Burning Pork Chops

Yesterday was a loooooonnnngg day. Made even longer by a mother-son disagreement. I find there are no winners in those things,  just tears and remorse and worry and wonder. Zach is a master at battling semantics. I often feel unarmed.

And so today I’m reaching for understanding and patience and unconditional love.

Today I have been informed of new research on printing pizza. Yes folks, take your 3D printer into space and print yourself a pizza. I wonder if you’ll be required to scratch for a sniff of it., I want one for the house so I can eliminate the prep and/or pickup time. I’m all in for this one. Now, I need one to print pork chops like my mama used to make. Well, not exactly like she made. Often as not Mama burned her damn pork chops. She was a great cook…except for the pork chop burning, we had no complaints. Go figure.

I was also advised that Tom Cotton, the young Republican dumbass hawkish congressman from Arkansas, just can’t wait to go kill him some Syrians. He does, however, seem to have a real problem with aborting a fetus. Gee, folks, I can totally understand the difference there, can’t you? Oh,,,yeah, this is above my pay scale, so I don’t need to understand.

And in the course of my day, I was informed of a convicted sex-offender’s change of address. That one gave me pause.   Frankly, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to inform the public when any person convicted of a heinous crime moves. Personal letters to all his/her new neighbors from the Department of Corrections anyone?

Speaking of heinous crimes…why have we bred such a contemptible lot of humans? I guess that’s pretty much a rhetorical question.

I do think we need to legalize pot and stop the madness of spending police and investigative time on such a benign drug. I’m telling you..after years of bar tending, I’d much rather  hang out with a friend who’s stoned, than one who is drunk. They are safer, very benign, seldom violent…Really. Let’s face the facts; prohibition didn’t work. And if we stop taking pot smokers to jail, we’ll free up jail space for criminals and have way more time to stop speeders on the highway!

Win? Win!

Have you ever stopped to read a crime report? I find the redundancies rather amusing. Some will refer to a ‘marajuana joint’. I’m assuming that is as opposed to a ‘beer joint’ . It gives me a chuckle. All right, I’m easily amused.

Yes folks, I am treated on a daily basis to more information than I can digest. Sometimes it is so in contrast to my personal views that I seethe silently for some minutes, indulging myself in a great gnashing of teeth before recalling that all of us are just trying to make it the best way we can…well most of us anyway. Whatever allows one to sleep at night…makes one feel better as one hurtles through life toward its end…I suppose that’s okay…just don’t try to force feed the rest of us on an agenda we may not be willing to entertain…And for love, please don’t hurt anyone.

I still maintain we all need to repeat the Golden Rule a few times a day. I certainly need a minute by minute dose of it…remind me to be kind, to be loving…

Mind my manners, as my pork-chop burning Mama would have said.


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