don’t know what happened to her mother, but she left Angel and now Angel is ours.

That was the beginning.

Then there was the random haircut, followed by the loading of the table saw into Bruhonda while dressed for an interview. The table saw and the Zachary were dropped off about 5 blocks from the interview. The space these kids are working on is awesome. Downtown is coming back with a new generation in charge. That’s awesome.

The interview was awesome too. No matter the outcome I had a great time with the two ladies. I was excited just to be out and about.

As I left the interview and climbed into Bru, I was approached by a lady who was lost and couldn’t find her car. She had just passed the test for her realty license and was unfamiliar with the city. I helped her find her car. Good deed for the day was done!

Then I returned to Zachary. He wanted to stay where he was and arranged for a ride to orchestra rehearsal. I went home and took a nap. Woke up about the time I was supposed to get Zach…so ran out the door. I was late, but he had been picking flowers for a new girl. We stopped for a vase.

Suffice it to say at this point that the remainder of the evening did not progress as planned. We ended up buying groceries for a little old lady panhandling downtown. She took us hook, line, and sinker. Only later did we discover that she routinely approaches people in the downtown area for one thing or another. Oh well. Guess Zach and I need ‘SUCKER’ painted on our foreheads too.

Thursday. It’s done now. Very interesting.

Ruts, Solutions, and Power Washing

18 Dec

Tuesday is gone.

I’ve been cleaning…all day and into the night.

There are some things that one can do over and over and over and never finish.



Those are the two that drive me batsh*t crazy.

But then if you look at humans closely, it seems we are a repetitious lot.

We eat, sleep, poop. We work. Sometimes we play. Most of us have dug in and stay with the same schedule day in and day out.

Some of us like that rigidity.

Some of us don’t.

Bob likes it.

I don’t.

So I’m thinking it’s time to shake things up and start anew.

First I think we need to build our homes of concrete with drains in every room. On cleaning day take out the power washer, hose it all down and walk away. I’m thinking thirty minutes max and it would be dust free, clean, and sanitized.

Auto interiors need to be completely waterproof.  Open the doors and use the same power washer to clean up spilled soda, crumbs from lunch on the go, dust and grime. Five minutes and the interior shines!

Clothing? Perhaps we could go with disposable. Better yet let’s invent a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle no matter how long it stays in the dryer. Oh, and make the washer and dryer one machine. I want to throw the laundry in and forget it until I need to pull it out to wear.

That cooking thing has me stumped. I can only see one solution. Eat out. Unfortunately it is so much healthier to eat at home. Cheaper too. So we’re going to have to exercise some serious creativity on this one. I’m open to suggestion.

Now…we have to work on jobs and rut destruction.

Brain freeze! Alas, it will have to wait for inspiration to show up.

Yuck. That requires more of that patience thing. Of which, I have none. Wonder if you can buy it…..

Cleaning, Naked, Gods of Sleep

29 Nov

Today slipped by in a fog. No, not a drunken fog. I gave up booze cause of my diabetes. Never drank much anyway.

Although there was that one time…..oh…and then later….well that morning I woke up naked in the kitchen floor was just a fluke.

No, today was a tired fog. I wielded way too much Comet yesterday.  This place hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned since before the installation of new ductwork. OMG….it was nasty. I found cobwebs and dust and construction dust and dust bunnies. I couldn’t get all of it. Time and tired were not on my side, but at least now I can continue with the holiday decorating. And I can live with it. What we really need is someone to come in and power wash the entire interior and exterior. That would do it.


So after staring at this screen for, like, ever, I finally just gave up and napped. The dogs and I had a lovely 3 hour snooze on the dog sofa. No pictures were taken.

I probably need to shower again.

Yup. Tired. Or as we say in the South, tarred.  Born tarred and nivr got over it. Hehehehe.

My day was sacrificed to the gods of sleep.

I must remember to make sacrifice more often.

21 Nov

I missed my post yesterday.

It feels like a new lover has gone. Over one missed post.

Wow. I’m hooked.

Yesterday almost did me in.

First stop: the vet’s office. It was a last ditch effort to control the flea population. Frontline hasn’t been working. We tried a couple of different applications. Dogs still scratched.

So I bit the bullet and bought the oral treatment.

Looks like the fleas are gone.

I’m doing a happy dance.

Don’t look, it’s not pretty. I can’t dance.

So, after the vet’s office, I realized the rear compartment of Bru-honda was full of Goodwill donations. Oh no. Oh hell. I was in Benton.

I adjusted and stopped at Wal-Mart in Bryant. My purchases were safely loaded into Bru’s backseat.

I headed back to Little Rock. It’s a quick trip. Benton is only about 15, maybe 20 minutes from my house. Bryant is less than 10 minutes from the vet’s office.

Next stop: Goodwill.

And finally, I was headed to the grocery store.

Kroger was….interesting. I put on my happy face and started in the restroom. Well geez, I had coffee before I left the house. A girl’s gotta pee, right?

The coffee shop had been eclipsed by a Honey Baked Ham display. The attendant told me I could get more coffee at the deli. Okay. I needed more coffee.

Produce department is in front of the deli, so I proceeded to dodge all the elderly that were clogging the aisles. Later I discovered that Tuesday is Senior Day and you get an additional 5% off.  I should have suspected the store was going to be somewhat chaotic. Produce was littered with boxes and carts. The guys were desperately trying to restock shelves. And squash wouldn’t be in for half an hour.

Coffee next. Got it!

There was one little old lady on a motorized cart. Her walker was in the basket. Her husband was pushing another cart. Seemed like every aisle I turned into was blocked by the two of them side by side. He would notice, move his cart and allow the rest of us to pass.

The baking aisle was a zoo. The poor lady trying to restock was overheard muttering plaintively, ‘I can’t catch up!’.

We, the shoppers, seemed to maintain a good attitude. I chatted with several. Then we moved on.

I finally left the store, all my bags packed, and $186.00 poorer.


I’m driving and trying not to think of unloading and putting all this stuff away, not to mention pondering the chore of cooking it…and then cleaning up after the cooking it….and then cleaning up after the eating it…

The ‘I need gas light is on’. I forgot to get gas.

Sam’s is now added to the list of stops.

Might as well get some Taco Bell while I’m this close.

I got home just before 2.

I unloaded. I started to put away.

My lack of sleep caught me and there were a couple of hours of slow motion while I continued the chore list.

Enter Bob. As I was explaining my method of thawing the turkey, he decided he wanted a whole turkey to stuff instead of the breast I had purchased for the five of us.

Okaaaaayyyyyyyy… I’ll stop at Kroger again. No problem. Freeze the breast for next month.

Falon came over to use the Cricut.

I left for dinner with Sherri’s mom, Dorothy. I had her flight itinerary for Thanksgiving with Sherri.

So dinner, then take-out for the kids.

Time to buy Bob’s turkey. The only turkeys left were over 20 pounds. So be it. Bob got a BIG turkey.

I wonder if that’s a sign.

Finally home to stay shortly after 7:30.  My ass was draggin’.

And I still had to make room for a 20 pound turkey in the fridge.

The day just would not end.

I finally found a home for the turkey, Zach went off to play with friends, Falon left the Cricut and went home, and I crashed.

Now that’s a day in a common, almost senior woman’s life.

And I missed my post. I’m so sad.

Tonight and tomorrow I will bake and shake together a Thanksgiving meal to share with my beautiful family.

I bid you a Happy Thanksgiving, a happy holiday. I will be back with more antics next week.

I hope I have given you a smile!

Nice, Pot, and Al Capone

5 Nov

Nice takes practice.

I need practice. I practiced this morning. I smiled and said thank you sweetly.

Bout tore muy heart out. Me being Southern and all it’s s’posed to come naturally. Thang is, us Southern women is real good at pasting on the smiles while throwin’ killing eye daggers. We can flirt, fawn, and flatter with a vengeance. We can charm the ears off an elephant. We can heap on verbal abuse and elicit a profound thank you from the victim.

Yes, we are a talented demographic.

And some of us are genuinely nice.

Them’s the ones ya gotta watch out fer.

I’m watching out for Election Day.

The mere possibility of Paul Ryan anywhere near the White House, including his position in Congress, elicits a flight or fight response in me. He’s downright scary. Women take particular note of Romney and Ryan. They want to take you back to the 1950’s. Please do your research.

I’m going to repeat myself boys and girls. This is not about your personal morality (or theirs). It is about HUMAN RIGHTS.

Tomorrow the voters of Arkansas take on the legal use of medical marijuana. It’s about time Arkansas. Although I must say that generally we’re behind every other state except Mississippi. Arkansans have thanked god more than once for Mississippi. Otherwise we’d be dead last on … everything

If only the federales would get on board. Make it legal, sell it with the same restrictions as booze, and tax the hell out of it. It would so pay off the national debt, set up scholarships for our kids, and stop all the overcrowding of our jails. We’re spending billions and it isn’t going away. Let’s turn it around.

You know the cigarette companies are primed and ready to roll out the first pack of Reefer. They’ve probably been ready for 40 plus years.

It is a win-win proposition. Unfortunately we seem to be hung up on that morality thing again. Take a look at prohibition. Banning alcohol in the United States from 1920 to 1933 led to stockpiling, smuggling, moonshining, and a rise in organized crime.

Al Capone was a regular in Hot Springs! That’s just a little side note of Arkansas trivia.

Does any of that smuggling thing sound familiar, the organized crime thing?

It seems so silly that we allow pharmaceutical companies to experiment on us with pain killers, antidepressants, and the like while they get rich and we suffer side effects, including death. It seems silly to continue to support crime and crime fighting while depleting the government coffers. Marijuana is simple and natural. It is not a synthetic created in a lab.  It eases the pain of the body and the mind.  We could grow it in our gardens if so inclined. We could stop this madness.

You can be morally against any issue and still recognize the need to change that issue. I would argue for the religious among us that it is a God-given plant and, just as with wine, moderation is the key.

Legislating against it isn’t working peeps.

Figure it out.

I think I am the victim of a Monday brain fugue. Way too many random thoughts. Smoke too much? Nah…don’t do that anymore. It’s way too expensive! And I lost my bong.

It’s probably the time change. I think I’ll stick with that story.

Bunco, Amusement, and Life

24 Oct


The fourth Wednesday of the month is Bunco night. Mothers and daughters, friends and co-workers gather to roll the dice. We’ve been playing for money for several months now. It’s not much. Top prize is $20.00.

We are an odd lot of women. Four of us are grandmother, mother, daughter, and mother’s mother-in-law. There are two more sets of mothers and daughters. There are four good friends. Some of us were new to the game when we began; some were old hands from previous groups.

We laugh a lot. We roll our dice. Some of us cuss a little. We eat. Some of us cuss a little more. And at the end of the game we chat.

For those brief hours every fourth Wednesday, we can let our woes go. I know I do. Sometimes it is an effort to get there, but always worth it. It’s a stress reliever. We tease each other, we tell jokes, and we share information.

Oddly enough we are all over the place in our political views. We’ve got the raving liberals, Democrats to the core and the Republicans who apparently still believe their party will diminish the size of government. I am completely bamboozled by them, so we try not to talk about it.

Sometimes it just comes into the conversation. We leave as friends anyway.

Life is full of questions and choices and good, bad, and indifferent moments. Sometimes we know what to do, sometimes we just let life happen, and sometimes we are clueless. But it certainly is good to have friends.

I just wish I had been born rich instead of so damn good looking. Hehehehe. At least I’m amusing myself!



A Memorable Moment, Art, Respect

19 Oct

Years ago as a college student majoring in theatre, I was fortunate enough spend a couple of Thanksgiving holidays on New York theatre tours. Led by our technical director, friends and colleagues gathered at the tiny airport in Fayetteville to puddle jump to Fort Smith. Wal-Mart was just getting off to a moderate start at that time, so there wasn’t an airport in northwest Arkansas that would accommodate a large plane.  So we jumped to Fort Smith for the flight to New York.

Most of us were anticipating a first look at the stuff of our dreams. We went to walk on Broadway, see the shows, take in the sights, and experience the energy of the city and the talents of hundreds.

It was some heady shi*.  And it was all I had dreamed.

The highlight of that first trip in 1974 was the Broadway musical ‘Candide’. Based on Voltaire’s novella, the operetta had been performed in various incarnations since the late 50’s. The scenery was the entire theatre arranged with several platform stages and 3 or 4 orchestra pits. Things dropped, rose, appeared, disappeared, or remained static as the show unfolded. The action took place all over the stages, in the audience, the aisles. The patrons sat in bleachers and on stools. My feet dangled into an orchestra pit. The music, the comedy was such grand entertainment. The show continuously moved.  I was charmed and ecstatic to be a part of this performance, even as a member of the audience.

As Candide and Cunegonde approached the consummation of their relationship, Candide began to remove his clothes, the actor paused, looked to a member of the audience, said ‘here, hold this’ and dropped his shirt on the unsuspecting new member of the cast.

The effort of writers, musicians, cast, crew, directors, producers and all the myriad numbers of talented people who create the content we enjoy on the stage, screen, the written page, the canvas, in bronze, concrete, fabric, or any other medium is an awesome thing. That energy is a beautiful thing. It deserves tremendous respect.

And while the ushers ushered, the crew crewed, the actors acted and sang, and the musicians played that night in New York so many years ago, the trombonist, while at rest, winked at me and used his slide to play with my feet.

You know what they say about a trombonist’ slide? Neither do I, but it was one helluva good time.


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