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Bathing, Blurbing, and Bubbles

30 May

Teeth, Hair, and Ass. Those are the most important elements to consider in the daily shower routine. Or so I surmised this morning.

The early morning hours are hell on the brain waves. I think I have a synapse that misfires until around 11 or so. And so this morning shower reminder becomes a mantra for accomplishing, at the very least, the cleansing of the big three.  The latter, of course, is the biggest.

Perhaps we should make it a column, Shower Pearls, Bits of Bathing Wisdom.

Can you imagine daily inspiration bubbling up with the stealth of hot water during a power outage?  Waiting for wisdom while the water chills and the hours sluice off the clock in a fall would certainly make for an entertaining morning. Nope, ain’t gonna happen.  I’m up early enough, thank you very much.

Don’t expect to hear any singing either. Shower, coffee, and song… in that order.

I’m flush out of inspiration today.

And the power just surged with the storm.

So away I go!

Tangled Tuesday Gets Straightened Out

28 May

It was an exciting day. He finally agreed to car shopping and two stops later, we were sold.

After a lifetime of waiting, Bob got his first new car and he so deserves it.

Friday night after I’d made hot dogs for dinner, I wandered into the living room and said, “Do you want to go shopping with me tomorrow?”

“What for?” he asked.

“A new car,” I answered.

Nothing more was said and I went to bed early.

I woke up Saturday morning just after six. By eight Bob was getting dressed to go out. I asked him where he was going. He said he thought I wanted to car shop.

I showered and we left the house around 8:45. We stopped at Sam’s to pick up a prescription and drove to a local Hyundai dealer. He had looked up the Elantra and found they were a good buy. But then he didn’t want to drive one. So I said I would. A few words later, he agreed to drive the car.

“It was bumpy”,’ he said.

“Look at the Accord”, I said. “Isn’t that what you want?”

Since I had a really bad experience with the Honda dealer next door a few years ago (don’t EVER buy a car from BALE. They are chauvinist good old boys who let a pregnant woman with a baby and her mother in tow WALK!), we drove to my favorite dealer in Conway. And we proceeded to buy our third Honda from them.

It looks good on him. He wouldn’t drive it to work last night, claiming it screamed ‘New’. So he’s waiting until there are tags on it. He’s chosen to have a vanity plate reading ‘STRWOLF’, Starwolf. He’s been using that moniker for web ID since before we met.

We can scratch the brand new car off his bucket list. He waited his entire life for this experience. Next, I have to get him to Scotland, his father’s birthplace.

I’m working on it. After all, I have Romania on my list!



He So Cute!

He So Cute!

Going for A Drive?

Going for A Drive?



Hint Fiction Friday #…I Forget

24 May

Here we are anticipating a long weekend. The summer is before us and half the year is nearly done.

In the interest of expediency I may begin to haul around my laptop. It seeems to be so much more amenable to my posts than my Fire. It could be the absence of a mouse. The touchscreen seems to grumble at me.

I don’t need anything else grumbling at me.

I need to get Bob into Bruhonda this weekend and take him car shopping. He needs a car. I need him to buy a car. I need Zach to have wheels at his disposal regardless of how unfair and preferential it may seem that he’s already gotten 2 vehicles in the short five years he’s been driving and all the other kids had to work for theirs. I need him to move on and he won’t move on without transportation to ‘on’. Yes, it’s unfair. Yes, I should make him do it on his own. Yes, I’m wrong.

And yes, he’s ungrateful. Now can we please move on.

That’s my personal rant for the week. Any suggestions?

Here’s the fun part of Friday…I get to write a snippet of fiction to share with friends.

He needed her. He needed her steadfast courage in the face of any adversity, her ability to create tranquility in the chaos of life. He needed her support, encouragement. He needed her warmth lying beside him, her comfort. Fifty six years bound their souls. He glanced at the pistol in his hand. It reminded him of her. Both could absolve him of the terror of solitude.

It’s Thursday, Traffic, and Communes

23 May

Thursday popped up rather suddenly. Apparently I wasn’t paying attention.

I also wasn’t paying attention to the traffic report this morning and got stuck on the interstate in a long line of harried workers who were going to be seriously late for work. I crept along with them for a few miles and nearly thirty minutes, found my way off the road and proceeded to take the long way downtown.

It was an eye opener. I so want to buy every house and building on the route I took and make it all beautiful again. Downtown is coming back now. I want the whole city to come back. We have so many resources. We could shelter the homeless and feed the hungry. We could employ the unemployed and do great things with what we have. Yet we bicker over who’s right and who’s wrong. We become trapped in an ideology that doesn’t work for the collective. We wage war and create tyrants.

Wonder what would happen if Bill Gates put his infinite amount of resources into rebuilding an entire city. Just think of the possibilities. He cohghghgink what he could accomplish. People working for each other to grow food, provide power, make clothing, build and renovate and manufacture in a sustainable fashion and all the excess created for profit. It would be a commune for the 21st century. It would be a model for the rest of the world. Impoverished people. And, no not communism, just a society working for the benefit of each other and not just to benefit the man who is already wealthy beyond reason.

I know there is a better way. I hope we find it soon.

Wit and Wisdom Wednesday or What Happened to Tangled Tuesday?

22 May

What happened to Tangled Tuesday? Really, here it is nearly 8 on Wit and Wisdom Wednesday and Tangled Tuesday is nowhere to be found.

Let me tell you it just dropped off the calendar in a show of busy-ness and,  with a deep sigh, it collapsed in a heap.

We’ve ridden bikes.

0522 033

Finished projects.

0522 014

Attended a baseball game.

0522 025

Snapped pics of my favorite downtown.

0522 027

We played with the dog.

0522 016

Had a couple of arguments…and no I did not win although I should have since I am perfect in every way and a friggin’ genius to boot. (It was just too ugly for a pic!)

We’ve had a brief respite on the river bank.

0522 039

We’ve shopped for groceries and paid the bills.

Oh, and worked. That part keeps getting in the way. It may have had something to do with the demise of this week’s Tangled Tuesday. Just sayin’.

A few days ago I spoke of asking forgiveness as opposed to permission and today I ran across this gem just in time for Wit and Wisdom Wednesday. Enjoy Peeps.

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn’t work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.Emo Philips

It’s a Manic Monday

20 May

I spent about thirty seconds this morning contemplating the ego, that mysterious part of the psyche that causes us to identify self. I wonder if the ego is responsible for human inability to compromise or cooperate. Take a look at government. There are so many egos vying for the privilege of being RIGHT in their opinions, beliefs, and policies…well it’s a freakin’ zoo! And all the monkeys want to be the Alpha.

If we could put ego aside, would we govern for the benefit of the whole of society?

I know, I know…we certainly don’t want an Id-defined population. Really…who wants random sex in the street, a rash of food burglaries, the abolition of toilet based elimination, and a ME, ME,  ME society?

Oh, wait, that last part appears to have happened while we weren’t paying attention.

Yes, we’re all guilty of seeking instant gratification. The Id again? But what are we doing ? Folks is homeless and starving and we want our pizza now so we can climb into our climate controlled cars and return to our climate controlled homes to stare mindlessly at a bazillion cable channels  or search a gazillion websites and post our whereabouts on social media like someone else cares.

We is seriously wrapped up in Ego.

I’m guilty. I’m feeling pretty weird about this one. I’ve made a few changes over the years and I try to console myself that I’ve gotten better.

It’s not much consolation. The will of the people is reflected in government as the will of some people. And Ego seems to stand there chuckling at how rich it is and how easy it is to manipulate votes and the minds of the people. Oh yeah.

And so today, I’m advocating for due diligence again. Do the research and discover the real agenda behind what you read and hear. Discover who benefits from a proposed law or action. And I’m advocating for change in the way we perceive our world and the people in it. Perhaps we need to redefine success.

Solving humanity’s problems is very exhausting. Another day perhaps. After my nap.

Hint Fiction Friday!

17 May

I was about to despair that I had nothing to write about!

Then it dawned Friday! Ohhhhhh yippepepepppeeeeeeee.

It couldn’t have come at a better time. Let’s see what’s lurking in my head today.

Brother Harlan had been preaching hellfire and damnation for nigh onto 50 years, having come to his calling at a young age and with a real focus on the sins of man. Now at 70, his preaching was taking on an almost mellow tone. This Sunday he’d been almost kind to the congregation. Why Denny Moore didn’t even comment on the state of his everlasting soul after the sermon, something he’d been doing for nigh on to 50 years. Denny did ask his wife if she thought the right Reverend was slipping a bit.
‘No’, she replied. ‘I think he’s just gotten old. Like us’.
Brother Harlan had gotten old and the past few months had surely threatened the state of his soul. Questioning himself and his steadfast belief that he was right about the afterlife had left him worn and withered of spirit. What if he was wrong? What if this was it? If this was the hell? He’d been torturing these poor tortured souls every Sunday for most of their lives with the threat of damnation and it looked liked most of ’em was already damned.
‘This life is messy,’ he thought. ‘Just plum messy. “
Harlan awoke on Monday with new purpose. The good people of  his flock would be loved and encouraged, given hope and shown the beauty in life. He would show them faith without failure. After all, no one would find the bodies he’d buried in the woods after all these years. Would they?


Happy Weekend!


Tickled Pink Thursday

16 May

I’m not sure why pink is the color of choice for tickled. Perhaps it has something to do with the blush of happiness. Perhaps not.

At any rate, ‘tickled pink’ is one of my favorite expressions. It’s just so….cute. Who could resist using such a phrase to describe the feeling of joy one has when one is favored with a gift or an expression of love or a great joke or whatever.

It can also express a bit of sarcasm. Wheeeeeeeeee.

Earlier I was involved in a discussion of sarcasm. Apparently it’s something one can love. Yeah? Okay, right!

We grow smart asses in my family, so sarcasm is a way of life. Most of the time we’re joking. Occasionally, not so much.

We also grow lard asses. Please don’t bother to check mine out. It’s there for all to see anyway.

Zach has an interview this afternoon with a downtown bike touring business. That’s exciting considering it’s his only mode of transport at the moment and even then he will have to borrow mine. I just know he will shine.  He made my day with a B in his HOTEL class. That’s History of the English Language. Every time he mentioned the acronym, my brain kicked back to the eighties when I worked in a large hotel. Bartending, waiting, managing…I tried it all. Bartending was my favorite. Kept me seriuosly entertained. I loved the verbal bantering, the customer flirtation, the interaction with people from all over the world. And I was good at it.

Had nothing whatsoever to do with a life plan. It was a job. But we all know I haven’t decided what to be when I grow up.

I’m missing home. Especially on rainy days, like today. With the new career path, I’m not seeing hubby Monday through Wednesday. Some would say that is one way of not getting tired of him. Hmmmmm.

I miss Peanut.

And I really want to heat up the pool. I mean really, temperatures  this cool and it’s almost June are just unheard of in my neck of the woods. We really need to address thie global warming issue. Weather like this is scary! We haven’t come close to 90 yet!

Some moons ago, my daughter shared this with me and so I will share this quote for the week:

“It is often easier to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission.” – Grace Hopper.

Oh how right that is! I’ve kept it in mind on many a shopping expedition.  Try it. Really, it is so true. I haven’t tested it on a new car purchase, but I don’t see how it wouldn’t work. Or perhaps furnitured? A cleaning service? I certainly could use one of those. I’m still holding out for the vacuum that just sucks the whole house free of dirt, dust, and dog hair.  Anyone have one of those? Where can I get one? Please help!

This has been a pretty good week so far. I’ve made a bit of progress. I’m looking forward to the weekend, however. I desperately need a nap!


It Ain’t Happening Wednesday

15 May

There is no wit or wisdom in the near vicinity. Left for vacation.

I really wanted to post pics and have a bit of fun today, but the mix of Iphone and Kindle decided not to cooperate. Tomorrow is another day.

And I shall worry through the learning curve.

So far this week, I have completed the file storage/ottoman project and hung my ‘Welcome’ flag. If I keep this up I’ll have weekends for biking and movies and having fun. My what a thought!

Thanks for tuning in. This day the sun shines, politicians are still idiots looking after the 1% while the rest flounder, and the possibilities are endless.

Have a great day!

Tangle Up Tuesday

14 May

Oh. Hi there. It’s Tuesday and tales are flying. Gossip is rife.

I’m on a roll today. I rolled out of bed, rolled into the shower, rolled around soaping up, drying off, dressing, and drinking coffee. I rolled into work. I’m not sure, but I think I’m still semi-conscious. Help?

I’m in a story telling mood this week. So let me tell you a story.

My name is Beckett. Mom named me for some weirdo playwright. I don’t even know what a playwright is, but there you go. I like my name. I think it suits me. I love to hear Mom whistle for me and call my name. I always answer. I love my Mom. She throws my ball and lets me run after it and catch it and bring it back. She doesn’t try to steal it from me very often. She also lets me snuggle against her on the sofa or the bed or anywhere she goes.
I don’t like snuggling in that car-thing we ride in to the vet’s office. It reminds me we have to go and sometimes he sticks things in my butt and then puts sharp pointy things in my neck. Sometimes he just forces a chunky thing down my throat. I try to be nice to him. I try to be nice to everybody. I love everybody. I love my ball. I love my yard and my house. Oh…there goes one of those car-things.
I’m back. I love the Beatles too. That’s the sound that Mom says comes out of the box in the living room.
Mom says I’m cute. I think so too. So does Felicity. She lives next door. I love Felicity.
Mom says she picked me. She says she picked me out of all the pups in the shelter. I’m a lucky dog.
Mom loves me and feeds me and gives me toes and brushes my hair and gives me treats. I’m a lucky dog.
Mom says adopting a dog from the shelter is the right thing to do.
I think she’s right. I love my mom.
I like to swim in the pool too. I love water. Mom loves water. I love Mom.
Gotta go. Mom’s got the ball! Wheeeeeeeeeee. I love the ball!

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