Weekend Gardening, Carbs, and Stinky

We like to putter around outside weekends when weather permits. This past weekend we did do a few things in spite of the soggy, swampy yard we now possess. The island garden is freshly mulched. The raised bed garden is on its way to clean paths and new perennials. Chico’s garden is looking much better after a bit of weeding.  And so it will go until the weather changes and the heat sends us to the pool or the AC.

Busy, busy. In preparation for beginning a new job, I must schedule an oil change and a couple of tires for Bruhonda. Can’t wait to clear the checking account for that one!

Oh…yes I finally have gainful employment…if I pass the drug test. I hope it isn’t too complicated. I hate tests. And thanks to Susan! She told me about the job.

Sarah gave me a glowing recommendation. I had to pay her for it. Just kidding! So I must say thanks to Sarah as well. She’s my almost big sis……

This morning I started counting carbs again. I’m a carb addict. It’s been 3 hours since my last carb.

My blood work was awful. I’m a stroke waiting to happen, so weight has to go down, carbs have to go, and have to walk at lunch once I start the new job. Ewww. Walk? Next thing you know I’ll be doing competitive something or other. Nah…not gonna happen. Washing Bru this afternoon whooped my fat…uh energy and left me quivering for a piece of bread.  And a painkiller.

Step away from the bread box.

That’s my new mantra.

The next couple of weeks I’m trying to really cut back, lose a few pounds, and break the cravings. Oh yeah baby. Thank goodness for Atkins bars and shakes. Quick and easy for those days when quick and easy is the only way.

After that I’ll add a few things back in until I have steady weight loss.  Blood sugar and cholesterol have to go down!

Lose the weight, get my blood work in line, and keep my mental acuity, or at least get some mental acuity, and I will no doubt live to a ripe old age.

Speaking of ripe, what’s the deal with not wearing deodorant? Is this like a new trend or something? I know natural is great, but isn’t there a natural deodorant?  I really don’t like the smell of unwashed and un-deodorized body…especially boy.  Stinky boy is the worst! That and school.

I know you know the scent of school. My niece and my kids would come home from elementary school smelling bearing that scent and totally unaware. It is as identifiable as the scent of lavender or a rose or body odor. Perhaps we should bottle it for old folks who like to reminisce. There’s my first million!

So I took a moment to look up this trend. One woman uses lemon slices for her pit odor. I found a site with recipes for homemade, natural ingredient deodorant. I found folks that just make sure they shower daily and wear deodorant only on special occasions, like weddings.

Then there were articles on the deodorant rock called an Alum Stone and the Moroccan clay, Rhassoul clay, for washing using very little water.

Oh my.

Controlling the odor is apparently still acceptable. Thank goodness.

I was in deep despair over the possibility of stinky persons all over the place. I like natural, don’t get me wrong. I love the smell of honeysuckle. I even like the smell of dirt…as long as it’s clean dirt.  But the idea of stinky bacteria growing in the pits just turns me off completely.

I guess my hippie tendencies have a limit after all.

11 thoughts on “Weekend Gardening, Carbs, and Stinky

  1. MisBehaved Woman April 8, 2013 — 10:30 pm

    Congrats on the new job – hope it’s a good thing and that all works out!
    We’re busting butt to get our outside stuff as done as possible before we shift from Wind to Heat here. A neglected solid dirt yard with zero shade is not acceptable for summer in S. New Mexico so we’re seeding planting and erecting shady structures as fast as we can before we break 100’s in temp and the thought of lifting so much as a screwdriver becomes unbearable!

    The deodorant deal – apparently the standard stuff is being exposed as really unhealthy and I get that but let’s go back to the previous paragraph where I mention 100+ temps…NO deodorant whatsoever would make me want to climb out of my own skin! I’m looking for a natural alternative but until I can find one I can afford that actually works, I won’t torture myself or others with icky-pits! 😀

    1. That was a chuckle Rebecca. My son got into my car today and nearly knocked me over. He has quit using deodorant and doesn’t want to use anything at all. I went ballistic on the stinky boy! In his usual dictatorial manner he refused to compromise with a natural solution. I have found a couple of recipes I am going to sneak into the bathroom with a big sign regarding the aesthetics of the rest of us.

      It gets so hot here too…and with the humidity hovering around unbearable most of the time, a trip from the door to the car can inspire the body to crank up the sweat and provide major manna for the pit bacteria.

      The argument will continue I’m sure. He is so sanctimonious. There are days when taking him out is uppermost in my mind.

      Thanks for the congrats. It’s a major pay cut, but a job that I may actually end up enjoying. It’s a media group owned by a rather large and corporation based here, one I’m not too fond of actually, but the media group publishes the small weeklies and one daily for the central part of the state. Everyone on staff wears many hats and I may actually get to work on a story or two here and there.

      And I will continue to blog and craft and start too many projects! My schedule may change a bit, I’ll have to figure it all out!

      We’re still going to Rumania.


      1. MisBehaved Woman April 9, 2013 — 9:24 am

        We were less than an hour away from an expected appearance at my dad’s 75th bday party this last Saturday when I walked by my son and caught a whiff of him…”Did you shower today, son?” “Nah…I took a shower Wednesday and I checked, you can barely smell anything…” !!!!! ?WHAT? !!!!!! Almost 21 years old….*sigh*

        The job sounds really great…if nothing else, it sounds as though it’ll always be interesting and hopefully challenging in that fun kind of way. At least it is working for a smaller branch of media and publications…don’t know about you but I’d last half a day in an actual corporate setting that promoted things I disagreed with.

        My kids still think I’m only joking about Romania…mwahahahahaha. Guess they’ll figure it out as they’re waving goodbye, eh? 😀

      2. Well…unfortunately it is a sub of a corporation I don’t agree with. However, in Arkansas finding a liberal is a rather exacting task! I will bite my tongue and go forth. And if I’m lucky, I will change a mind along the way in some way.

        Zach left a lingering odor in Bru. I will not give up on this one. I’m hoping it is just a phase.

        I like that wicked laugh. Yeh…they’ll see. We have time to show those kids!


  2. Kathy, go to Wally World and get the “Carbohydrate Addicts” diet book. I went on it many moons ago and it worked….then let someone borrow the book and never saw it again (I also never saw my toes again!). After coming close to breaking the 300 barrier, I’ve started again from memory – found the book for sale on line at Walmart for $5 bucks, but hate charging anything less than $20 on my credit card for some reason. Anyway, been on it 8 weeks and have lost 21lbs.

    1. I think I have a copy of it around here somewhere! Don’t you get an hour a day to eat whatever you want? Yesterday was my first day and my fasting glucose this morning was 115, which is within normal parameters although most docs want it a little lower.

      Also…I don’t swell up when I avoid carbs… Seriously Cal…it is so hard to do this…if I slip I’m a goner. I’ve never been at ‘normal’ weight. Ever. Late in life I’m setting a goal never before achieved and believe me I’ve tried.

      21 pounds in 8 weeks is amazing. And that with Brunch in Tokyo? We need to encourage each other! You go Cal!


  3. Whoot-whoot! Hey hey! here’s one for the working girl!

  4. I went low carb last September, and lost about 40 pounds–this is just a guess since I refuse to step on a scale because I become obsessive about it. All I did was try to keep my carbs around 20 grams or less. Worked well for me. I have added some back in, but tend to avoid bread like the plague. Helped me tremendously with my low blood sugar issues.

    1. Sticking with it is the hard part….bread and sweets are a major problem! I’ve made a list of triggers…like driving past Dunkin Donuts or the Bakery…have to find alternate routes.

      I did well last summer…didn’t lose any weight to speak of but kept my blood sugars down….now it’s time to go for broke. I’ve gotten good feedback on this…so I must thank you for yours! It helps so much!


      1. Yesterday was my birthday, and I didn’t even have any cake!! I don’t miss sweets that much since I got past the first week or so. My mom struggles with it because she is a total carb addict; much more so than I ever was. Good luck!!

      2. Thanks! I’m a severe carb addict. Just one day at a time!


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