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Today’s Weirdness

7 Mar

In a stunning turn of events Tuesday, I am back on solid food.

My BMI is borderline in qualifying for bariatric surgery. I cannot lose too much weight before being checked into the hospital. I was losing too much on liquids.

This is really weird. I’ve struggled fifty plus years with my weight and find myself needing to maintain it, not lose it. Now that is an irony.

I hope this works. I so hope my diabetes resolves.I keep repeating myself.

Of course, my age and the length of time I’ve been diabetic are not in my favor, but that chance, that small chance is enough. I have much to live for. After all I haven’t finished Season 2 of House of Cards! And Game of Thrones is coming up in April. And there are stories to write and hats to knit and gardens to tend.

And there is that first granddaughter coming up in June. So far my daughter hasn’t committed to a name for this beautiful child. So, I just keep referring to her as ‘Zoe’.

Wednesday, I bought Zoe’s first hat. My closet is full of hats and I can’t wait to play dress-up with her.

And it was a very productive day. Resume updated. Check. Unemployment filed. Check. Resume dropped at clinic looking for receptionist. Check. Banking done. Check. Stop at Sephora inside Penney’s to pick up exhausted facial products. Check. (New Zoe outfit too!) RX filled and picked up. Check.

And so Thursday and today we continue the reorganization of Zach’s room. Really need to finish this by Sunday, with two weeks of moderate lifting and recovery coming up!


If you need to know how compromised our society and government is, look no further than the Oversight Committee meeting this wee, chaired by Republican Congressman Darrell Issa and including ranking member, Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings.

Issa closed the proceedings and cut Cummings microphone.  Cummings was not happy. Personally, I would have pitched a bitch fit over that one.

Issa’s action was appalling on so many levels.

And now, apparently, he has given a back-handed apology. I don’t think it’s an apology if you then claim the person you are apologizing to ‘staged’ the confrontation.

Really? How would Cummings know before-hand you were gonna shut him down?

Rude, presumptuous, disrespectful behavior. It is an epidemic. And this ‘my way, or the highway’ attitude is beyond unhelpful.

I wish someone would explain to me why anyone would be so dedicated to an ideology, so inclined to hear only one side of an issue, so reticent to research the agenda of those with the money behind the mouths, so convinced they are ‘right’, that they are willing to sacrifice the poor, the elderly, and the sick.

You hate Obamacare. So construct a solution to this health-business crisis in America. And never doubt, it is business in America, not care.

You hate the debt. Then stop waging war and making the 1% richer. Stop giving the wealthy a tax-free ride. They should pay more, they make more and they don’t seem inclined to voluntarily help those who help them.  Stop allowing corporations to dictate legislation. Stop allowing U.S. business to sell in the U.S. if they move their jobs overseas.

You want jobs? Two thoughts: clean energy and infrastructure. Stop giving your tax dollars to the oil and natural gas industry and demand they spend some of the billions of dollars of profit they see each year on clean energy. They will still make money.

You think abortion is immoral. Then don’t get one.

You want to reverse Roe v. Wade? Get over it.  You send young people to war to die. Isn’t that rather hypocritical?

And stop voting for those who are targeting your emotions. Vote with your head.

Sanctimonious moralists!

Here’s the rub. Some of those sanctimonious moralists are friends.

And so I will keep repeating my political mantra: I will defend your rights. Will you defend mine?

Perhaps one day, those friends will understand.

Me Up Tuesday Tangled

4 Jun

Last week was a tumultuous affair of learning new things, attempting to recall old things, and weeding through the stormy weather and the general detritus of life.

You’ve been there.

Time and tasks don’t often level out.

It was unusually quiet this weekend. Only one major disagreement occurred in the family unit.  We left the television off and chose to read or play games. We enjoyed the storms and the quiet aftermath. I wandered in the garden and was charmed by the appearance of tiny little broccoli buds and cabbage leaves curling into themselves, just beginning to form heads.

Mama’s gift was this place I’ve called home since 1963.

Then I found Bob.

And between the two of us we have created a retreat. The gardens are lush and getting better every season. The house has slowly become habitable again. The barn is an ongoing project as are the gardens. Though frustrating and often tiring beyond words, it is a labor of love. It is also a labor of trial and error. We are learning.

Monday occurred.

And I find myself in the middle of Tuesday concluding there is a blue funk slithering over the world. Blue Funks are by definition, well okay my definition, something to be avoided.

So how does one avoid a blue funk?

We could all begin by studying the Golden Rule again and living by it. That would certainly put a new twist on the state of things. I wonder if the 1% would play with the rest of us. Seems they don’t have a real grasp of the concept, as they don’t particularly work and play well with others. We need to bring back my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Kanakis. She would straighten them out!

Then we could all benefit from a refresher course on the Pledge of Allegiance. Whether or not you are an ‘under God’ proponent, there is this one phrase that could use some contemplation and implementation.  I speak of ‘indivisible, with liberty and justice for all’. I personally have never seen a version written for some of us.

The hate needs to stop. The divisiveness needs to stop. Those hot button issues like abortion and gay marriage need to be resolved in a manner that is just for ALL of us.

You don’t believe in killing ‘babies’? You continue to perpetuate the divisive nature of the issue? Well what are you doing about the thousands of lost, living children who are wards of the state, in foster care, on the streets trying to survive? So get over it. It’s not your body, it’s not your ‘child’, it isn’t your decision, and it isn’t your business what I choose. All you are doing is creating a distraction for the politicians to use as cover for their treatment of the other 98%. Think about it.

You think Gay Marriage is an insult to that one man/one woman thing? Let me direct you to the statistics on divorce. That one man/one woman relationship/marriage is an iffy proposal. It ain’t what it used to be. We women don’t tolerate nearly as much bullshit as we once did. And frankly I’m beginning to believe you men who so strongly advocate for the biblical definition of marriage are a bit light in the loafers. That can be the only explanation for your vehement protests. No offense intended to my gay friends. May I suggest that you get over it? Why do you care?  Why do you allow politicians to distract you so?

Gay marriage only serves to stabilize our communities and provide additional love and support for all those children you aren’t willing to support. Remember that Golden Rule? Do you recall the inclusion of ALL in the pledge? And ladies please stop allowing yourselves to be bullied by husbands and gods. Love and commitment are not limited by gender and sexual orientation. Love is Love. It is the emotion that grounds and centers us. It is perfect and has no limitations. Stop fighting over this. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Marriage should be for ALL.

I live in a state of red, decidedly red. There’s not even much purple here. And frankly I’m surprised when I run across a liberal, shoot even a Democrat. With Senator Mark Pryor being a Republican hiding in Democrat clothes, we Arkansas libs don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being represented. With the Koch brothers having moved into Arkansas the hellfire got hotter. The bible-toting citizens of our great state are real easy to rile up with a hot button issue. And so their votes go to the party that certainly doesn’t have poor people’s best interests at heart. It is beyond frustrating. How does one go about convincing a populace to do the research? Who is going to benefit from your vote? What’s the agenda? I would venture to guess the Koch brothers could give a shit less about abortion or gay marriage one way or t’other. They just need you to vote emotionally. Those votes are keeping the wealthy in charge and getting richer.

Today’s hot topic on the web was the ‘cutest couple’ voted by a New York high school. A gay couple accepted and loved. Oh my. That has been my experience all my life. Honestly I’ve never understood hate crimes. We’re all different in one way or another. We should embrace the diversity of the human race.

Bob says he’s always tempted to respond to questions about race on applications with a simple ‘human’. We are of the human race.

I know I’m repeating myself. Just cain’t seem to help it.

It’s a Manic Monday

20 May

I spent about thirty seconds this morning contemplating the ego, that mysterious part of the psyche that causes us to identify self. I wonder if the ego is responsible for human inability to compromise or cooperate. Take a look at government. There are so many egos vying for the privilege of being RIGHT in their opinions, beliefs, and policies…well it’s a freakin’ zoo! And all the monkeys want to be the Alpha.

If we could put ego aside, would we govern for the benefit of the whole of society?

I know, I know…we certainly don’t want an Id-defined population. Really…who wants random sex in the street, a rash of food burglaries, the abolition of toilet based elimination, and a ME, ME,  ME society?

Oh, wait, that last part appears to have happened while we weren’t paying attention.

Yes, we’re all guilty of seeking instant gratification. The Id again? But what are we doing ? Folks is homeless and starving and we want our pizza now so we can climb into our climate controlled cars and return to our climate controlled homes to stare mindlessly at a bazillion cable channels  or search a gazillion websites and post our whereabouts on social media like someone else cares.

We is seriously wrapped up in Ego.

I’m guilty. I’m feeling pretty weird about this one. I’ve made a few changes over the years and I try to console myself that I’ve gotten better.

It’s not much consolation. The will of the people is reflected in government as the will of some people. And Ego seems to stand there chuckling at how rich it is and how easy it is to manipulate votes and the minds of the people. Oh yeah.

And so today, I’m advocating for due diligence again. Do the research and discover the real agenda behind what you read and hear. Discover who benefits from a proposed law or action. And I’m advocating for change in the way we perceive our world and the people in it. Perhaps we need to redefine success.

Solving humanity’s problems is very exhausting. Another day perhaps. After my nap.

Bizzy, Hogs, and Museums

5 Feb

I bin bizzy workin’ on stuff.

Cain’t say whut, but lotssa time done gone by.

I’m doing my best today to stretch my sense of humor out for a good bit of exercise, but damn, I still don’t have my swing. Plus, I think there’s a rubber band attached to my good humor cause it keeps snapping back.

The news is depressing. Politics suck. I’m sleepy again.

I need a long weekend in Eureka Springs. The Christ of the Ozarks could hover over me and offer inspiration.  Although with these Christian Fundamentalists supporting the killing of non-believers or hellfire and damnation in the after-life for same, I’m kinda creeped out.

You guys is crazy.

I’m sane as a loaf of homemade white bread.

I made that up.

So today I paid bills, spent a bunch of time on the phone with the University of Arkansas and was pleased to discover there is a major amount of construction going on at the main campus in Fayetteville. They appear to be looking for a student enrollment of 28,000 next year.

Wow. I’m impressed. Go Hogs Go.

I haven’t been on campus in a couple of years. If we get a mini vaca in Eureka I can stop by! Perhaps take another gander at Crystal Bridges, stop by the War Eagle Mill for beans and cornbread.

You all have heard of Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville. One of the Walton kids founded it and it is funded by the Wal-Mart Family Foundation. It’s dedicated to American art. Wal-Mart also made a grant that provides free admission to the permanent collection.

Crystal Bridges Museum, Bentonville, AR

Crystal Bridges Museum, Bentonville, AR

We is gittin culturized here in Arkinsaw. Eddicated too. We is lucky.

I is going to bed. Mebbe.

Fundamentalism, Intellectual Voting, and the Job Search

4 Feb

A friend on Facebook shared this link with me: http://www.goddiscussion.com/106957/christian-fundamentalists-are-driving-our-country-into-the-dark-ages/.

It is a well thought out thesis on some of the issues fundamentalism should bring to the mind of any person casting a vote.

People, please, before you cast that vote, research and think carefully about the candidate’s agenda. Is he/she really representative of your convictions? Do they have an ulterior motive? Are they playing to your emotions and not your reason? If so, why? Let me encourage all who cast a ballot to do so intellectually, not emotionally.

Arkansas has a state representative, and apparently an entire legislature, that is frantically trying to take us all back to the fifties. Women’s rights are being assaulted. It even made the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.  Beam me up Scottie. Where is the rational, reasonable pol?  Isn’t there some way to get these lunatics OUT!

So I wrote a note to the Governor and asked him to intervene in some way. The least he can do is publicly denounce this travesty.

Nuff said. At least for now.

Zach is no longer delivering pizza. Now we have to find him a job.

We have to find one for me too.

I’m finding it difficult …I just can’t seem to work up the…whatever it takes…to enthusiastically seek an 8-5 job. Perhaps it is the commitment I’ve made to seeing Zach, with all his idiosyncrasies,

through college… Perhaps it’s the bad ending to the last job of 13 years…or the fear of commitment…

Perhaps it is the sheer dread of routine.

Routine…the intellectual/emotional killer. Set me up on a routine and the brain begins to shut down. Days consist of the sameness…. Get through the eight hours, read, and sleep.

It’s a Zombie Apocalypse…of one. Me!

The arms slowly rise, the head tilts, the eyes glaze and bold shadows appear beneath, the gait shuffles, the clothes shred, and Kathy-Zomb is born of the rut and daily commute.

There is no hope. Kathy-Zomb is a grumpy, snappy, bitchy, shell of a woman. Sense of humor? Zilch. Loving meals prepared? Hahahahahaha! Projects completed? Uh, not so many.

Routine…the killer of creativity?

<big sigh>

When is the next lottery drawing?

Weekend, Travel, and Plans

16 Nov

Okay….it’s Friday. Weekend is upon us! Tomorrow we’re headed to a morning movie.

‘’Flight’ is on the agenda. We’ll drop off the recycling and hit the theatre.

It’s popcorn for breakfast tomorrow. Oh yeah! I love popcorn.

Back in the dinosaur days, when I was young, we engaged in movie marathons.  How many movies can you pack into a weekend? Hey, we didn’t have DVR’s back then. We actually had to leave the house.

Movies were an outlet for generating ideas and learning acting techniques for us lowly theatre majors.  Theatre tours and movies made all those dreams seem possible.

Ah, the joy of youth. We are immortal when we are young.  All things are possible. The future is limitless.

Eeewwwwwuuuuuueweuuu! Waxing nostalgic is not pretty. Time to move on.

Just a note about this week’s second project; its super easy and I’ll do my best to post it tomorrow. I got side-tracked today and didn’t get the pics done.

And now I’m sooooo sleepy. Too many carbs for dinner!

Late this afternoon, I set out on a mission to exchange the sewing machine pressure foot.  I’m driving down the interstate toward the small metropolis of Benton. I want to keep driving. The traffic is heavy, but the road beckons. How far could I go on the money in my pocket….probably get to Texas? Maybe even get to Dallas.

I hate Texas. Bush’s election as governor there led me to question the sanity of Texans long ago. They perpetrated that monster on the rest of us just by giving it a start. Then Jeb helped him steal Florida.

I’m a bitter woman. That’s eight years I’d really like to wipe from history, especially the evil Cheney.  Bet there’s a 666 somewhere on that man. I felt like that was a shotgun wedding with no divorce court in sight, imprisoned by someone else’s vow. I shudder.

Back to our discussion of Texas, it’s flat. It’s just ain’t pretty. Once you leave Arkansas it stays ugly till you get to the Gulf. It’s flat, trees are all less than 10 feet tall, and it’s dusty.  And did I say, flat?

I know the western part is probably much better, but so far I haven’t made it there. Considering the Bush issue, I may not. Really bad taste

I do love travelling through Tennessee on I-40 headed to the Atlantic. The Smoky Mountains are gorgeous. North Carolina is a pretty sight as well. The mountains there were a joy to behold.

Mississippi’s azaleas make a spring trip amazing. And roadside stands with boiled peanuts are everywhere.

Alabama, is well, Alabama. Georgia really does have red clay. And that concludes our tour today.

Tomorrow we’ll go to South Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas.

Then we’ll head to Canada.

Guess I was just in the mood for travel this afternoon. We gave up our annual Thanksgiving vacation this year when I was relieved of employment at the first of September. We were headed into the Smokies to meet friends for a long weekend of food, fun, and catching up. I was really sad to let that go.

In lieu of the Smoky Mountains, Falon and I are mapping our plans for Black Friday shopping. I’m such a pushover.  I said yes when she asked me to go. I insisted on being bribed with breakfast.  Once we complete our surgical shopping, it’ll be an IHOP kind of day. Her treat.  I will need copious amounts of coffee, eggs and bacon.  Then a long nap.

Thank goodness there will be leftovers for Friday night.

Hats, Knitting, Politics, and the Weather

17 Oct

I finished the beret I was knitting on Sunday evening. So for the past couple of days I haven’t had anything on needles. Two skeins of yarn I wanted to play with were really beckoning. And I wanted another hat.

Love me some hats. Have bunches of hats. One of my favorites is a large, wide-brimmed straw hat I bought in the Historic City Market in Charleston, South Carolina. The hat is pink, but it still reminds me of Tara.

Hats, hats, more hats, I can’t get enough.

I went on a search. I couldn’t find my favorite book of hat instructions. And I wasn’t really in the mood to design one of my own.

Found myself on Ravelry. And I found a hat. It is a sweet hat. Take a look here.

I printed my instructions and sat down to review. I wanted to make sure the hat met my need for simple knitting.

And I realized I couldn’t remember how to knit I-cord. Good grief. We can talk about senior moments later.

So I Googled I-cord. And found myself here. This is a great tutorial. It’s clear and simple and jogged ye olde memory in the best possible way.

So thank you for the tutorial on I-cord, Bridget. Perhaps I will remember next time.  Hope there’s enough yarn for a bit of scarf to go with it.

Tonight I can cast on my new knit hat.  And rest up after that exhausting debate last night.

I’m beginning to believe I watch the political machinations in this country in much the same way others watch train wrecks and horror films. I just can’t seem to help myself. Given we labor under an environment skewed by the agendas of the wealthy regardless of whose side you stand on, I do believe that the president is much the lesser of two evils. Mr. Romney’s raison d’etre appears to be the acquisition of money and power. And neither money nor power will change a man who referred to 47% of the population in terms demeaning and disrespectful. All life deserves respect. We all deserve a fair shot.

As a woman I watch this political dance with much interest.  I do not want my choices, my health, or my compensation determined by men attempting to impose back room interventions, biblical definitions of physical assault, and the idea that my place is in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. My place is wherever I wish it.  My pay should be equal. My choices should be mine.  All women should have a choice.  Any man, or woman for that matter, not supportive of personal choice should get out of the conversation. This is not about personal morality; it is about the rights of others.

Sorry I got on my soapbox. It is just so frustrating. What is this the 19th century?

Guess I need to go back to the weather again. That’s two days in a row.

Today’s weather has been partly cloudy and breezy with a high near 80. Autumn in Arkansas is a real trip weather-wise. You just never know.

One last thought before I go: wouldn’t it be nice if politics were like knitting? You cast on a piece, a sweater, a hat, a doily. You have only 2 stitches because everything is either knit or purl although you might slip occasionally. The process is soothing and productive and in the end your work is finished, ready to use, suitable for anyone.

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