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Today’s Weirdness

7 Mar

In a stunning turn of events Tuesday, I am back on solid food.

My BMI is borderline in qualifying for bariatric surgery. I cannot lose too much weight before being checked into the hospital. I was losing too much on liquids.

This is really weird. I’ve struggled fifty plus years with my weight and find myself needing to maintain it, not lose it. Now that is an irony.

I hope this works. I so hope my diabetes resolves.I keep repeating myself.

Of course, my age and the length of time I’ve been diabetic are not in my favor, but that chance, that small chance is enough. I have much to live for. After all I haven’t finished Season 2 of House of Cards! And Game of Thrones is coming up in April. And there are stories to write and hats to knit and gardens to tend.

And there is that first granddaughter coming up in June. So far my daughter hasn’t committed to a name for this beautiful child. So, I just keep referring to her as ‘Zoe’.

Wednesday, I bought Zoe’s first hat. My closet is full of hats and I can’t wait to play dress-up with her.

And it was a very productive day. Resume updated. Check. Unemployment filed. Check. Resume dropped at clinic looking for receptionist. Check. Banking done. Check. Stop at Sephora inside Penney’s to pick up exhausted facial products. Check. (New Zoe outfit too!) RX filled and picked up. Check.

And so Thursday and today we continue the reorganization of Zach’s room. Really need to finish this by Sunday, with two weeks of moderate lifting and recovery coming up!


If you need to know how compromised our society and government is, look no further than the Oversight Committee meeting this wee, chaired by Republican Congressman Darrell Issa and including ranking member, Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings.

Issa closed the proceedings and cut Cummings microphone.  Cummings was not happy. Personally, I would have pitched a bitch fit over that one.

Issa’s action was appalling on so many levels.

And now, apparently, he has given a back-handed apology. I don’t think it’s an apology if you then claim the person you are apologizing to ‘staged’ the confrontation.

Really? How would Cummings know before-hand you were gonna shut him down?

Rude, presumptuous, disrespectful behavior. It is an epidemic. And this ‘my way, or the highway’ attitude is beyond unhelpful.

I wish someone would explain to me why anyone would be so dedicated to an ideology, so inclined to hear only one side of an issue, so reticent to research the agenda of those with the money behind the mouths, so convinced they are ‘right’, that they are willing to sacrifice the poor, the elderly, and the sick.

You hate Obamacare. So construct a solution to this health-business crisis in America. And never doubt, it is business in America, not care.

You hate the debt. Then stop waging war and making the 1% richer. Stop giving the wealthy a tax-free ride. They should pay more, they make more and they don’t seem inclined to voluntarily help those who help them.  Stop allowing corporations to dictate legislation. Stop allowing U.S. business to sell in the U.S. if they move their jobs overseas.

You want jobs? Two thoughts: clean energy and infrastructure. Stop giving your tax dollars to the oil and natural gas industry and demand they spend some of the billions of dollars of profit they see each year on clean energy. They will still make money.

You think abortion is immoral. Then don’t get one.

You want to reverse Roe v. Wade? Get over it.  You send young people to war to die. Isn’t that rather hypocritical?

And stop voting for those who are targeting your emotions. Vote with your head.

Sanctimonious moralists!

Here’s the rub. Some of those sanctimonious moralists are friends.

And so I will keep repeating my political mantra: I will defend your rights. Will you defend mine?

Perhaps one day, those friends will understand.

It Really IS That Simple

1 Oct

There has been some discussion of the new health care laws among my peers lately. It would seem that corporations are determined to scare the hell out of us. The spin they are placing on it and the decisions they make in regard to it, are CHOICE$ peeps. It is very simple. Either the company you work for takes care of its employees or it doesn’t. And let there be no mistake, most of them WON’t  take care of you unless forced to do so. And in the forcing, the will find any loophole they can to make the company more profitable and to screw you.

The wealthy will either develop a social consciousness and care of the people who work in the trenches to create their wealth…or they won’t.

It really is that simple.

All the cussing and discussing is basic bullshit.

All of this ideological nonsense is a cover. As long as you are discussing guns and abortion, you are not fully focused on the many ways you are getting screwed.

And most of us, the 98% are getting screwed in one way or another, in this beautiful U S of A.

I know you don’t want Medicare or Social Security reduced or eliminated.

I know you don’t want to file bankruptcy over a medical bill or have to wait until you are so diseased that the emergency room is your only option and the bills will be thrown into the trash as you worry over them knowing there is nothing you can do. You can’t get blood out of a turnip.

I know you don’t want government services and offices to shut down just because house Republicans want to defund the Affordable Care Act for ideological reasons for the 43rd time.

It is the law. Move on.

I know you want to see that those 48 million people, who have no preventative care or can’t take their kids to the doctor when they are sick, released from the medical stress they live under.

You are sympathetic to their needs. You are better than the 2%.

Remember that 2% profited from the wars that killed your sons and daughters. They profit from your labor. Their success may have begun with a great idea, but you made that idea a reality. They should pay more taxes and make sure we all have health care and a secure retirement.

It is their responsibility.

That’s how it should trickle down.

Nekkid Butt for the Apron and Fact Checking

23 Jan

Bunco night….couldn’t ask for more fun than twelve women rolling dice. The conversations range from tame to downright wild and crazy. I may install hidden microphones for future reference.

I did promise Sarah that I wouldn’t mention the apron. I suggested she wear it and nothing else. Surely that would be as good as a French maid’s costume for a fun, fun romp around the house with her husband. Think he  would approve the suggestion?


question the answer

There was some brief discussion of gun control and a mention of Obamacare. I love these ladies, but it never ceases to amaze me that folks will believe what they want to believe, hear what they want to hear. Fact checking is apparently an art form yet to be practiced by the general population.

I’m going to start telling everyone that I’m thin and 25. If I keep repeating it at least half the population will be convinced it’s gospel.

Oh and I’ll tell everyone that the only way to save money is to give it to me. Woooowhooooo.

Rich, young, and beautiful!

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