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Home, Crisis Moments, and IS.

26 Nov

I’m here. I’ve returned home…this being a comfortable place to exorcise a few demons and share a chuckle or two.
If I laugh and nobody hears it, am I still amused? Quite well, actually.
I’m home, though only briefly, and it feels good.
Crisis moments have been rather without end for the past 3 weeks. It’s calmer for the moment.
It IS what it IS.
We’ve repeated it until it has become a mantra.
Thanksgiving rushed up…there’s turkey in the fridge and the makings for all sorts of accoutrements. Though I only have the one day with my small family this year. Working on the Friday after Thanksgiving is just wrong. Poor folks in retail. I refuse to add my presence to their persecution this year.
My Christmas village is calling my name from the attic. This weekend the boxes will come down and go back up emptied of their treasure for a few short weeks. The lights will glow and I will enjoy them immensely. I may manage to keep the house tidy for the holiday season.
However, I wouldn’t bet on that.
I find it strange that in my mix of beliefs and non-beliefs, I celebrate this season with gifts and decorations. I suppose removing a bit of winter’s tedium and celebrating the Winter Solstice is reason enough for the hustle and bustle. I know I love it. I have scaled back on the decor some. It’s self-preservation in my advancing years.
So Happy Thanksgiving to all. May your turkey be moist and your blessings be many.

Surprises, Three, and Hooking

5 Nov

Last night I contemplated happy surprises. Occasionally we do get one in this life. Occasionally there are sound reasons for continuing the struggle.
And struggle it is at times. With the demise of the heating and air, followed closely by the demise of Bruhonda’s front end at the hands (feet?) of a deer determined to cross the road in front of us, followed closely by the demise of communication between my laptop and my printers, I felt my struggles and frustrations flowing much more than ebbing. It always comes in threes, so perhaps I’m good for a while. I just keep repeating…this too shall pass.
Unfortunately it passed right through my wallet and left me in serious doubt I will ever retire. Hubby is scheduled to do so in just over 2 years. And he deserves it. He’s worked hard and saved his money. I spent it. I would love to join him, but 5 more years in the workplace lurk in my future…unless someone buys my stuff or I win the lottery.
I’ll keep working on my stuff and hope for the lottery. If the past is any indication my odds are better with the latter.
Don’t get me wrong, I do good work. But always in the wrong place at the wrong time…or it could be my totally unfocused and random nature.
Naaaaaaaah…not that! Surely.
I’m still considering selling it by the pound. But then I’d probably have to give huge discounts for age and wrinkles. It is getting dark earlier. That’s something to consider.

So now I’m waiting to share a happy surprise with all those I love…and waiting….and waiting.
It’s coming, I just know it.

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