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Beatlemania, The Ridge, Happy Campers

30 Sep

I’m finally here to post some pics of the Beatlesfest. Take a camp chair if you go next year. You’ll need it for the music and the talent show.

The Fest is small and growing. This was the third year. The best part was meeting and interviewing Carrie Mae Snapp,

who was there when the Be

atles landed in Walnut Ridge. Her story will eventually make it to this venue.

So, for a couplo of Pics:


On Abbey Road. Sculpture by Danny West

On Abbey Road. Sculpture by Danny West















Gotta Love it.

Gotta Love it.

Beatles Fest 021Beatles Fest 016











The weeks are flying by and the Holidays will be upon us so very soon. I’m trying to decide if my energy level is sufficient to enjoy decorating for the season. There have been a couple of years when it has become a chore rather than a joy. Perhaps it is a sign of aging. Or perhaps there are too many activities vying for my attention.

I know this. Another year has passed and I am no closer to discovering a passion that can withstand my random nature.

Sometimes that random nature is a burden.

Beatlemania lives

21 Sep

We headed out this morning for Walnut Ridge, a limitless town in northeast Arkansas. I’d read about the Beatle Fest. Music on two stages, food vendors, a talent show. What’s not to like?
I found a story.
More to come.

Forecasting rain and broccoli later

18 Sep

Partly cloudy and beans for dinner.

Forgot my lottery tickets.

Won’t be a winner.

Glad to say we’ve humped the week. That doesn’t sound right. Perhaps I should try again…Nah, too much trouble for a Wednesday.

Bicycling and haiku (did I just sneeze?) were on NPR  news yesterday morning, coincidental to the bike ride we had planned for the afternoon and to the haiku composition I was working on. Apparently you can submit your bike riding related haiku, or two if you like, and the best one wins a new helmet!  As soon as I hear about the contest again, unless it was an aural hallucination, I’ll pass on the contact info.

So today is all about haiku.  Bless you.

The last two were inspired by bicycling.


Pots of blooms grace streets

Paved with the seat of dead men-

Horses canter by


Personal grace binds

One to kindness and caring-

Swords slashed off rolled heads


Legs churn, wheels turning

Snakes slither, birds sing river-

Fisherman catches fish


Pump, pause, catch the turn

Of leaves just reds and yellows-

Change gears, spring arrived

Manic Monday Just in Time

16 Sep

There’s a grumpy old teddy bear I interact with a few days a week. I think I love him. He amuses me greatly. Admittedly, he brightens my day with constant complaints and deprecations of his formidable talents. He’s in his 70’s. He’s so cute.

Last Tuesday night Falon and I attended the taping of Tales of the South at the Starving Artist’s Cafe in North Little Rock. Wow. It’s a popular show and it is heard world-wide. We were treated to a reading by Lela Davidson about her experience in Vegas with Stripping 101. We’ve agreed we must go back. Dinner was great, the foccacia divine, the flan was so good I moaned, and a good time was had by all.

What have I learned today?

I learned that 13 school districts in Arkansas are likely to allow teachers and staff to carry guns in school for the next 2 years. The state regulatory board reversed its decision. However the attorney general maintains that it is not legal. Next I will probably learn that a student has been shot by one of those teachers or staff. I would pull my children out of those schools with nary a blink of the eye. I much prefer my kids uneducated and alive. What are we teaching our kids?

I learned that ‘tired’ and ‘sleepy’ are my middle names. Fighting both at my desk and losing the battle. Yup…and that’s after over-sleeping the alarm this morning by 30 minutes. I was so bad. In spite of it I made it to work on time. I think I may have turned over a new leaf. I’ve been late for everything since 18 ought 6. Well…not that long ago, but nearly. I’ve only been late once since April 15.

I’m on a roll.

It’s a friggin’ miracle.

Last week I was fortunate to try a local creamery ice cream, Loblolly Ice Cream flavor strawberry buttermilk. OMG. It’s a food orgasm. “Delicious” doesn’t come close to describing this cold, creamy, fruity, sweet confection of an ice cream. I’m dreaming that tomorrow I may get more. I could skip the four blocks to the market in sheer anticipation.

There appears to be a certain theme running through this gig. Yeah, it’s all about the donuts.

Griswold came to visit the day before ‘Tales’. I saw him leaving the neighbor’s yard headed toward my house. Griz is a golden doodle. He lives about half a mile from us. He’s is an escape artist extraordinaire. And he loves to visit. We’re not sure how or why he found us, but he did. He experienced a sleep-over a few weeks back.

Griz first showed up in the drive when Zach was home alone. Zach dutifully checked his collar and took him home.

A couple of days later, he showed up in the yard again. Bob thought Griz was the bomb. The owner wasn’t around so ‘the bomb’ hung out with us. He and the girls had a great time. Bob showed him the doggie door and Griz was happy. So were we. A Griz accident would not be pretty.

So Bob let him in and Griz spent the day with the girls again. We find it rather endearing that he never tries to leave our fence. Perhaps he’s just lonely being an only child. Bob called me. I wasn’t going to be home in time for Griz to be retrieved from his play date. It worked out that his pet-parent was available to pick him up before Bob left for work. That’s good.  Bob would keep him in a heartbeat.

This afternoon I got a text from Bob. He heard a loud knock at the side door on the porch off our bedroom. He got up, went to the door. Griswold had knocked to be let in. He stayed until retrieved by his owner again.

Damn dog knocks.






Rainy days and mondays

12 Sep

Wow. May have been the longest day since the last one we talked about! But hey, it’s raining and there’s chicken for dinner.
I’m trying out the WordPress app for IPhone. In my case it should be called Icall…for help.
Oh, I forgot to post yesterday’s post! Guess I’ll do it tomorrow. IF I don’t forget!
Have a great night!
Whoa, this is a slow go. Someone please help!

Manic Monday and Short Weekends

9 Sep

‘Gee mom you really are a big spender.’

So sayeth the daughter when she got her birthday tickets for the Tuesday night taping of Tales of the South.

Let me just say those tickets were imminently affordable.

I know, I know…she spent a week’s salary, mine, not hers, on Wicked tickets for us.

Have I told you this story before?

Sorry, I’m older now. Oh…you know that too.

I’m on a roll.

And here it is a Manic Monday.

Monday’s have taken on a whole new dread for me. I switched jobs and this one has the definite disadvantage of filling my email inbox with lots of information, most of which is extraneous to the tasks of Monday morning, but much of which is a job for me. Last Tuesday, after a long weekend, almost killed me.

I’m glad to say that I did survive on two bathroom breaks and half hour overtime.

So now I’m on the road to recovery.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning off my desk and ordering things for my fall wardrobe. I’m stoked about the fall anyway with all the activities Falon and I have planned. We need a plan for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking a holiday film with the second Hunger Games. But there’s must be more. Until my job demise last year we took a family vacation…but now, having become gainfully employed again, Zach and I have no time off …so we have to postpone the next one.

Can you believe I’m talking about the holidays? Wasn’t it just Memorial Day? Hehe…I wished you guys Happy Memorial Day on Labor Day…

I ordered yarn for the knitting machine…planning to make felted bags, so wool was in order. I chose several colors for mixing and matching. Currently there is fabric and a pattern for pants on the cutting table. Once moved, it’s onto sewing and then knitting.

The desk is loaded again. I have to find the courage to add a new router to the house. Wi-Fi needs help. I is rather timid about doing this…Really don’t want to screw it up and have to call for help. So the router and the cables and the instructions are on the desk…anybody with advice for the tech-challenged is welcome to come by for tea and biscuits.

And then there is the hat I want to cast on for hand knitting. Maybe tonight?  Well there is another episode of The Newsroom to watch.

We discovered Sunday that I’m in need of a windshield. Zach and I were headed out to exchange his shoes and pick up a few groceries and discovered the once-upon-a-time -little chip got a whack somewhere over the weekend and spread to an all-out crack.  Woe is me again.

Busy days, lots of plans, and a cool Sunday morning on the verandah with coffee and the sounds of the birds and all those other little critters serenading made for a great weekend.

I must say, I really missed that verandah thing this morning.


Woes Me, Naps, A serious note

5 Sep


Sunday was a big day at my house.

The previous Sunday, August 25th, was Daughter Falon’s birthday. She was in New Orleans with her hubby enjoying the sights and sounds and a shrimp Po’Boy. And as a result we carried her birthday through the entire next week to this past Sunday.

Birthday cake arrived with best bud Bridget on Wednesday and we sat around eating a concoction of beef, corn chips, pork and beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, and crushed potato chips that we call Wildwood Special.  We made it on camping trips when I was a kid. I know you’re thinking that must be the worst sh*t imaginable, but I could eat the stuff every day by the bowl full. Yum. And then we had cake. I love cake.

Sunday was the dinner-of-Falon’s-choice day. You can pretty much bet on chicken and dressing when it’s Falon’s choice. Cornbread dressing. Ain’t no Yankee fixin’s in this here house.

So Sunday I woke up, made cornbread, installed a couple of shelves in the Craft Cave, made toast, cleaned the kitchen, chopped celery and onion and simmered it in broth, cleared the cave of several items, cleaned, tidied up, went back to the kitchen, cooked pasta, and at 3 Falon appeared with several bags of groceries, mostly fruit and veggies.

We cleaned, sliced and diced and packed quart jars with salads for this week. We made breakfast burritos to freeze.. We spent three hours in my kitchen, made a big mess, generated a bucket of peelings for the compost heap, and ended with breakfast and lunch for two for a week.

It’s all been good.

Oh, and then I finished our dinner of chicken and dressing and green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce.

Monday, I couldn’t move. I found the sofa, the dog and napped for the better part of the day. I love naps. Naps are sooooooo good. Naps are almost as good as …well know. One quick trip out to the bank and Falon’s house.

She forgot her burritos.

And back to napping. Sweet.

 It is rather ironic that this note follows a description of the plenty we have in our home. I’ve never gone hungry, never been homeless, although I have slept in a friend’s basement. But today  I learned that 1 in 5 Arkansans worry where there next meal will come from, that food insecurity is common.  That is unacceptable in this country. Why are we allowing this to be the norm for anyone, especially our children. We are at the top of the list in this state, but across our country this is a problem. We send billions of dollars all over the world for war and weapons and our children go hungry. Why do those in power ignore this? Why is there such wealth disparity? Really, you can fly in private jets, collect billions off the backs of the poor and working class and sleep at night? It is  unconscionable. Studies indicate that people of wealth actually give far less than people who have little to give. You in government, on Wall Street, in the banks across America where you give 1/2% for our savings and charge 15 or 25 or 35% on a credit account, you corporations, you’ve got the power, I will acknowledge that…now do something good with what you’ve got. That’s a challenge. Get off your superior asses and make a difference in the world, a real difference.


Burning Pork Chops

4 Sep

Yesterday was a loooooonnnngg day. Made even longer by a mother-son disagreement. I find there are no winners in those things,  just tears and remorse and worry and wonder. Zach is a master at battling semantics. I often feel unarmed.

And so today I’m reaching for understanding and patience and unconditional love.

Today I have been informed of new research on printing pizza. Yes folks, take your 3D printer into space and print yourself a pizza. I wonder if you’ll be required to scratch for a sniff of it., I want one for the house so I can eliminate the prep and/or pickup time. I’m all in for this one. Now, I need one to print pork chops like my mama used to make. Well, not exactly like she made. Often as not Mama burned her damn pork chops. She was a great cook…except for the pork chop burning, we had no complaints. Go figure.

I was also advised that Tom Cotton, the young Republican dumbass hawkish congressman from Arkansas, just can’t wait to go kill him some Syrians. He does, however, seem to have a real problem with aborting a fetus. Gee, folks, I can totally understand the difference there, can’t you? Oh,,,yeah, this is above my pay scale, so I don’t need to understand.

And in the course of my day, I was informed of a convicted sex-offender’s change of address. That one gave me pause.   Frankly, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to inform the public when any person convicted of a heinous crime moves. Personal letters to all his/her new neighbors from the Department of Corrections anyone?

Speaking of heinous crimes…why have we bred such a contemptible lot of humans? I guess that’s pretty much a rhetorical question.

I do think we need to legalize pot and stop the madness of spending police and investigative time on such a benign drug. I’m telling you..after years of bar tending, I’d much rather  hang out with a friend who’s stoned, than one who is drunk. They are safer, very benign, seldom violent…Really. Let’s face the facts; prohibition didn’t work. And if we stop taking pot smokers to jail, we’ll free up jail space for criminals and have way more time to stop speeders on the highway!

Win? Win!

Have you ever stopped to read a crime report? I find the redundancies rather amusing. Some will refer to a ‘marajuana joint’. I’m assuming that is as opposed to a ‘beer joint’ . It gives me a chuckle. All right, I’m easily amused.

Yes folks, I am treated on a daily basis to more information than I can digest. Sometimes it is so in contrast to my personal views that I seethe silently for some minutes, indulging myself in a great gnashing of teeth before recalling that all of us are just trying to make it the best way we can…well most of us anyway. Whatever allows one to sleep at night…makes one feel better as one hurtles through life toward its end…I suppose that’s okay…just don’t try to force feed the rest of us on an agenda we may not be willing to entertain…And for love, please don’t hurt anyone.

I still maintain we all need to repeat the Golden Rule a few times a day. I certainly need a minute by minute dose of it…remind me to be kind, to be loving…

Mind my manners, as my pork-chop burning Mama would have said.


Scoops and Oops

2 Sep

Ice cream and holidays. And scary lives and work and chores to do and people to see… It can be overwhelming at times.

So here’s wishing you a Happy Memorial Day, a world free of hunger and violence, and all the things you need for peace and prosperity.

I’ll be back soon,

It takes a village to raise a child . . .

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