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Manic Monday and Short Weekends

9 Sep

‘Gee mom you really are a big spender.’

So sayeth the daughter when she got her birthday tickets for the Tuesday night taping of Tales of the South.

Let me just say those tickets were imminently affordable.

I know, I know…she spent a week’s salary, mine, not hers, on Wicked tickets for us.

Have I told you this story before?

Sorry, I’m older now. Oh…you know that too.

I’m on a roll.

And here it is a Manic Monday.

Monday’s have taken on a whole new dread for me. I switched jobs and this one has the definite disadvantage of filling my email inbox with lots of information, most of which is extraneous to the tasks of Monday morning, but much of which is a job for me. Last Tuesday, after a long weekend, almost killed me.

I’m glad to say that I did survive on two bathroom breaks and half hour overtime.

So now I’m on the road to recovery.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning off my desk and ordering things for my fall wardrobe. I’m stoked about the fall anyway with all the activities Falon and I have planned. We need a plan for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking a holiday film with the second Hunger Games. But there’s must be more. Until my job demise last year we took a family vacation…but now, having become gainfully employed again, Zach and I have no time off …so we have to postpone the next one.

Can you believe I’m talking about the holidays? Wasn’t it just Memorial Day? Hehe…I wished you guys Happy Memorial Day on Labor Day…

I ordered yarn for the knitting machine…planning to make felted bags, so wool was in order. I chose several colors for mixing and matching. Currently there is fabric and a pattern for pants on the cutting table. Once moved, it’s onto sewing and then knitting.

The desk is loaded again. I have to find the courage to add a new router to the house. Wi-Fi needs help. I is rather timid about doing this…Really don’t want to screw it up and have to call for help. So the router and the cables and the instructions are on the desk…anybody with advice for the tech-challenged is welcome to come by for tea and biscuits.

And then there is the hat I want to cast on for hand knitting. Maybe tonight?  Well there is another episode of The Newsroom to watch.

We discovered Sunday that I’m in need of a windshield. Zach and I were headed out to exchange his shoes and pick up a few groceries and discovered the once-upon-a-time -little chip got a whack somewhere over the weekend and spread to an all-out crack.  Woe is me again.

Busy days, lots of plans, and a cool Sunday morning on the verandah with coffee and the sounds of the birds and all those other little critters serenading made for a great weekend.

I must say, I really missed that verandah thing this morning.


The End, Survival, and Reading Material

19 Dec

Merkins were discussed again at tonight’s Bunco. Oh my. We also touched on the Mayan Calendar End Date and the cataclysmic events that are so unlikely to take place on Friday.

But it made me think. Suppose I was to survive a devastating event and have only two possessions left me. It’s that desert island question. So…what two material things would I want above all others. We’re not talking peeps here.

What about clothes?  I certainly wouldn’t want to subject any other survivors to the sight of my naked butt. Speaking of dreadful experiences… although that would be one way to whittle down the population and save any meager resources for myself, just take off my clothes.

But surely the clothes on my back would be enough until I could figure out how to sew new clothes from the fibers I strip from the coconuts on the island and spin into thread on the spinning wheel I build out of driftwood. Then I can knit garments with my hand-carved knitting needles or weave the thread into fabric on the loom I build from the branches falling from the trees on the inland stream. Then we can sew the fabric with tiny bird bone needles. Yeah, I’ll make those too. Tools? No problem. Rocks and the pocket knife I so fortuitously placed in my pocket before the devastation will do for anything I need to build including shelter.

What about a radio? Music would be great. Nah…might not be a station left. Television has to go the same way as the radio. Short wave might be effective in locating other survivors. What good would that do unless boat-building is easier than it looks?

My Kindle! Amazon would surely survive. And my 3G would allow me to browse and buy, uh, borrow! I’m sure my funds would dry up eventually so I would have to borrow…oh, but then how would I pay for Prime? This is really distressing. I can’t live without reading material. And one book wouldn’t cut it. My library card would certainly be useless. Boredom is not an option. Must have something to read!

I could choose pencil and paper. Then I could write my own material! The next great American novel! And all I have to do is survive a disaster with paper and pencil in hand!  But would that count as one or two possessions? What good would one be without the other? Okay, I’m counting paper and pencil as one.

Awwww. I must have my dog. Which one? There’s the rub.

I’ll make ‘em draw straws.

Detritus and Lots of It

8 Nov

Staring at a blank document can certainly be daunting. Do I really have anything to say? So far I’ve been unleashing mental detritus on an unsuspecting world. That could be interpreted as an act of cruelty.

Oh no. Now what?


How about chicken fingers and mashed potatoes,

Mixed greens and Kumato tomatoes,

A spoon of marshmallow cream fun,

A sloppy smile and a midnight run?

Pet the dog, stroke the cat,

Mend a fence, knit a hat,

Walk the donkey, herd the kittens,

Repair the roof, crochet some mittens?

Watch TV, read a book?

Oops, forgot, broke my Nook!

Give the kitchen a quick clean,

Make it shiny, give it sheen?

Laze around, take a nap?

Tap a maple, gather sap,

Climb a tree, pick a pear,

Cut a flower, have a care?

Who’s to know what is next,

For a meandering brain, a mental wreck.

I don’t know what to do.

Not me, not a clue!


I is a poet!

Don’t I know it?



Beautiful Things, Neurotic Dogs, and Pink Elephants

7 Nov

Wasn’t the election a beautiful thing to watch?

Today was a wasted day around here. When I woke, the heat was out again. Geez, it was repaired on Monday. Had to deal with that and of course it was a bit chilly in the house. I really did set out to work. I have a set of knitted designs I’m attempting to list on Ravelry and that is another learning curve I must negotiate. I wanted to finish the three projects I have lying on the table.  I needed to vacuum and do the dishes. We needed dog food and soda so a shopping expedition was imminent.

And then there was Molly, the neurotic Labrador.

She stood and barked at me. I feed her. I treated her. I tried to ignore her. I threw both Labs out and shut the doggie door and left them for a while.

She scratched at the door.

I threw them out to the unfenced portion of the yard and briefly considered the possibility of a large, speeding truck making its way down our dead-end road.

That thought caused a great surge of guilt.

They apparently ran until their tongues were lolling on the floor when I let them return to the house.

And she barked at me again.

I checked the food bowl again. Bunny is kind of piggy and will sometimes eat all the food before Molly and Peanut get a share. Bowls were empty. I gave them more. Gave her one more treat after she calmed down and then I hid the pink elephant. The pink elephant holds the treats.

By the time the pink elephant found a new home brain fog had crept over me.

I couldn’t remember my name or where I live.

So I huddled under the throw on the sofa and dozed while waiting for the repairman.

He finally got here and repaired the heat again. No Charge. Good thing too. I wasn’t a happy camper about the situation. But they took care of it and I am grateful.

I did manage a shower. I did pick up dog food.

I do love my dogs, even the neurotic one…anyone know a good, cheap doggie therapist?

Election Day and Project #9

6 Nov

My son and I went to vote together a short while ago. I love that. I was excited about it all morning.

I experienced much anticipation preceding this election. That anticipation just bubbled over watching Rachel Maddow last night on MSNBC. She re-capped the past four years of the POTUS’ many accomplishments. It was inspiring.

The next four years hold so much promise.

And so tonight I will sit in front of the TV and watch the returns while I do some hand sewing, perhaps a bit of knitting.  Perhaps I will snooze a bit. There will be a number of pundits with opinions to express. But I will keep the TV tuned.



Pinterest Inspired Project #9 is here! This was an exercise in frustration.  Enjoy. And enjoy your participation in this experiment in Democracy!

Hats, Knitting, Politics, and the Weather

17 Oct

I finished the beret I was knitting on Sunday evening. So for the past couple of days I haven’t had anything on needles. Two skeins of yarn I wanted to play with were really beckoning. And I wanted another hat.

Love me some hats. Have bunches of hats. One of my favorites is a large, wide-brimmed straw hat I bought in the Historic City Market in Charleston, South Carolina. The hat is pink, but it still reminds me of Tara.

Hats, hats, more hats, I can’t get enough.

I went on a search. I couldn’t find my favorite book of hat instructions. And I wasn’t really in the mood to design one of my own.

Found myself on Ravelry. And I found a hat. It is a sweet hat. Take a look here.

I printed my instructions and sat down to review. I wanted to make sure the hat met my need for simple knitting.

And I realized I couldn’t remember how to knit I-cord. Good grief. We can talk about senior moments later.

So I Googled I-cord. And found myself here. This is a great tutorial. It’s clear and simple and jogged ye olde memory in the best possible way.

So thank you for the tutorial on I-cord, Bridget. Perhaps I will remember next time.  Hope there’s enough yarn for a bit of scarf to go with it.

Tonight I can cast on my new knit hat.  And rest up after that exhausting debate last night.

I’m beginning to believe I watch the political machinations in this country in much the same way others watch train wrecks and horror films. I just can’t seem to help myself. Given we labor under an environment skewed by the agendas of the wealthy regardless of whose side you stand on, I do believe that the president is much the lesser of two evils. Mr. Romney’s raison d’etre appears to be the acquisition of money and power. And neither money nor power will change a man who referred to 47% of the population in terms demeaning and disrespectful. All life deserves respect. We all deserve a fair shot.

As a woman I watch this political dance with much interest.  I do not want my choices, my health, or my compensation determined by men attempting to impose back room interventions, biblical definitions of physical assault, and the idea that my place is in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. My place is wherever I wish it.  My pay should be equal. My choices should be mine.  All women should have a choice.  Any man, or woman for that matter, not supportive of personal choice should get out of the conversation. This is not about personal morality; it is about the rights of others.

Sorry I got on my soapbox. It is just so frustrating. What is this the 19th century?

Guess I need to go back to the weather again. That’s two days in a row.

Today’s weather has been partly cloudy and breezy with a high near 80. Autumn in Arkansas is a real trip weather-wise. You just never know.

One last thought before I go: wouldn’t it be nice if politics were like knitting? You cast on a piece, a sweater, a hat, a doily. You have only 2 stitches because everything is either knit or purl although you might slip occasionally. The process is soothing and productive and in the end your work is finished, ready to use, suitable for anyone.

I Love Yarn

12 Oct

There is another tutorial going up tomorrow. Here’s a peek:

Picture Perfect Card Carry

This frame is strung with wire and ribbon for easy pinning of  your holiday cards and photos . It was easy to complete and didn’t require much shopping. The items required were mostly on hand.  Two completed.   Tutorial tomorrow.

Today is ‘I Love Yarn Day’ according the Craft Yarn Council. My friend Sarah apprised me of the occasion. I bought three skeins of yarn for two hats and a scarf this morning. It wasn’t on my shopping list. I wasn’t thinking of the occasion.  I just love yarn. I have yarn everywhere. The small attic is full of yarn. There are projects packed in bags all over the craft cave. And every time I pass a yarn shop I have to back up and go in to check out the pretty fibers and colors and textures, and take a skein of something delightful home to my stash. I love to check out the local shops when we travel around the region.

Check out I Love Yarn Day at the Craft Yarn Council site. Way cool. I love the celebrant’s idea to yarn bomb her own yard. What fun!

I’ll probably just knit later.



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