It’s a Manic Monday

I spent about thirty seconds this morning contemplating the ego, that mysterious part of the psyche that causes us to identify self. I wonder if the ego is responsible for human inability to compromise or cooperate. Take a look at government. There are so many egos vying for the privilege of being RIGHT in their opinions, beliefs, and policies…well it’s a freakin’ zoo! And all the monkeys want to be the Alpha.

If we could put ego aside, would we govern for the benefit of the whole of society?

I know, I know…we certainly don’t want an Id-defined population. Really…who wants random sex in the street, a rash of food burglaries, the abolition of toilet based elimination, and a ME, ME,  ME society?

Oh, wait, that last part appears to have happened while we weren’t paying attention.

Yes, we’re all guilty of seeking instant gratification. The Id again? But what are we doing ? Folks is homeless and starving and we want our pizza now so we can climb into our climate controlled cars and return to our climate controlled homes to stare mindlessly at a bazillion cable channels  or search a gazillion websites and post our whereabouts on social media like someone else cares.

We is seriously wrapped up in Ego.

I’m guilty. I’m feeling pretty weird about this one. I’ve made a few changes over the years and I try to console myself that I’ve gotten better.

It’s not much consolation. The will of the people is reflected in government as the will of some people. And Ego seems to stand there chuckling at how rich it is and how easy it is to manipulate votes and the minds of the people. Oh yeah.

And so today, I’m advocating for due diligence again. Do the research and discover the real agenda behind what you read and hear. Discover who benefits from a proposed law or action. And I’m advocating for change in the way we perceive our world and the people in it. Perhaps we need to redefine success.

Solving humanity’s problems is very exhausting. Another day perhaps. After my nap.

Oh please, oh please, oh please share your thoughts!

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