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Manic Monday

4 May

Okay. I’ll admit it. I’m graceless.

Saturday I spent a lovely day at the Arkansas’ Regional Innovation Hub Mini Maker Faire. The weather was beautiful. I met lots of people. Showcased my frames and made a few contacts for more events and education. I was stoked!

But tired. So I retired early with my Kindle. Turned all the lights out, snuggled up to Peanut…ahhhhhh.

Then the craving hit. Chocolate. I wanted chocolate. A peanut butter chocolate egg beckoned from the freezer. Now at this point the spousal unit was snoring. But I was undeterred. I closed my Kindle, slipped from under the covers, carefully made my way around the bottom of the bed, tiptoeing cautiously, only to catch my foot on a big, black, hairy dog and go flying into the floor!

Left knee hurts, can’t straighten the right elbow, knocked a small filling from the back of a front tooth, busted the upper lip a bit, and woke the spousal unit. Oh and I’m sore.

Yup. The dog’s on my list. And from now on I will allow my eyes to adjust to the ambient light.

Ah..clumsy is my middle name.

So, here’s today’s frame posting. Thanks for looking!

Photo Swap Frame Pretty in Pink

Photo Swap Frame Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink, Another View

Pretty in Pink, Another View








Find it here. Only $24.

Wit and Wisdom Wednesday or What Happened to Tangled Tuesday?

22 May

What happened to Tangled Tuesday? Really, here it is nearly 8 on Wit and Wisdom Wednesday and Tangled Tuesday is nowhere to be found.

Let me tell you it just dropped off the calendar in a show of busy-ness and,  with a deep sigh, it collapsed in a heap.

We’ve ridden bikes.

0522 033

Finished projects.

0522 014

Attended a baseball game.

0522 025

Snapped pics of my favorite downtown.

0522 027

We played with the dog.

0522 016

Had a couple of arguments…and no I did not win although I should have since I am perfect in every way and a friggin’ genius to boot. (It was just too ugly for a pic!)

We’ve had a brief respite on the river bank.

0522 039

We’ve shopped for groceries and paid the bills.

Oh, and worked. That part keeps getting in the way. It may have had something to do with the demise of this week’s Tangled Tuesday. Just sayin’.

A few days ago I spoke of asking forgiveness as opposed to permission and today I ran across this gem just in time for Wit and Wisdom Wednesday. Enjoy Peeps.

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn’t work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.Emo Philips

Tickled Pink Thursday

16 May

I’m not sure why pink is the color of choice for tickled. Perhaps it has something to do with the blush of happiness. Perhaps not.

At any rate, ‘tickled pink’ is one of my favorite expressions. It’s just so….cute. Who could resist using such a phrase to describe the feeling of joy one has when one is favored with a gift or an expression of love or a great joke or whatever.

It can also express a bit of sarcasm. Wheeeeeeeeee.

Earlier I was involved in a discussion of sarcasm. Apparently it’s something one can love. Yeah? Okay, right!

We grow smart asses in my family, so sarcasm is a way of life. Most of the time we’re joking. Occasionally, not so much.

We also grow lard asses. Please don’t bother to check mine out. It’s there for all to see anyway.

Zach has an interview this afternoon with a downtown bike touring business. That’s exciting considering it’s his only mode of transport at the moment and even then he will have to borrow mine. I just know he will shine.  He made my day with a B in his HOTEL class. That’s History of the English Language. Every time he mentioned the acronym, my brain kicked back to the eighties when I worked in a large hotel. Bartending, waiting, managing…I tried it all. Bartending was my favorite. Kept me seriuosly entertained. I loved the verbal bantering, the customer flirtation, the interaction with people from all over the world. And I was good at it.

Had nothing whatsoever to do with a life plan. It was a job. But we all know I haven’t decided what to be when I grow up.

I’m missing home. Especially on rainy days, like today. With the new career path, I’m not seeing hubby Monday through Wednesday. Some would say that is one way of not getting tired of him. Hmmmmm.

I miss Peanut.

And I really want to heat up the pool. I mean really, temperatures  this cool and it’s almost June are just unheard of in my neck of the woods. We really need to address thie global warming issue. Weather like this is scary! We haven’t come close to 90 yet!

Some moons ago, my daughter shared this with me and so I will share this quote for the week:

“It is often easier to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission.” – Grace Hopper.

Oh how right that is! I’ve kept it in mind on many a shopping expedition.  Try it. Really, it is so true. I haven’t tested it on a new car purchase, but I don’t see how it wouldn’t work. Or perhaps furnitured? A cleaning service? I certainly could use one of those. I’m still holding out for the vacuum that just sucks the whole house free of dirt, dust, and dog hair.  Anyone have one of those? Where can I get one? Please help!

This has been a pretty good week so far. I’ve made a bit of progress. I’m looking forward to the weekend, however. I desperately need a nap!


Gardens, Paths, and Rusty Finds

25 Feb

Saturday afternoon we laid a small rock ‘patio’ for an old bench of my grandmother’s. Bob still hasn’t chosen a color for the bench. I rather like it the way it is.

Yard Junk 006

It was definitely an afternoon project.

Bob dug out the soil and laid a sand base. I pulled weeds and cleaned the beds in the surrounding area, taking some of the soil he dug and filling the boxes that had settled.

We moved a couple of wrought iron window boxes to the ledge behind the bench. I’ll plant those with flowers, something fragrant in a couple of weeks. The garden boxes behind are slated for the addition of juniper. Bob wants a couple of Japanese maples added to the two large boxes behind the juniper. He will add some sort of climbing thing on either side of the bench.

Yard Junk 008

We’ll plant these soon.

A garden is always in flux. We rearrange every year. We add new plants and clean and discard the ones that didn’t work out for us. Our biggest problem is the Bermuda grass. It invades everything.

One year I dug a small trench around the center bed and filled it with vinegar and salt. It helped. But Bermuda grass is tenacious…it digs in deeper and will still breach your barriers.

Some days I want to kill it all and start over. I imagine some sprig would survive to taunt me.

The hyacinths bloomed.

Yard Junk 004

The daffodils followed.

Yard Junk 010

The camellia had blooms all winter but now they are big and beautiful tucked away among glossy leaves.

Yard Junk 001

Spring is slowly moving in. Its tentative greetings are a welcome sight appearing against the refuse of fall’s demise and winter’s storms.

The clean-up has begun. Finding these gems in my garden is satisfying. My gray thumb gets a workout trying this and that. So does my wallet.

The pecan tree was looking a little…uh, well you decide. I thought he looked rather sad. He’s very old. He no longer bears pecans of any use. I can’t let him go.

Mr. Pecan

Mr. Pecan

Lastly,  I found this in the yard.

Dead Dogs' Toy...used to be furry.The squeaky still works!

Dead Dogs’ Toy…used to be furry.The squeaky still works!

We routinely have to retrieve the forks, knives, spoons, and spatulas they take out of the dishwasher. On one occasion Bunny dragged a bed pillow through the doggie door. We’re not sure how she accomplished this herculean task. Where there’s a will, there’s a way I suppose.

Damn Dog.

Cleaning, Naked, Gods of Sleep

29 Nov

Today slipped by in a fog. No, not a drunken fog. I gave up booze cause of my diabetes. Never drank much anyway.

Although there was that one time…..oh…and then later….well that morning I woke up naked in the kitchen floor was just a fluke.

No, today was a tired fog. I wielded way too much Comet yesterday.  This place hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned since before the installation of new ductwork. OMG….it was nasty. I found cobwebs and dust and construction dust and dust bunnies. I couldn’t get all of it. Time and tired were not on my side, but at least now I can continue with the holiday decorating. And I can live with it. What we really need is someone to come in and power wash the entire interior and exterior. That would do it.


So after staring at this screen for, like, ever, I finally just gave up and napped. The dogs and I had a lovely 3 hour snooze on the dog sofa. No pictures were taken.

I probably need to shower again.

Yup. Tired. Or as we say in the South, tarred.  Born tarred and nivr got over it. Hehehehe.

My day was sacrificed to the gods of sleep.

I must remember to make sacrifice more often.

Peanut, Molly, and an Early Night

15 Nov

I started writing a story today. I wanted to finish it but I exercised my randomness too much. I’m hoping the story will be a good exercise in writing. I need one. I need to find the focus to stay with something for longer than 600 words. Wish me luck.

I had an early night last night, just couldn’t keep my eyes open. So about 10 I began the nightly routine; insulin, lock up, bathroom, a little soda to wash down the meds, retrieve the Kindle and the phone, turn out the lights, check the night lights, fold the last load of clothes, straighten the bed (Bob always leaves it in a tangled mess when he gets up for his night shift at the hospital!)…

Why is it when a woman says she’s going to bed, it takes forty five minutes to get there? A man will say he’s going to bed and he just goes to bed. From spoken word to under covers in less than a minute.

Anyway, I finally did crawl under the covers. Peanut was waiting for me. He likes to snuggle. Molly whined. And paced. Since I don’t like to shut the bedroom door when I’m alone, I have two choices: listen to her whine or allow her to sleep on Bob’s side. Hehehehe. That cracks me up. Poor Bob.

It’s a no-brainer. Molly doesn’t give up her neuroticism just so I can sleep.

So upsy-daisy. She rolls around on me, head down, making little noises for a few minutes. It’s normal for Molly. Geez, I really need to get the dog some good drugs. Finally, she settles down in the middle of the bed next to the pillows. Good thing it’s a king-sized bed.

Now Peanut loves to chew on Molly’s ears. He gets downright obsessed. Last night before the ear attraction kicked in, the little creep started bouncing around, barking and growling at Molly, doing his best to entice her to play. She tried to ignore him. She kept her head down, her eyes closed.

She couldn’t resist. So she jumped up, twirled in a circle, took 3 steps forward, and dove headfirst under the covers against my side.

Molly generates a LOT of body heat. I feared for my Kindle.

Peanut, before I could make any attempt to remove Molly, began to paw the covers, his little feet moving rapidly, making a sweet verbal entreaty for her to come out and play.

Well she was coming out one way or another. Once removed, I decided to lose the glasses, the Kindle, and the light. That always calms them down, peace is restored.

Not last night. Once again, I feel Molly twist as Peanut continues his assault. She dives again!

What? Are we playing submarine?

I embarked upon another mission to remove Molly and calm Peanut. They finally got the message, but my early night had slipped away.

Oh, the joys of being a pet parent, the joy of unconditional love. So worth it.

Detritus and Lots of It

8 Nov

Staring at a blank document can certainly be daunting. Do I really have anything to say? So far I’ve been unleashing mental detritus on an unsuspecting world. That could be interpreted as an act of cruelty.

Oh no. Now what?


How about chicken fingers and mashed potatoes,

Mixed greens and Kumato tomatoes,

A spoon of marshmallow cream fun,

A sloppy smile and a midnight run?

Pet the dog, stroke the cat,

Mend a fence, knit a hat,

Walk the donkey, herd the kittens,

Repair the roof, crochet some mittens?

Watch TV, read a book?

Oops, forgot, broke my Nook!

Give the kitchen a quick clean,

Make it shiny, give it sheen?

Laze around, take a nap?

Tap a maple, gather sap,

Climb a tree, pick a pear,

Cut a flower, have a care?

Who’s to know what is next,

For a meandering brain, a mental wreck.

I don’t know what to do.

Not me, not a clue!


I is a poet!

Don’t I know it?



Beautiful Things, Neurotic Dogs, and Pink Elephants

7 Nov

Wasn’t the election a beautiful thing to watch?

Today was a wasted day around here. When I woke, the heat was out again. Geez, it was repaired on Monday. Had to deal with that and of course it was a bit chilly in the house. I really did set out to work. I have a set of knitted designs I’m attempting to list on Ravelry and that is another learning curve I must negotiate. I wanted to finish the three projects I have lying on the table.  I needed to vacuum and do the dishes. We needed dog food and soda so a shopping expedition was imminent.

And then there was Molly, the neurotic Labrador.

She stood and barked at me. I feed her. I treated her. I tried to ignore her. I threw both Labs out and shut the doggie door and left them for a while.

She scratched at the door.

I threw them out to the unfenced portion of the yard and briefly considered the possibility of a large, speeding truck making its way down our dead-end road.

That thought caused a great surge of guilt.

They apparently ran until their tongues were lolling on the floor when I let them return to the house.

And she barked at me again.

I checked the food bowl again. Bunny is kind of piggy and will sometimes eat all the food before Molly and Peanut get a share. Bowls were empty. I gave them more. Gave her one more treat after she calmed down and then I hid the pink elephant. The pink elephant holds the treats.

By the time the pink elephant found a new home brain fog had crept over me.

I couldn’t remember my name or where I live.

So I huddled under the throw on the sofa and dozed while waiting for the repairman.

He finally got here and repaired the heat again. No Charge. Good thing too. I wasn’t a happy camper about the situation. But they took care of it and I am grateful.

I did manage a shower. I did pick up dog food.

I do love my dogs, even the neurotic one…anyone know a good, cheap doggie therapist?

Strange, Lucky, Electricity, and Home

18 Oct

Strange has been happening all day. We needed a few things from the grocery. But the most imminent need was Diet Rite. I can’t live without it. Must have my soda. Tea is cool with a meal or on a long, hot Arkansas afternoon sitting on the veranda with the fans blowing a gentle breeze across gleaming skin.

Of course being Southern means sweet tea, being diabetic means artificially sweet tea. It’s good though. I found a sugar substitute that works quite well.

Anyway, the Diet Rite supply was dwindling fast. So off we go. First stop was Wal-Mart in hopes of a one stop shopping experience. There were already 3 other stops to make and I didn’t want to add my grocery store and the nearest Home Depot to the stop list.

Found the crack foam for filling in the spaces around the attic stair and found the spray paint. Found the very few grocery items I needed and found goggle eyes and a new tee shirt. You know that tee wasn’t on the list, but long-sleeved tees and winter sort of go arm in sleeve.

I chose self-check-out. Oh boy. There is never a dull moment when I’m scanning the contents of a cart. The poor woman manning the self-registers baled me out half a dozen times. It all started because I bring my own bags. Oh well.  We were best buds by the time I finished. She’s been working for Wal-Mart for 35 years. I simply cannot imagine. I woulda shot myself 30 years ago.

I finally paid for my purchases and left the store, only to get halfway to my car and realize I forgot the Diet Rite.

Now why was I going to the store today?

I loaded the car with my filled bags, locked it up again, and went back in the store.

They only had one 12 pack of Diet Rite. That will last me until tomorrow.

Okay so tomorrow I’ll make a run to another store. Let’s see if I can get Hob Lob and the dollar store knocked off my stop list.

Hob Lob was pretty quick and not too disappointing. I did spend more than I intended, but that’s nothing new.

The dollar store did not have Christmas socks, nor did they have the dish towels I wanted. Geez. Okay I made a substitution on the socks and bout pot holders instead.  I’m flexible. After that my patience was exhausted so I stopped for a couple of tacos and had a picnic in the parking lot while playing Sudoku on my phone. Much better now.

Now it is on to Sam’s to pick up Lucky’s prescription.

Lucky Dog. He’s Thinner Now.

Lucky has a heart condition. If he doesn’t have his meds his little chest fills with fluid and he hacks and coughs and sounds like he’s about to expire, which he may be. I really don’t like to run out, but I had. Sam’s lights are dim. There is only back-up light and all the registers are down. The pharmacy staff is at lunch too. So I wander around and then sit down outside the pharmacy for some more Sudoku.

Time passes. After about thirty minutes one of the pharmacy staff comes by my bench. Apparently the power is off all over the area and won’t be on until around 10 tonight. Oh.

Well to make a long story longer, eventually the pharmacist gave me Lucky’s prescription. She asked me to come back tomorrow to pay for it, but I had cash. We traded.

It’s a scary world out there. It’s good to be home. I dread tomorrow’s trip for Diet Rite.  Who knows what alarming events will unfold.

Have a great Thursday evening. It’s almost the weekend.



Boys, Men, Dogs, and Snowmen

16 Oct

Okay so maybe 104 projects in a year was a bit optimistic considering all the irons I have in my fire. But I intend to persevere.

Adorable Clay Pot Snowmen, Pinterest Favorite Pin

Today we have Twins! Clay Pot Snowmen Twins. They are adorable. Check out the tutorial. Tell me what you think.

I think I will include them in my decorating scheme this year, perhaps on a wreath. Oh…another tute waiting to happen!

I’m jonesing for popcorn again. Sarah and I were planning an evening movie. I forgot about the prez debate tonight. So we cancelled the movie. Don’t want to miss the debate! I know my guy is gonna win, but it’s still fun to watch Mr. Romney make a complete contradictory ass of himself. No offense intended for his supporters. We all have our idiosyncrasies and I for one am perfectly tolerant of  your right to be wrong!

That was intended as a joke.

Maybe I should stick with the weather. It’s lovely. Nice breeze blowing through the yard, and the rich colors of fall just peeking through summer’s green. I have to say that the time change still rankles my fur. I’ll get over it.

The boys have been whistling today. And the dogs have been barking. I have to find a behavioral adjustment tool that will work on the lot of them, boys included. You raise ‘em up, think you’ve done your best, and they still turn out to be boys. Women traditionally raise their sons, right?. I have yet to find an explanation for this phenomenon. Because no matter how many women are involved (with Zach it’s been 6!) they still end up being BOYS. I am truly baffled. This state of confusion has persisted for quite some time. It has to be testosterone, or some combination of hormones not found in women. Is there a spitting hormone? Is there a hormone involving base humor, as in flatulence as a cause for hysterical laughter? Is there some male genetic anomaly that suggests boys/men must be always be right?

I give up. Maybe it’s just the age. No that can’t be the reason for these behavioral issues.  It seems to be a problem for the son and the husband.

It is what it is apparently. Guess this universal mystery will remain unsolved. It’s probably already a cold case. C’est la vie.

This is going to be Snow week for projects. The next one is another holiday snowman as well. I’m stuck in that mode. Love, love, love the holidays. I think the lights are the draw. Of course we have plenty of time.

And then there was Tuesday. As always, it’s been my pleasure.


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