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Manic (?) Monday, The Follow-up

24 Jun

It’s Monday. We are all aware of it. We have dunked into the pool, cleaned the closet, done 47 loads of laundry, shopped for the groceries, loaded Bruhonda with stuff for Goodwill, slept.

It’s Monday.

I forgot my sweater this morning. So far, so good, in that I haven’t turned into a kathysicle. I do feel like someone beat me in my sleep. I’m really perturbed over that one as I didn’t have any fun at all!

Peanut had an assicident on the kitchen floor. Little critter been punishing me and for some reason he’s been using the front porch. Scoots out the doggie door and hits the porch. So what’s wrong with the grass? His butt too good for that?

Monday and I’m discussing doggie habits, the really gross ones.

I skipped last week. I must have. The whole week seems to have disappeared. There is a theory, mostly in my fantasy world, that any week without consistent effort here, is a wasted week.

It’s Monday and I have come undone!

It’s Monday and I’m too sleepy to recall much about anything, last week is on that list.

I did find a really cool app for making lists.

I’ve been trashing a lot of my writing lately. Nothing seems to satisfy. I wanted to do lots more fiction. The Hint and Flash fiction test my brain, but I find that it is not a good medium for humorous diatribe. It mostly lends itself to my darker side I think.

I’m working on it. I’ll try to find Miss Funny Kathy again. I think she fell asleep.

It’s Monday and Wednesday is Bunco. Perhaps I’ll win a few bucks and do a happy dance.

After work I’m hanging mirrors at a friend’s house and eating Mexican food.

Tuesday should be interesting what with the Mex and all. I really hope it doesn’t lead to gaseous emissions. You know I’m getting older and all.

Grandma used to get the walking poot-poots in Wal-mart and embarrass the bejezus outta me.

My understanding of her dilemma has grown exponentially to my age.

I used to date an older Mexican man. He was a case. Not because he was Mexican. Because he was a man! I just crack myself up sometimes.

And it is still Monday.

And my mania has been subdued by my lethargy. I can’t decide which is worse.

Wicked Wit, Wisdom, Wednesday

19 Jun

Douglas Adams

“Let’s think the unthinkable, let’s do the undoable. Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.”
Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Ah Douglas Adams.
We think, We do, We grapple, and We eff it up.
He knoweth of what he spoke.
Yup, peeps, time to follow the sage advice of Horatio P Fucher who said ‘Keep it simple, stupid’ and advised all his peer of the KISS factor in life.
He also advised brevity in all things.
I’m following his advice today cause all the words I’ve written over the past few days are in the trash, uh the recycling bin.
So here’s to Adams and Fucher (I just made him up..sorry). Here’s to brevity! Here’s to all of us!

Such Is Beauty

17 Jun

Life is messy, sometimes too messy.

… at my house.

The mop and brrrroom have not appeared recently, except for the one I ride, but it’s special. The vacuum snuck out of the closet for a brief tour around the living room, down the hall, and into the kitchen where it sucked up a potato chip, coughed once, and retreated again to the closet.

That is where it will likely remain until time for another Spring cleaning. Indeed,  I have no intention of taking it out for a walk.

Now you may wonder how I could possible live in a house with two men and three dogs. Let’s face it, men are nasty creature. Their toilet aim is worse than my aim with a bat. The seat is never down. That one nasty habit has caused me innumerable wee-hour-of-the-morning ass dunkings.  They can’t seem to locate a sponge, or paper towel, or dishcloth to clean up the crumbs on the counter. Dirty socks and muddy shoes accumulate at the door and laundry is shoved in the corner of the bathroom. And that’s just the beginning!  Dogs….well dogs are dogs and they like to roll in dead stuff, the stinkier the better. They shed their hair too. I believe a myth has been perpetrated on us in regard to dog hair. That shedding thing is NOT seasonal. Just ask Peanut.

So, how do I tolerate this hellish living environment? I carve out large spaces of messiness that are mine and mine alone. Take my desk. You won’t find a man anywhere near the paper, books, crafts-in-progress, knitting on needles, plastic bags of yarn and such, an adding machine, a printer or three, a growing collection of pens, pencils, and markers, bills to be paid and three air plants from the bromeliad family, books, reference manuals, a used coffee cup, a bottle of sugar-free syrup, several kinds of glue and tape, measuring implements, a laptop, one hat, a few pieces of jewelry, my piggy bank (an old peanut jar), a statue I once gifted to daddy, my froggy bookends, a couple of cd’s, magazines, empty soda can, the carriage to my knitting machine, two lamps, four boxes and a basket of supplies, and, of course, odds and ends pinned to my pinboard, as well as a screwdriver set, and all the detritus one collects to staple, clip, band, and sort.

Oh, I forgot the bra, the calendar pad, two hot pads from the kitchen, the scarf, the coaster, mouse, and mouse pad and the rubber duck with the googly eyes.

It is beautiful, but you should see my craft room.

99 In the Shade, Simplicity, and Commentary

13 Jun


It’s hot. More to the point of weather-related misery, it’s humid.

Yesterday morning I opened the door around 7:30 and the wretchedness of Arkansas high humidity assaulted me with gale force. It was only 76 degrees, but it felt like a sauna and I broke into a spontaneous sweat.

Yes, friends. Real women in the South do not glisten, the Sweat.

The glorious heat and humidity of an Arkansas summer may have arrived a couple of months later than usual, but it has arrived with full force.

I’m planning a weekend of pool time, movies in the dark, and AC on low enough for a blankie. I will not cook out. Do I look crazy? Better not answer that if you value your health. Anyway slaving over a hot grill when the heat index is 110 doesn’t sound even mildly amusing unless we’re watching some other sucker do it. LMAO there!

Actually, when it comes to grilling outside I much prefer the winter months. I mean doesn’t everyone smoke their holiday dinner? It might be difficult to find papers, but surely it’s the norm.

In other news…..

I will now comment on the IRS ‘scandal’ and the NSA phone-record keeping:

JOBS and




Preserve the rights of all of US on moral and social issues.

Lose the wars and conflicts, take care of the U.S., US and get over the rest of it.

Agree to disagree.

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Tuesdays Tangles and a Bit More Fiction

11 Jun

Tuesday tangles are often rather interesting. This morning we stepped out the back door for a few minutes and a very early lunch to see what the River Market Farmer’s market had to offer. Yum. Fresh squash and zucchini and onions and lettuces from the Oriental lady I love to buy from. Her hands are worn and stained. I asked her once if I might take a picture of her hands. She was a bit hesitant and so I didn’t get a clear view of just her hands.


But aren’t they beautiful? Work worn and beautiful!

I bought fresh local blueberries and couldn’t resist a ginormous blueberry pancake for dinner. Tomorrow I’m thinking oatmeal and fresh blueberries for breakfast. It’s steel cut oats in the crockpot tonight!

Zucchini and marinara with spaghetti on Thursday sounds much better than the ubiquitous hot dogs.

Today was a good day. It moved in some strange circles, but it was a good day. A bit of fiction was on my mind and so I present it to you today. Hope you don’t mind if more of this comes. I’m going to call this ‘format’  Bit Fiction as it is a bit more than hint.


The Descent

The road was one of switchbacks, blind curves, and steep grades. She easily navigated the fifty mile descent from Grandmere’s farm in less than fifty minutes, a singular record among the living.

She was skilled, playing the gears on her old car with great finesse. She had mastered her Stradivarius and it responded to her gentle touch.

On this day her tears might have been an impediment to her descent, but the road’s familiar landscape echoed a life, full of twists and turns, yet well lived. The car’s familiar rumble and sway soothed as had Grandmere’s laugh and the honored seat in her lap in the front porch rocking chair.

Elsbeth downshifted to slow, maneuvering into the last hairpin, feeling the tires grip the blacktop, the gears mumble a bit as her speed dropped. She shifted back up to begin acceleration again in the middle of the curve, her hands relaxed on the gear shift and steering wheel. She sighed with satisfaction.

Elsbeth’s trip down the mountain was but a memory now, as was Grandmere, but the spirit of the ride would never fade.


Happy Wednesday and thanks to all of you who read my mental meanderings.

Manic Monday, A Bit of Fiction, and Time

10 Jun

The horror of it! Geeez the last couple of weeks have been a mess…no time for anything!  I know I’m missing something …oh yeah…posting.  Oh, and I miss writing those small pieces of fiction for Friday’s Hint Fiction. And there are no groceries in the house…okay there is food, but I can’t make a salad!

So today, I’m going to share a bit of fiction and go grocery shopping. Perhaps this week will magically settle into a better routine.

First a little Fiction:

He was humming a Beatles tune, considering the lush green of his surroundings; the trees, the verdant rolling hills, the slumbering river. The trail forked. Left or right became a life-changing decision. He chose left and forty years later still pondered the possibilities that right might have yielded.


I ended up in Jacksonville this morning around 7:30. Falon wanted her basketball goal for the summer program she does with her kid/clients. And Mom delivers. Woowhoo. She gave me banana bread for breakfast. That’s fair. I love banana bread.

Yesterday we were pleased to see a dance concert downtown.  It was a lovely group from Oklahoma City raising money for the victims of the tornado including one of their own. The venue was very intimate and the dance included aerial on the silks and two other aerial tools I hadn’t seen before. I hope they return. It is always such a pleasure to witness such artists at work!

So Manic Monday occurs, coming round with such frequency these days. I must learn to stop time or at least slow it down.

Stumbling and Mumbling

6 Jun

Just a quick share today. I was stumbling around using philosophy as my topic of interest and ran across this and so I share it today with great thanks to

stephen fry 12 12 Of The Greatest Stephen Fry Quotes

Perhaps one day we will evolve.

Wednesday’s Flagging Wit

5 Jun


Bicycle…bicycle…I want .to ride. my…I want to ride my bike…Yay Queen.

And so we did ride our bikes today at Murray Park near the Big Dam Bridge.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen who live afar, that is the name of the bridge.

It spans the Arkansas River for pedestrian and bike traffic.

And then I took the scenic route home.

Finally had to drag out the GPS.

And Zach had made dinner. Oh yippee.

Reading copy has fogged my eyes and crossed my brain.

I think there’s a pill for that.

Today’s quote comes from a fun read by Jim Butcher.

Jim Butcher

“If I was on the road to Hell, at least I was going in style.”― Jim Butcher, Changes

I’m pretty sure most of humanity has already experienced enough of hell. But if I’m headed that direction, I’m gonna be in excellent company.

Yay Wednesday!

Me Up Tuesday Tangled

4 Jun

Last week was a tumultuous affair of learning new things, attempting to recall old things, and weeding through the stormy weather and the general detritus of life.

You’ve been there.

Time and tasks don’t often level out.

It was unusually quiet this weekend. Only one major disagreement occurred in the family unit.  We left the television off and chose to read or play games. We enjoyed the storms and the quiet aftermath. I wandered in the garden and was charmed by the appearance of tiny little broccoli buds and cabbage leaves curling into themselves, just beginning to form heads.

Mama’s gift was this place I’ve called home since 1963.

Then I found Bob.

And between the two of us we have created a retreat. The gardens are lush and getting better every season. The house has slowly become habitable again. The barn is an ongoing project as are the gardens. Though frustrating and often tiring beyond words, it is a labor of love. It is also a labor of trial and error. We are learning.

Monday occurred.

And I find myself in the middle of Tuesday concluding there is a blue funk slithering over the world. Blue Funks are by definition, well okay my definition, something to be avoided.

So how does one avoid a blue funk?

We could all begin by studying the Golden Rule again and living by it. That would certainly put a new twist on the state of things. I wonder if the 1% would play with the rest of us. Seems they don’t have a real grasp of the concept, as they don’t particularly work and play well with others. We need to bring back my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Kanakis. She would straighten them out!

Then we could all benefit from a refresher course on the Pledge of Allegiance. Whether or not you are an ‘under God’ proponent, there is this one phrase that could use some contemplation and implementation.  I speak of ‘indivisible, with liberty and justice for all’. I personally have never seen a version written for some of us.

The hate needs to stop. The divisiveness needs to stop. Those hot button issues like abortion and gay marriage need to be resolved in a manner that is just for ALL of us.

You don’t believe in killing ‘babies’? You continue to perpetuate the divisive nature of the issue? Well what are you doing about the thousands of lost, living children who are wards of the state, in foster care, on the streets trying to survive? So get over it. It’s not your body, it’s not your ‘child’, it isn’t your decision, and it isn’t your business what I choose. All you are doing is creating a distraction for the politicians to use as cover for their treatment of the other 98%. Think about it.

You think Gay Marriage is an insult to that one man/one woman thing? Let me direct you to the statistics on divorce. That one man/one woman relationship/marriage is an iffy proposal. It ain’t what it used to be. We women don’t tolerate nearly as much bullshit as we once did. And frankly I’m beginning to believe you men who so strongly advocate for the biblical definition of marriage are a bit light in the loafers. That can be the only explanation for your vehement protests. No offense intended to my gay friends. May I suggest that you get over it? Why do you care?  Why do you allow politicians to distract you so?

Gay marriage only serves to stabilize our communities and provide additional love and support for all those children you aren’t willing to support. Remember that Golden Rule? Do you recall the inclusion of ALL in the pledge? And ladies please stop allowing yourselves to be bullied by husbands and gods. Love and commitment are not limited by gender and sexual orientation. Love is Love. It is the emotion that grounds and centers us. It is perfect and has no limitations. Stop fighting over this. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Marriage should be for ALL.

I live in a state of red, decidedly red. There’s not even much purple here. And frankly I’m surprised when I run across a liberal, shoot even a Democrat. With Senator Mark Pryor being a Republican hiding in Democrat clothes, we Arkansas libs don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being represented. With the Koch brothers having moved into Arkansas the hellfire got hotter. The bible-toting citizens of our great state are real easy to rile up with a hot button issue. And so their votes go to the party that certainly doesn’t have poor people’s best interests at heart. It is beyond frustrating. How does one go about convincing a populace to do the research? Who is going to benefit from your vote? What’s the agenda? I would venture to guess the Koch brothers could give a shit less about abortion or gay marriage one way or t’other. They just need you to vote emotionally. Those votes are keeping the wealthy in charge and getting richer.

Today’s hot topic on the web was the ‘cutest couple’ voted by a New York high school. A gay couple accepted and loved. Oh my. That has been my experience all my life. Honestly I’ve never understood hate crimes. We’re all different in one way or another. We should embrace the diversity of the human race.

Bob says he’s always tempted to respond to questions about race on applications with a simple ‘human’. We are of the human race.

I know I’m repeating myself. Just cain’t seem to help it.

It takes a village to raise a child . . .

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