Complicated Rules and Congress

I  had Cspan playing in the background all day yesterday. I’m still trying to figure out what I was thinking. What a horror. All the little Repubs shared their horror stories and blamed the Dems. Then all the Dems shared their take on the House fiasco and blamed the Tea Partying faction.  I think the Dems are onto something.

We really need to deal with each issue individually, on an up or down vote and stop attaching pet projects to everything. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Folks, we ain’t accomplishing anything here.

And all you white guys are coming across like petulant children.


You can’t get your way so you’re gonna take your toys and go home?

Seems to me like mama needs to spank some ass.


They keep saying Americans don’t want Obamacare. Maybe they didn’t…Maybe, like me, they wanted Universal health care, Medicare for all. I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, but am I causing a hullabaloo in Washington? Am I acting the fool on national television spinning stories to scare the general populace?


I swear.. all these grown men throwing temper tantrums cause they can’t screw the poor a little more and get their way.

It’s already becoming somewhat apparent that corporations are searching for the best way to do just that. You can hear the little mice rolling around on their little wheels in CEO heads across the country… trying to figure out how to meet the minimum health insurance requirement for the least cost to them and the max cost to their employees.

Really. Is that a benefit? When my out-of-pocket is gonna eat my lunch? You corporate assholes out there really should consider doing right by your employees. If there is a Hell, there’s a special place in it for greedy types like you. In fact I think we should build Hell just for you guys.

I gotta say, Misbehaved Woman posted this great vid calling for massive civil disobedience on Nov 5. I have a feeling the peons may revolt sooner rather than later. Hey, I’m all for it. There has to be some way to change the status quo…if no one has an employee to do the work and make the money, perhaps they’ll figure out they owe us.

Senator Mark Pryor, D-Ark, called for an end to hyper-partisanship. Now those were sensible words. Let’s hope he can find a few more and get himself re-elected since the remainder of Ark. has embraced the Red so thoroughly. It’s becoming an embarrassment to mention that I live here.

They keep passing state laws that are not constitutional and doing their best to preserve the good old boy state to the detriment of all women. Like I’m gonna walk behind a man! Keep up if you can, boys. That’s my motto.

And here I am again, randomly wandering through the jello of my brain, trying to make a complete sentence and sense out of all the nonsense.

Oh, heck. Maybe a nap will help!

In the meantime Misbehaved Woman, please carry a sign for me!



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