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Manic Monday

4 May

Okay. I’ll admit it. I’m graceless.

Saturday I spent a lovely day at the Arkansas’ Regional Innovation Hub Mini Maker Faire. The weather was beautiful. I met lots of people. Showcased my frames and made a few contacts for more events and education. I was stoked!

But tired. So I retired early with my Kindle. Turned all the lights out, snuggled up to Peanut…ahhhhhh.

Then the craving hit. Chocolate. I wanted chocolate. A peanut butter chocolate egg beckoned from the freezer. Now at this point the spousal unit was snoring. But I was undeterred. I closed my Kindle, slipped from under the covers, carefully made my way around the bottom of the bed, tiptoeing cautiously, only to catch my foot on a big, black, hairy dog and go flying into the floor!

Left knee hurts, can’t straighten the right elbow, knocked a small filling from the back of a front tooth, busted the upper lip a bit, and woke the spousal unit. Oh and I’m sore.

Yup. The dog’s on my list. And from now on I will allow my eyes to adjust to the ambient light.

Ah..clumsy is my middle name.

So, here’s today’s frame posting. Thanks for looking!

Photo Swap Frame Pretty in Pink

Photo Swap Frame Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink, Another View

Pretty in Pink, Another View








Find it here. Only $24.

I Haz It

7 Feb

I’m possessed of an ennui I simply cannot shake.


I have become drawn to bonbons and soap opera, trashy novels and naps, Masterpiece Classics and housekeepers.

Ambition? What’s that? Goal-driven determination? A phrase without meaning.

Apathy is a resource without limit.

Have the 70’s returned?

I am doomed.

The bonbons will make me fatter. The soap operas will make mush of my brain, as will the trashy novels and naps. The Masterpiece Classics will change my Southern Accent to a bad British one and the housekeeper will make me lazy….as if I can afford one. I suppose the house will just remain dirty.

Yes, soon there will be anarchy. No dinners, no groceries. The laundry will pile up.

The bills won’t be paid. The licenses won’t be renewed. Taxes will become delinquent. Insurance will lapse.

Is there a drug for this?

Something really good?

Prozac? Nah. How about pot? Nah, the bonbons would be more appealing.

Huey Lewis wanted a new drug.

Perhaps I could send out a chemical alarm requesting research and development.

We could make a big pharma richer than before.

Aw…who cares?


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