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Today’s Weirdness

7 Mar

In a stunning turn of events Tuesday, I am back on solid food.

My BMI is borderline in qualifying for bariatric surgery. I cannot lose too much weight before being checked into the hospital. I was losing too much on liquids.

This is really weird. I’ve struggled fifty plus years with my weight and find myself needing to maintain it, not lose it. Now that is an irony.

I hope this works. I so hope my diabetes resolves.I keep repeating myself.

Of course, my age and the length of time I’ve been diabetic are not in my favor, but that chance, that small chance is enough. I have much to live for. After all I haven’t finished Season 2 of House of Cards! And Game of Thrones is coming up in April. And there are stories to write and hats to knit and gardens to tend.

And there is that first granddaughter coming up in June. So far my daughter hasn’t committed to a name for this beautiful child. So, I just keep referring to her as ‘Zoe’.

Wednesday, I bought Zoe’s first hat. My closet is full of hats and I can’t wait to play dress-up with her.

And it was a very productive day. Resume updated. Check. Unemployment filed. Check. Resume dropped at clinic looking for receptionist. Check. Banking done. Check. Stop at Sephora inside Penney’s to pick up exhausted facial products. Check. (New Zoe outfit too!) RX filled and picked up. Check.

And so Thursday and today we continue the reorganization of Zach’s room. Really need to finish this by Sunday, with two weeks of moderate lifting and recovery coming up!


If you need to know how compromised our society and government is, look no further than the Oversight Committee meeting this wee, chaired by Republican Congressman Darrell Issa and including ranking member, Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings.

Issa closed the proceedings and cut Cummings microphone.  Cummings was not happy. Personally, I would have pitched a bitch fit over that one.

Issa’s action was appalling on so many levels.

And now, apparently, he has given a back-handed apology. I don’t think it’s an apology if you then claim the person you are apologizing to ‘staged’ the confrontation.

Really? How would Cummings know before-hand you were gonna shut him down?

Rude, presumptuous, disrespectful behavior. It is an epidemic. And this ‘my way, or the highway’ attitude is beyond unhelpful.

I wish someone would explain to me why anyone would be so dedicated to an ideology, so inclined to hear only one side of an issue, so reticent to research the agenda of those with the money behind the mouths, so convinced they are ‘right’, that they are willing to sacrifice the poor, the elderly, and the sick.

You hate Obamacare. So construct a solution to this health-business crisis in America. And never doubt, it is business in America, not care.

You hate the debt. Then stop waging war and making the 1% richer. Stop giving the wealthy a tax-free ride. They should pay more, they make more and they don’t seem inclined to voluntarily help those who help them.  Stop allowing corporations to dictate legislation. Stop allowing U.S. business to sell in the U.S. if they move their jobs overseas.

You want jobs? Two thoughts: clean energy and infrastructure. Stop giving your tax dollars to the oil and natural gas industry and demand they spend some of the billions of dollars of profit they see each year on clean energy. They will still make money.

You think abortion is immoral. Then don’t get one.

You want to reverse Roe v. Wade? Get over it.  You send young people to war to die. Isn’t that rather hypocritical?

And stop voting for those who are targeting your emotions. Vote with your head.

Sanctimonious moralists!

Here’s the rub. Some of those sanctimonious moralists are friends.

And so I will keep repeating my political mantra: I will defend your rights. Will you defend mine?

Perhaps one day, those friends will understand.

Personal Choices, Agendas, and the Moral High Ground

1 Mar

The abortion issue continues in Arkansas. The state senate overrode Governor Beebe’s veto of a 20 week ban.

This is the email I sent to Jeremy Hutchison, the senator in my district:


This is a link to the 2011 Arkansas Department of Human Services Annual Report for 2011. http://humanservices.arkansas.gov/AnnualStatisticalReports/DHS%20SFY%202011%20Annual%20Stat%20Rep.pdf

Might I suggest that you read this. Might I also suggest that you pass a copy to all the state senators and congressmen and women in the Capitol. This report is a statistical analysis of the children in Arkansas who are poor, abused, in foster care, awaiting adoption, etc.

Consider this: You have passed a bill that is unconstitutional banning abortion after 20 weeks. This congress might have spent their time finding the money to make the lives of existing parents and children better and yet you chose to waste your time and create a bill that will, no doubt, cost the state time and money in defense.

This is NOT about the morality of the men and women elected to serve. This is NOT an issue for religion. Personal beliefs should be left at the door of the capitol. This is an issue already decided by Roe v Wade. This should no longer be an issue at all for the state.

Spend your time taking care of the parents and children currently in the system. If you have a moral issue, adopt and please suggest the same to your fellow politicians.

And find a way to stop this travesty in the state congress. This is an obscene example of Arkansas’ redneck, backwards image.

Read the report. How many of these living, breathing children can you help? Your focus, in my opinion, is not where it should be.

Thank you for your time.

Katherine Satterfield

There were almost 34,000 assessments made in 2011 by the state Department of Human Services. At least 7,969 were determined true. The amount of money spent on nutrition, child care, mental health, etc. is staggering. Almost 8,000 children were in foster care. Finalized adoptions totaled a mere 430.

We are a small state, yet look at the numbers.

People, take a look. You don’t want to pay higher taxes. You don’t want to pay a living wage. But you want to take the moral high ground about abortion. You want to force women who make the horrible, painful decision to terminate an unplanned pregnancy based on physical and financial and circumstantial pressures to carry that fetus to term. And then that fetus, now a child, enters the system and you subsidize, i.e. pay, for its food, its day care, its mental health, its medical insurance…and you’ve now put the child at risk of abuse and neglect.

You ban abortion at 20 weeks, trending toward 12,  and yet you send thousands of men and women to war. You support capital punishment.

You refuse make birth control widely available and challenge Planned Parenthood, both of which lead to far fewer terminated pregnancies. You think abstinence works? Sure, in theory. In practice it comes under the heading of ‘Yeah, right!”

I put condoms in my son’s Christmas stocking. I had conversations with both of my children early. They were told to come to me. I will see to it that you are protected. I had a conversation with my son’s first girlfriend. They all had birth control. There was no painful abortion decision to be made. Preaching abstinence is useless. Practicality works.

Read the report. Then tell me why the Congresses are raising this question once again. Tell me what good this does other than to divert our attention from the REAL issues of our time. Tell me why they aren’t choosing to make birth control widely available for anyone of an age to conceive. Let’s face it, for the most part that means women taking the responsibility. And that is yet another reason for men to get out of the conversation.

Debating abortion and gay marriage and issues of personal morality is designed to divert our attention. Do you really think Jason Rappert or Senator Mayberry here, in Arkansas,  really gives a damn about women and children? Or was this a tactic used to get elected? What are their plans for caring for these ‘children’ born of their abortion ban? And you who voted for them? What are your plans for caring for them? These diversionary tactics are allowing all of us to become dumbed down and lesser beings. We can’t even take care of the children we already have; we can’t be humane enough to give our LGBT brothers and sisters the civility they deserve.

We are caught in the dogma of bibles and books and belief systems that is obsolete and no longer relevant in this time. Instead of behaving as the messiahs we claim to believe in, we behave as though our opinion, our morality, is the only benchmark. What arrogance is this?

A benevolent god would laugh at the machinations and idiocy of this human species.

I’m not an atheist activist. My concept of the spiritual is a bit different from most, but it IS. I write, not because I am evil and indifferent, but just the opposite. I care greatly. I personally may never choose abortion regardless of the hardship a pregnancy would impose, but I will defend your right to make that choice with my last breath. I may not choose to live in a same sex relationship, but I will defend your right to do so with my last breath.

We cannot deny someone else rights based on personal morality. There is a happy medium. Why would you care to deprive another the right to make their own personal decisions if you stand to be unaffected in any real way? Whether it is abortion or same sex marriage or moving to Australia, it’s not your concern what your neighbor does if it does not impact your own life choices.

Please, call, write, fax, email your congressional representatives and let them know you support individual rights. Let them know they are wasting taxpayer dollars and time better spent on solving the real problems we face as a state and country.

It is exhausting to watch as corporate America and their mouthpieces in the political arena divide us with advertising dedicated solely to that purpose. I implore you to do the research. Find out who is behind the ads you see. Discover their agendas and question them.

We will all be better for your diligence.

Nice, Pot, and Al Capone

5 Nov

Nice takes practice.

I need practice. I practiced this morning. I smiled and said thank you sweetly.

Bout tore muy heart out. Me being Southern and all it’s s’posed to come naturally. Thang is, us Southern women is real good at pasting on the smiles while throwin’ killing eye daggers. We can flirt, fawn, and flatter with a vengeance. We can charm the ears off an elephant. We can heap on verbal abuse and elicit a profound thank you from the victim.

Yes, we are a talented demographic.

And some of us are genuinely nice.

Them’s the ones ya gotta watch out fer.

I’m watching out for Election Day.

The mere possibility of Paul Ryan anywhere near the White House, including his position in Congress, elicits a flight or fight response in me. He’s downright scary. Women take particular note of Romney and Ryan. They want to take you back to the 1950’s. Please do your research.

I’m going to repeat myself boys and girls. This is not about your personal morality (or theirs). It is about HUMAN RIGHTS.

Tomorrow the voters of Arkansas take on the legal use of medical marijuana. It’s about time Arkansas. Although I must say that generally we’re behind every other state except Mississippi. Arkansans have thanked god more than once for Mississippi. Otherwise we’d be dead last on … everything

If only the federales would get on board. Make it legal, sell it with the same restrictions as booze, and tax the hell out of it. It would so pay off the national debt, set up scholarships for our kids, and stop all the overcrowding of our jails. We’re spending billions and it isn’t going away. Let’s turn it around.

You know the cigarette companies are primed and ready to roll out the first pack of Reefer. They’ve probably been ready for 40 plus years.

It is a win-win proposition. Unfortunately we seem to be hung up on that morality thing again. Take a look at prohibition. Banning alcohol in the United States from 1920 to 1933 led to stockpiling, smuggling, moonshining, and a rise in organized crime.

Al Capone was a regular in Hot Springs! That’s just a little side note of Arkansas trivia.

Does any of that smuggling thing sound familiar, the organized crime thing?

It seems so silly that we allow pharmaceutical companies to experiment on us with pain killers, antidepressants, and the like while they get rich and we suffer side effects, including death. It seems silly to continue to support crime and crime fighting while depleting the government coffers. Marijuana is simple and natural. It is not a synthetic created in a lab.  It eases the pain of the body and the mind.  We could grow it in our gardens if so inclined. We could stop this madness.

You can be morally against any issue and still recognize the need to change that issue. I would argue for the religious among us that it is a God-given plant and, just as with wine, moderation is the key.

Legislating against it isn’t working peeps.

Figure it out.

I think I am the victim of a Monday brain fugue. Way too many random thoughts. Smoke too much? Nah…don’t do that anymore. It’s way too expensive! And I lost my bong.

It’s probably the time change. I think I’ll stick with that story.

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