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A Hint of Fiction

9 Feb

I may have been inspired. I say may because I don’t know that I can be good at this writing exercise.  I read a post by David Allen at http://allenfiction.com/2013/02/04/custody/ on hint fiction. Extra short stories are now blooming in my mind. A profusion of blossoms both pretty and pretty bad have shown up. Most I’ve since forgotten. I’ve got to start taking pencil and paper to bed with me.

The idea is to tell a story in 25 words or less.  As David says, it’s a Haiku for prose.

There are other forms of short fiction, albeit longer ones, including Micro and Flash fiction. But this one seems to lend itself to my adult ADD.

The first one I want to share may not be a complete story. You will have to let me know what you think. It was inspired by a story my friend Sherri told me a few days ago.

Here it is:

In a roomful of women, she spoke in a tone only a dog could hear.

‘See all them bitches ears perk up?” she said.

One more before I leave you:

I built the house where she ate her dinners and scanned the landscape. I didn’t recognize the signs and one day Kitty was gone.

Have a lovely weekend! And many thanks for reading.

Perfect World, Pinterest Inspired Project #10

9 Nov

In a perfect world, no matter the undertaking, it would be easy to accomplish.

I do not live in a perfect world.

I’ve asked my husband any number of times to explain to me why nothing is ever easy. He shrugs and looks at me like I have two heads and two faces covered in something unmentionable.

You go to repair a cabinet door and can’t find the right screwdriver. Then the screw gets stripped and you have to find another one. There isn’t one the right size anywhere to be found in the 3,000,000 screws you have around the house. There is one of every size but the one you need.

So you have to go to the store for one screw. Of course you can’t buy one, probably wouldn’t want to if you could. After all, you could easily strip another one. But then there are only two lines and the self-checkout. Both lines are crowded. You choose self-checkout. The screws won’t ring up. Half hour later you finally get a price check and can go back to your cabinet door.

Or you go to make chocolate pudding. The recipe calls for ¼ cup flour for thickening. You forgot to put flour on the list and have only a couple of tablespoons dusting the bottom of the bin. And there is no cornstarch in the pantry

You decide to paint the bedroom and run out of paint with 2 square inches remaining. Or better yet, it has to have a third coat.

Anyone ever heard of a quick run to Walmart?

Today, I made a lamp for the Pinterest Inspired project. I have purchased two lamp shades. Neither worked with the bottle I chose. I’m going to choose another bottle, drill another hole in glass, take this one apart, and try again. If I’m lucky and nothing else goes any further South, it will post next week.

So..I’ve chosen to share the purse I made with the Jean leftover from the first project I did.

Hope you like it. It’s here.

Happy weekend to all!


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