Me Up Tuesday Tangled

Last week was a tumultuous affair of learning new things, attempting to recall old things, and weeding through the stormy weather and the general detritus of life.

You’ve been there.

Time and tasks don’t often level out.

It was unusually quiet this weekend. Only one major disagreement occurred in the family unit.  We left the television off and chose to read or play games. We enjoyed the storms and the quiet aftermath. I wandered in the garden and was charmed by the appearance of tiny little broccoli buds and cabbage leaves curling into themselves, just beginning to form heads.

Mama’s gift was this place I’ve called home since 1963.

Then I found Bob.

And between the two of us we have created a retreat. The gardens are lush and getting better every season. The house has slowly become habitable again. The barn is an ongoing project as are the gardens. Though frustrating and often tiring beyond words, it is a labor of love. It is also a labor of trial and error. We are learning.

Monday occurred.

And I find myself in the middle of Tuesday concluding there is a blue funk slithering over the world. Blue Funks are by definition, well okay my definition, something to be avoided.

So how does one avoid a blue funk?

We could all begin by studying the Golden Rule again and living by it. That would certainly put a new twist on the state of things. I wonder if the 1% would play with the rest of us. Seems they don’t have a real grasp of the concept, as they don’t particularly work and play well with others. We need to bring back my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Kanakis. She would straighten them out!

Then we could all benefit from a refresher course on the Pledge of Allegiance. Whether or not you are an ‘under God’ proponent, there is this one phrase that could use some contemplation and implementation.  I speak of ‘indivisible, with liberty and justice for all’. I personally have never seen a version written for some of us.

The hate needs to stop. The divisiveness needs to stop. Those hot button issues like abortion and gay marriage need to be resolved in a manner that is just for ALL of us.

You don’t believe in killing ‘babies’? You continue to perpetuate the divisive nature of the issue? Well what are you doing about the thousands of lost, living children who are wards of the state, in foster care, on the streets trying to survive? So get over it. It’s not your body, it’s not your ‘child’, it isn’t your decision, and it isn’t your business what I choose. All you are doing is creating a distraction for the politicians to use as cover for their treatment of the other 98%. Think about it.

You think Gay Marriage is an insult to that one man/one woman thing? Let me direct you to the statistics on divorce. That one man/one woman relationship/marriage is an iffy proposal. It ain’t what it used to be. We women don’t tolerate nearly as much bullshit as we once did. And frankly I’m beginning to believe you men who so strongly advocate for the biblical definition of marriage are a bit light in the loafers. That can be the only explanation for your vehement protests. No offense intended to my gay friends. May I suggest that you get over it? Why do you care?  Why do you allow politicians to distract you so?

Gay marriage only serves to stabilize our communities and provide additional love and support for all those children you aren’t willing to support. Remember that Golden Rule? Do you recall the inclusion of ALL in the pledge? And ladies please stop allowing yourselves to be bullied by husbands and gods. Love and commitment are not limited by gender and sexual orientation. Love is Love. It is the emotion that grounds and centers us. It is perfect and has no limitations. Stop fighting over this. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Marriage should be for ALL.

I live in a state of red, decidedly red. There’s not even much purple here. And frankly I’m surprised when I run across a liberal, shoot even a Democrat. With Senator Mark Pryor being a Republican hiding in Democrat clothes, we Arkansas libs don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being represented. With the Koch brothers having moved into Arkansas the hellfire got hotter. The bible-toting citizens of our great state are real easy to rile up with a hot button issue. And so their votes go to the party that certainly doesn’t have poor people’s best interests at heart. It is beyond frustrating. How does one go about convincing a populace to do the research? Who is going to benefit from your vote? What’s the agenda? I would venture to guess the Koch brothers could give a shit less about abortion or gay marriage one way or t’other. They just need you to vote emotionally. Those votes are keeping the wealthy in charge and getting richer.

Today’s hot topic on the web was the ‘cutest couple’ voted by a New York high school. A gay couple accepted and loved. Oh my. That has been my experience all my life. Honestly I’ve never understood hate crimes. We’re all different in one way or another. We should embrace the diversity of the human race.

Bob says he’s always tempted to respond to questions about race on applications with a simple ‘human’. We are of the human race.

I know I’m repeating myself. Just cain’t seem to help it.

4 thoughts on “Me Up Tuesday Tangled

  1. nutsfortreasure June 5, 2013 — 5:28 am

    Perfectly said!

  2. amen!

  3. Are you talking about Mrs. Kanakis from Badgett Elementary? If so, she was my 5th grade teacher too.

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