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Woes Me, Naps, A serious note

5 Sep


Sunday was a big day at my house.

The previous Sunday, August 25th, was Daughter Falon’s birthday. She was in New Orleans with her hubby enjoying the sights and sounds and a shrimp Po’Boy. And as a result we carried her birthday through the entire next week to this past Sunday.

Birthday cake arrived with best bud Bridget on Wednesday and we sat around eating a concoction of beef, corn chips, pork and beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, and crushed potato chips that we call Wildwood Special.  We made it on camping trips when I was a kid. I know you’re thinking that must be the worst sh*t imaginable, but I could eat the stuff every day by the bowl full. Yum. And then we had cake. I love cake.

Sunday was the dinner-of-Falon’s-choice day. You can pretty much bet on chicken and dressing when it’s Falon’s choice. Cornbread dressing. Ain’t no Yankee fixin’s in this here house.

So Sunday I woke up, made cornbread, installed a couple of shelves in the Craft Cave, made toast, cleaned the kitchen, chopped celery and onion and simmered it in broth, cleared the cave of several items, cleaned, tidied up, went back to the kitchen, cooked pasta, and at 3 Falon appeared with several bags of groceries, mostly fruit and veggies.

We cleaned, sliced and diced and packed quart jars with salads for this week. We made breakfast burritos to freeze.. We spent three hours in my kitchen, made a big mess, generated a bucket of peelings for the compost heap, and ended with breakfast and lunch for two for a week.

It’s all been good.

Oh, and then I finished our dinner of chicken and dressing and green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce.

Monday, I couldn’t move. I found the sofa, the dog and napped for the better part of the day. I love naps. Naps are sooooooo good. Naps are almost as good as …well ..you know. One quick trip out to the bank and Falon’s house.

She forgot her burritos.

And back to napping. Sweet.

 It is rather ironic that this note follows a description of the plenty we have in our home. I’ve never gone hungry, never been homeless, although I have slept in a friend’s basement. But today  I learned that 1 in 5 Arkansans worry where there next meal will come from, that food insecurity is common.  That is unacceptable in this country. Why are we allowing this to be the norm for anyone, especially our children. We are at the top of the list in this state, but across our country this is a problem. We send billions of dollars all over the world for war and weapons and our children go hungry. Why do those in power ignore this? Why is there such wealth disparity? Really, you can fly in private jets, collect billions off the backs of the poor and working class and sleep at night? It is  unconscionable. Studies indicate that people of wealth actually give far less than people who have little to give. You in government, on Wall Street, in the banks across America where you give 1/2% for our savings and charge 15 or 25 or 35% on a credit account, you corporations, you’ve got the power, I will acknowledge that…now do something good with what you’ve got. That’s a challenge. Get off your superior asses and make a difference in the world, a real difference.


Celebrations, Winter Solstice, and Chrismahannakwanzaka

20 Dec

The Winter Solstice has begun. Depending on hemisphere, time zone, personal internal time clock, age, and/or relationship with reality, it may have ended for you. Me? I’m in the here and now and we are just beginning!

Tomorrow is the shortest day and longest night of the year, a time long celebrated. Pagan gods have received sacrifices, the return of the light and the Sun god’s reappearance have been feted.  Hanukah, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Santa Lucia Day, Epiphany, Koliady are all celebrated near the Winter Solstice.

Regardless your reasons for celebrating the season, it is wonderful time of the year and a great excuse for good food, good fun, family, and friends.

I’m off to celebrate all of them. I could just be ‘off’. But any excuse for a margarita right? So while my family celebrates the Pagan Present-Giving Season and all the other culturally enjoyed holidays, let me wish you are very

Merry Christmahannakwanzaka!

Ummmm…I’m still waiting for my epiphany.



Cleaning, Naked, Gods of Sleep

29 Nov

Today slipped by in a fog. No, not a drunken fog. I gave up booze cause of my diabetes. Never drank much anyway.

Although there was that one time…..oh…and then later….well that morning I woke up naked in the kitchen floor was just a fluke.

No, today was a tired fog. I wielded way too much Comet yesterday.  This place hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned since before the installation of new ductwork. OMG….it was nasty. I found cobwebs and dust and construction dust and dust bunnies. I couldn’t get all of it. Time and tired were not on my side, but at least now I can continue with the holiday decorating. And I can live with it. What we really need is someone to come in and power wash the entire interior and exterior. That would do it.


So after staring at this screen for, like, ever, I finally just gave up and napped. The dogs and I had a lovely 3 hour snooze on the dog sofa. No pictures were taken.

I probably need to shower again.

Yup. Tired. Or as we say in the South, tarred.  Born tarred and nivr got over it. Hehehehe.

My day was sacrificed to the gods of sleep.

I must remember to make sacrifice more often.

A Woooowhoo Day

11 Oct

Weeks of waiting have ended. The crew has arrived. It is finally happening. The insulation is going into my attic, along with a radiant barrier. Woooowhoooo!

The radiant barrier makes the attic look like a big silver spaceship. Wouldn’t it be cool if the house just took flight? We could go where no man has gone before. Seek new…well you get the idea. We are having a moment here. It must be the anticipation of a lower energy bill creating this giddiness.

Some say that giddiness is a result of oxygen deprivation.

Nope, I’m still breathing.

The poor puppies are confined to the living area. They weren’t particularly happy with the arrangement.  Apparently it puts a cramp in doggie style when access to the doggie door is barred. Of course this necessary disposition of space did not prevent a ruckus from occurring when the installers arrived. And the ruckus continued for quite some time.

But now they are all sleeping peacefully. Molly is snoring like a freight train on the leather sofa. Peanut is buried under a couple of pillows near Bunny on the doggie sofa and Lucky is acting like a dog, sleeping on his little floor pillow next to the cat house.

Should I put a red light on the cat house, maybe on the porch instead? If I could sell it by the pound, I’d be rich!

Now that was naughty of me. I’m gonna get an ‘R’ rating if I don’t watch myself.  Will you come visit me in exile?

With the insulation in I have a few chores to do. There is a bit of work on the pull-down stair and the trim needs to be finished. If I look around I will find a great number of things that need attention. I have to remember NOT to look around. And under no circumstances make a list. This kind of project will suck you in and make you disappear.

It’s like pouring water on the Wicked Witch of the West. You go screaming into nothingness in a cloud of steam and smoke and your shiny red shoes fly off and attach themselves to someone else’s feet.

I do not want to lose my shiny red shoes. They match my broom.



Greatest Invention Ever!

10 Oct

I’m clumsy. This is an admission I thought never to make.

Hubby, Bob, has been reminding me of this shortcoming for most of the 13 years we’ve been married. I have steadfastly refuted his opinion. I am not, nor ever have been, clumsy.

Today I have to fess up. I love that phrase…’fess up’. Perhaps you have to be Southern by birth and inclination to appreciate it.

Back to the fessing up.

I’m clumsy.

What brought this admission forth?  You may ask.  I will tell you.

A morning state of brain fog is the culprit. Lack of sleep and large quantities of coffee may have contributed to this fess up. Well, not the coffee cause I was on my first cup. Maybe it was lack of large quantities of coffee.

That first cup was sitting on the bathroom counter.

I reached for it. And coffee flew. It covered the counter top. It dripped into the cabinet door. It pooled onto the floor.

And it soaked my phone.

I was a bit miffed, but maintained calm. Surprise!

And I discovered the greatest invention known to man, the Otter Box. My phone, once removed from its purple and teal covering, was unscathed. So I washed the Otter Box, polished the phone, and found myself in business again.

Wow. Who woulda thunk it? My amazement knows no end. Next I’ll try hurling my phone against the wall.

Oh, I did clean the counter, cabinet, door, and floor. Ick.

The pear tree in the back yard amazes too.

The Pear Tree

I stumbled up toward the barn earlier and decided to check the tree for leaves to press.  That tree is still laden with pears. I don’t eat fruit much because it spikes my blood glucose levels, but I couldn’t resist. I reached for a fresh pear, straight off the tree.

The Bountiful Crop

It took about a minute to consume its luscious juiciness. No doubt there was a little dirt and perhaps a smidgen of bird poop on it. I didn’t care. The flavor was delightful, the juice ran down my chin in sticky rivulets. The beauty of that tree registered with me in a meaningful way today. How did I miss this before? It has to be a case of not taking the time to smell the roses.

I may have to go back for more. I certainly have to go back for more. And I have to find the smell of roses more often. It is time to take time.

Zach brought another rose from the garden yesterday, the second one in recent days.  It is now sitting on the kitchen counter in a mason jar.

By Any Other Name

So late to have a rose blooming in the yard. It’s a gift to have this little reminder of another summer still gracing my home.

Bob and I planted three roses early in our marriage. Yesterday was our 13th anniversary. We both forgot.

The New Dawn rose is trellised over an entrance to the center garden space. There are a few brief days in early summer when it blooms outrageously. Once the blooms begin to fade the ground is carpeted with fragrant petals for a while. Contemplating that makes the short days of winter a prelude.

I will endeavor to accept the coming time change in a spirit inclined to enjoy the prelude to a symphony of hyacinths, jonquils, tulips, lilies, and finally roses.

Mozart didn’t stand a chance against Mother Nature. I will admit that his legacy has enhanced the enjoyment of Her work on occasion.

Here’s to Mother Nature and Mozart. Cheers.

Brand New World

28 Sep

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ve probably guessed that I wake up in a brand new world every morning. It takes a few moments and a small quantity of coffee to bring me back to planet Earth. Okay sometimes it takes all morning and a large quantity of coffee.

This morning was no different.

The door was shut so Molly’s click-click-whine had not disturbed me. There was a hot spot at my back. It turned out to be Peanut buried under covers. There wasn’t much sun coming from the window. It was rather overcast. These epiphanies poured into my conscious mind like sorghum molasses flowing on a biscuit outside in January.

In other words, it was a slow process. Very slow.

I crawled out again. Bob had made coffee. I was grateful.

Time passed. The fog in my brain did not. It did occur to me that the house was a shambles and needed some major help. A few weeks ago we had all the duct work replaced under the house. We also emptied one (yes we have two) of the attics in preparation for new insulation installation.

That attic filled a shed, half the kitchen, and half the living room. We found books, and baubles, an amazing amount of paper. There were records from my great-grandmother’s property taxes well before World War II. Oh my. I organized the paper. We took it back to the attic and stored it on shelves that are permanently attached to the rafters. I missed a couple of boxes in the process. Oh, well.

Days passed. Still there was no insulation installation. Now the living room was becoming problematic. I had the urge to rearrange the furniture.

So we moved all the bins and boxes to the carport. Poor Bru-honda can barely squeeze into the space. He requires cover from falling limbs, the occasional hail storm. And I require cover when exiting the house. You never know when rain will fall.

Then we moved all the miscellaneous Christmas decorations to my Craft Cave, the room designated for my random ventures into design and crafting. That created a tight squeeze for my large butt.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, this morning. House a shambles…I kinda got side-tracked on the back story.

We are still waiting on the insulation, but I must clear some of this out.

I start in the Cave. Now during all this shuffling, we removed a full sized pillow-top fluffy thing from my son’s bed. He no longer wanted its comfort. It’s not an easy thing to fold. Not an easy thing to carry around. Not an easy thing to store. It’s been folded in my Cave for many days. Well at least until it fell off the chair and landed in a heap on the floor.

It is the first thing I pick up. This fluffy thing has to be folded once again. And it has to be stored. First I have to decide how to store it. I go looking for a bag. I keep all the plastic packaging when I buy new comforters and pillowcases and sheet sets so I started there. No luck in finding a package. All the big ones were already taken. I did run across two of those space-saving things you suck all the air out of with your vacuum.

One was big enough for papa bear. One was about the size of baby bear. The other looked just right.

I took the just right one and the fluffy thing to my bed. I did the folding struggle. M’arm’s started to hurt.

I proceeded to a writhe and squirm bag stuffing. Returning to the cave, bag in hand I began a close-the-bag-suck-the-air battle. I stood on the bag, kneed it repeatedly, nearly broke a finger on the closing, lashed the floor with it, cursed it soundly, and still did not achieve closure.

And now there is a hole in the bag.

Molly and I both need a life.


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