It Really IS That Simple

There has been some discussion of the new health care laws among my peers lately. It would seem that corporations are determined to scare the hell out of us. The spin they are placing on it and the decisions they make in regard to it, are CHOICE$ peeps. It is very simple. Either the company you work for takes care of its employees or it doesn’t. And let there be no mistake, most of them WON’t  take care of you unless forced to do so. And in the forcing, the will find any loophole they can to make the company more profitable and to screw you.

The wealthy will either develop a social consciousness and care of the people who work in the trenches to create their wealth…or they won’t.

It really is that simple.

All the cussing and discussing is basic bullshit.

All of this ideological nonsense is a cover. As long as you are discussing guns and abortion, you are not fully focused on the many ways you are getting screwed.

And most of us, the 98% are getting screwed in one way or another, in this beautiful U S of A.

I know you don’t want Medicare or Social Security reduced or eliminated.

I know you don’t want to file bankruptcy over a medical bill or have to wait until you are so diseased that the emergency room is your only option and the bills will be thrown into the trash as you worry over them knowing there is nothing you can do. You can’t get blood out of a turnip.

I know you don’t want government services and offices to shut down just because house Republicans want to defund the Affordable Care Act for ideological reasons for the 43rd time.

It is the law. Move on.

I know you want to see that those 48 million people, who have no preventative care or can’t take their kids to the doctor when they are sick, released from the medical stress they live under.

You are sympathetic to their needs. You are better than the 2%.

Remember that 2% profited from the wars that killed your sons and daughters. They profit from your labor. Their success may have begun with a great idea, but you made that idea a reality. They should pay more taxes and make sure we all have health care and a secure retirement.

It is their responsibility.

That’s how it should trickle down.

Oh please, oh please, oh please share your thoughts!

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