Cotton is a plant

There is a senate race in Arkansas in November. No surprise there. In early polling incumbent senator Mark Pryor is running neck and neck with his opponent, Representative Tom Cotton. Cotton is one of those freshmen reps responsible for shutting down the government last year. I’m sure there are dozens of justifications for the Republicans in the house to tie up the government, perhaps even a few good ones, but then there are a number of petulant children who can justify bad behavior a dozen ways.

Cotton’s campaign, as far as I can tell, is relying solely on his abhorrence of Obamacare and Pryor’s support of it as the basis for his being the better candidate. I don’t actually know what he stands for…but I’m pretty sure I know what he is against.

Cotton is supported by groups like the Club for Growth, and therefore the Koch brothers, who have done a pretty damn good job of buying Arkansas politicians one way or another. They’ve recently acquired a manufacturing company in Maumelle, a part of central Arkansas. Yes, Arkansas is getting all Koched up. And Cotton is their next plant in the senate. A man’s ambition can be such a boon to a puppet-master’s agenda.

This is a Cotton quote from a recent news release:

Anybody who is paying attention can see that Obamacare is not working,” said Cotton. “Yet Senator Mark Pryor said just last week that he would still vote for Obamacare again today, even with everything that has gone wrong.”

Yes Mr. Cotton, the website got off to a bad start. It was embarrassing, sure, but not an error of apocalyptic proportions. It is now up and running..although we know that must chap your ass.

Yes, we know how much you and your Koch friends hate taking care of the poor and sick. We’ve watched you vote. I’ve seen your request for contributions where you solicit donations based on the repealing of the law. Damn Mr. Cotton, why don’t you ask for Medicare and Social Security to be repealed too? Don’t you just hate these social programs?

And now the Arkansas legislature is trying to find enough votes to renew the Private Option, the expansion of health insurance through private vendors using federal Medicaid dollars. I’m sure Mr. Cotton hopes they don’t come up with the votes to do so. That would certainly be further proof that Obamacare isn’t working.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services recently found that almost 100,000 Arkansans now have health insurance or Medicaid. People, Mr. Cotton. Living, breathing,people now have the security and peace of mind that access to a doctor provides.

I would ask this:

Mr. Cotton, would you be willing to tell those 100,000 Arkansans, face to face, that you are more than willing to repeal the law that made this access possible? That’s what you are advocating, isn’t it. Put an end to a program that isn’t working? Isn’t that what you keep telling us? It’s not working?  So, yeah, Mr. Cotton, you and the Misters Koch need to go on a car trip around the state and let each and every one of those Arkansans know exactly where you stand. And perhaps those Arkansas legislators who vote against continuing the private option or morphing into a better program should accompany you.

Let those people know. Oh, and all of you considering a vote for Cotton…you need to ride along. Do any of you have the balls to do it? Do any of you religious types have the compassion and understanding to stand up and take care of even the least among you?

It isn’t perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. No one becomes wealthy or independent alone. It requires the labor of many, the contributions of many.

And by the way, social consciousness is not a disease.

2 thoughts on “Cotton is a plant

  1. Amen! Preach it girl! Well stated!

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