Hint Fiction Friday #7

This is my last Freedom Friday for some time. New job, new responsibilities, and an ongoing search for my life’s work will mean the demise of Friday Freedom. We bid it a fond farewell.

Reevaluation of goals and dreams is a real bitch. Those of us fortunate enough to hoard the bottom three percent of the world’s wealth find that the best laid plans of mice and men don’t often go awry, they always go awry. It’s becoming much easier to understand the depression epidemic. Geez, what a vicious circle.

 Hint Fiction Friday  #

Sarafina attempted to assess the damage to her heart. It still beat. The pain had actually settled just south of her diaphragm. Maybe it was acid reflux. Perhaps last night’s chili dog had been a mistake. Oops, it moved a little further north and then swooped down south again.

She decided to concentrate on her head.

There, lurking in the muck of brain matter, she found what she sought. She confronted her indecision.  She attempted to make peace with the need to remain resolved.

‘I’ve become an enabler,’ she thought.

Tears welled.

The pain bumped into her heart. It squeezed.  Fifteen years before her divorce had felt like this.   

‘It feels like loss and failure.’

Sarafina sighed, her head dropping to her chest, the tears sliding down checks red with misery.

 She heard the beep of a text message. She sat down and touched the screen. It lit. She read.

‘I love you Mom.’

The pain eased slightly.  

The argument hadn’t ended, but then neither had the lifetime of love.

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