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Space, Diss-organized, Dropsey Drawers

14 Nov

We have nearly 2000 square feet of house, a barn, two sheds, two attics, five acres,  and I’m still trying to find a space to contain my serious amount of sh*t.

I have too many hobbies and too many tools, supplies, and accessories for each hobby.

Anyone got any ideas for me?  Cheap ideas are good. Free ones are even better.

Falon says I just need to finish one project before moving on to another. I think she may be on to something.

That could be the problem. I just hate to admit it. How many character flaws does one have to ‘fess up to in a lifetime?

Tomorrow is a new day. Perhaps I can begin a new leaf, finish all the loose ended projects, and start fresh on Friday. What a thought. Clear the minutiae. Clear the desk. Clear the head.

Who am I kidding? My efforts at organizing are legendary in their failure. Bob just waits until I’m not home and throws stuff in the trash.

I try not to notice. Wonder if that’s what happened to the missing sewing foot?

My friend in South Carolina called this afternoon. She designs and makes wreaths. I asked her about my inability to organize. She knows me well. We’re both suffering from an attention problem. She suggested I do what she does.  Close the door to the workroom quickly before things fall out. I can do that.

I’m still tired of wasting time looking for things, or going to buy more. It is such a time eater-upper. I know you’ve heard of eater-uppers. Right?

My mom used to say people who weren’t too quick on the uptake were eaten up with it. Eaten up with dumb-a$$. I won’t tell you how she defined the ‘f’ word for me when I asked. Suffice it to say she didn’t even come close.

Mom worked as a psychiatric nurse in the state hospital. One day she came home chuckling about something unknown to us. She chuckled occasionally while preparing dinner. We finally heard the tale. One of her co-workers left the ward to go home. Mom was standing at a window as the woman sought her car. Mom noticed her abruptly stop in her walk across the parking lot. She stepped to the side, shook one foot, and bent to retrieve her loosey-goosey panties from the ground where they had fallen and pooled around her ankles. She put them in her purse and continued to her car.

I’d a died ‘fore I picked up them drawers. And I don’t think I would have returned to work the next day. Losing my britches in public is not funny.

Now someone else losing their britches is hysterical.

I is so bad.

Biscuits and Gravy, Pessimistic Husbands, and Urban Fantasies

12 Nov

Fall is here.

The bathtub is sinking.

My husband is a raving pessimist.

There are too many books to read.

Too many projects.

Sounds like fun!

Yesterday was a rainy, cloudy day. Loved it.  We noticed Saturday that the leaves are falling with vengeance now. The colors are bright. After the rain the yard is littered liberally with the fallout.   Daughter, Falon, and I made things yesterday. We spent time in the barn cutting our wood. She sanded and painted while I struggled with the software for my Cricut. We cut. We pressed on. We completed our project. More on that tomorrow.

She got biscuits and gravy for Sunday morning breakfast. Cream gravy. Made with bacon fat. Our arteries are officially clogged. Our hearts are in jeopardy. But the memory will live on until the next rare occasion when we treat ourselves to that hearty breakfast.

That’s probably why our ancestors all died young, except for Effie….too much fat infused gravy. But oh, what a stomach-filling breakfast. All they had to do was milk the cow, save the pig fat, and add a bit of flour for thickening. No waste of precious resources in that recipe.

My grandmother Effie, my mom’s mother, was nearly ninety when she died. She did have one carotid rotor-rooter procedure. But that woman ate fat all day, every day. She had sausage or ham and eggs cooked in bacon fat for breakfast. She seasoned her veggies with it. She cooked her chicken, pork chops, ham, squirrel, salt pork, beef, and opossum in it. She made all her gravies with it. Her cornbread pan was greased with it.  She saved it. And she spooned sugar in ample quantity over her strawberries and in her coffee and tea. She drank full fat milk.

I don’t think she ever weighed over 135 pounds.

I was so jealous. I look at food and gain weight. Born at just over 9 pounds, I jumped to 150 3 days later and never looked back.

The absolute horror of it all.

Perhaps that extra weight is the reason for the sinking bathtub. Nah…..I haven’t taken a bath in years. Showers people, showers! But gravity and water damage have taken their toll. So now we wait for that bath to dry out so we can jack up the tub, replace the pipe, the tile, and the backboard. Not exactly a fun time in doing all that. And the pessimist in the house has decided that the underside of the bath cannot be repaired without extensive structural work. Don’t worry. I think we can get by without going there.  If not, we’ll continue to use my shower. He’s such a pessimist!

I don’t know how it happened, but recently I have become a fan of urban fantasy. Guess it’s better than Calgon in taking me away. If you know what that refers to you are of an age. I’m inclined to read for sheer entertainment. I’m too tired for intellectual stimulation.  No way to determine the effects of it on a brain made mushy by long hours and many years of boring work making a living. Ewwwewwwww. My whole head might explode if I allowed myself to engage in a ‘smart’ conversation. That must be avoided. An exploding head would most assuredly make a horrendous mess.

This brings us back to urban fantasy.

I have an urban fantasy. One in which no one is homeless or hungry. Hey, all you rich folks out there. Get together and share with the least among you! They contributed to your wealth one way or another.


That’s my urban fantasy.

First Tutorial Complete

9 Oct

Today marks the first tutorial. I finally got my ducks in a row for this one.

This is it:

Pinterest Project Number One Complete

You can DIY  here.

You can buy here.

Wow, I’m glad that first one is behind me. It feels like a milestone. Especially considering the unraveling of this day!

It all began last night. Zach came home. He smelled gas. He turned off the heat.

Which was a good thing.

So this morning I ran out to Walmart to buy CO alarms.

Came home, inspected the water heater. The vent was discombobulated.

Ran out to Home Depot for heat tape. Geez, that stuff is expensive!

Repaired the vent. Closed the windows. Still bad smell outside.

Called a plumber. Good thing. We had a connection interrupted when our new ductwork was installed. He fixed it.

No more smell of gas. No groceries this week!

All is well.

It is rather comforting to know my house didn’t blow up. This house has avoided a couple of near catastrophes. So, regardless of my sad lack of lottery winnings, I am grateful.

It’s been a long day. I hope you don’t mind if I say good night to John-boy and head off into the sunset for dinner and some Zen Knitting.

It has definitely been my pleasure.


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