New Poochies and Suckers

Hell has frozen over. How do I know this?

Bob came in this morning with a big bundle of dog toys, blankets, puppy pads, a puppy tent, and an apple head chi named Angel.

He is such a pushover. We need to paint ‘SUCKER’ on his forehead.  If I had created such a furor I’d never hear the end of it.

Apparently one of the students doing her practical in the sleep lab had to find a home for the little darling. Angel belonged to her mother and her dad is not a dog person. Don’t know what happened to her mother, but she left Angel and now Angel is ours.

That was the beginning.

Then there was the random haircut, followed by the loading of the table saw into Bruhonda while dressed for an interview. The table saw and the Zachary were dropped off about 5 blocks from the interview. The space these kids are working on is awesome. Downtown is coming back with a new generation in charge. That’s awesome.

The interview was awesome too. No matter the outcome I had a great time with the two ladies. I was excited just to be out and about.

As I left the interview and climbed into Bru, I was approached by a lady who was lost and couldn’t find her car. She had just passed the test for her realty license and was unfamiliar with the city. I helped her find her car. Good deed for the day was done!

Then I returned to Zachary. He wanted to stay where he was and arranged for a ride to orchestra rehearsal. I went home and took a nap. Woke up about the time I was supposed to get Zach…so ran out the door. I was late, but he had been picking flowers for a new girl. We stopped for a vase.

Suffice it to say at this point that the remainder of the evening did not progress as planned. We ended up buying groceries for a little old lady panhandling downtown. She took us hook, line, and sinker. Only later did we discover that she routinely approaches people in the downtown area for one thing or another. Oh well. Guess Zach and I need ‘SUCKER’ painted on our foreheads too.

Thursday. It’s done now. Very interesting.

4 thoughts on “New Poochies and Suckers

  1. Let me tell you what I always tell the cynics among us. I’d rather get taken by a phony ten times than miss helping one person who really needs it. Glad the interview went well! I didn’t have a chance to talk to either of them after. Fingers crossed!

    1. I like that! At least I helped the lady who sincerely needed help find her car! One out of two on any day ain’t bad. I have fingers crossed too. Would love to do this.

  2. and I had a message from someone on my work phone that wanted to talk to me ’cause you gave me as a reference. I will call at a decent hour!

    1. I’m expecting a glowing recommendation for my stellar self! Love you.

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