Wit and Wisdom(?) Wednesday

Wednesday should be a day for wit and wisdom. The alliteration works. Right?

So here I will quote a renowned wit and try to find some wisdom in his words. Willfully thinking wit and wisdom a universally appreciated topic whist whittling time, I’m beset by whims and wild wisecracks. Water would wet my whistle.

That was exhausting.

“The world was my oyster but I used the wrong fork.”
Oscar Wilde

And so I did. I believe it was the salad fork. I learned this a bit later in life after studying at the Advanced School of Utensils. That was a year-long endeavor to master the terminology and use of all common and uncommon flatware, silverware, cooking utensils, and a few of the more common household tools.

Yes, I do have letters after my name now. I am officially an MFSCU with an emphasis in BS.

Ahhhhhhh, you say?

Yes, Oscar did have a way with words. I suppose this is the intellectual equivalent of my ship coming in while I’m at the airport.  But, oh how I do understand the sentiment. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to be when I grow up!

And I despair that my son may follow in my path. He seems to have the same inability to focus on one thing long enough to make a real commitment to it. We fight so much. I’m told we’re too much alike. So be it.

I heard about a man who has worked temp jobs for 20 plus years. Perhaps he has a handle on that focus issue. What’s the difference in doing temp and changing jobs every few years? Boredom sets in…time to move on. Injustices occur…time to move on.  Stupidity happens…time to move on.

At least Oscar could focus on his writing.

I tried to explain to my daughter the good fortune she has in finding her niche in the world. She has focus. She has the ability to set goals and stay on track. I write mine down in the hopes that I can meet them and mark them off the list. The list just grows.

I offered her the explanation in hopes that she would understand her brother’s random nature for the burden it can be. I’m pretty sure she got it. She’s smart that way.

Hubby doesn’t get it. And he may never understand. His focus has never strayed from one goal: work until you can retire. He thinks I’m constantly defending Zach’s often erratic behavior. Perhaps I am. Perhaps I just understand better than most how much of a challenge it can be to constantly be distracted from the  latest and most pressing goal.
The son differs from me in that I would do just about anything for a time just to pay the bills and put gas in my car. Zach is more selective. That frustrates me.

There is such a banquet of life. Whether we’re looking at oysters or green beans, it’s there for the taking.  With so many utensils to choose, experience and education appear to be chief among the instrument choices we make.

That vast array, that feast. is overwhelming to many of us. There simply isn’t enough time to read all the books, listen to all the music, see all the plays and movies, take all the classes, play all the instruments, learn all there is to learn on that variety of topics that teases and taunts us to figure it out, to understand, be, do, it all.

I’m all tuckered out now. Time to read another book….or make another hat…or bracelet…or finish one of the multitude of projects just waiting for attention.

Have a great Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Wit and Wisdom(?) Wednesday

  1. as a crafter that has so many more projects than either time or inclination could be justified in going forward with the most of them, I understand fully.

    I have been knitting on the ginormus afghan that is apparently the mote in the eye of one of my other friends as she inquires about it anytime that she knows that I am idle for an extended period of time….

    Need to treat myself to the last Sookie book and enjoy my last few days of sick leave….

    1. Wooowho I’ve been thinking about u today! Can I borrow your knitting machine, maybe buy it?

      1. you certainly may have it if you want it, I didn’t pay all that much for it. When would you need it, or just bring it to bunco?

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