Bathing, Blurbing, and Bubbles

Teeth, Hair, and Ass. Those are the most important elements to consider in the daily shower routine. Or so I surmised this morning.

The early morning hours are hell on the brain waves. I think I have a synapse that misfires until around 11 or so. And so this morning shower reminder becomes a mantra for accomplishing, at the very least, the cleansing of the big three.  The latter, of course, is the biggest.

Perhaps we should make it a column, Shower Pearls, Bits of Bathing Wisdom.

Can you imagine daily inspiration bubbling up with the stealth of hot water during a power outage?  Waiting for wisdom while the water chills and the hours sluice off the clock in a fall would certainly make for an entertaining morning. Nope, ain’t gonna happen.  I’m up early enough, thank you very much.

Don’t expect to hear any singing either. Shower, coffee, and song… in that order.

I’m flush out of inspiration today.

And the power just surged with the storm.

So away I go!

Oh please, oh please, oh please share your thoughts!

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