Adventures, Biscuits, Barrels, and Bunnies

We’ve been on adventures since Thursday. I’ve described the compost adventure.

Saturday’s adventure to Bauxite for barrels certainly proved entertaining. Falon arrived at the house just before 9. I hadn’t even begun her biscuits and gravy breakfast, having wasted my morning sleeping and playing Words with Friends.

Breakfast was soon in order, however. Biscuits and gravy being the most requested special occasion breakfast in our household, I can whip ’em out pretty quick.  Clothes on, trailer checked, adventure began around 10. We stopped for fuel and cash and followed the Garmin. The Garmin was seriously screwed. It took us the back way to Bauxite. Being in Bumfuzzle was not a new experience, but certainly a lengthy one. We did finally arrive at our destination and proceeded to argue about who was going to knock on the door.

‘You’, she said.

‘No, you’, I said.

‘No, you’s’ were spoken several times before we settled on both of us and opened the doors.

First we were greeted by Sarge. Sarge was a fairly large, albeit terribly underfed, German shepherd. We discovered his name upon finding his house labeled on the front porch.

A very young guy answered the door, told us where to go, helped load our barrels, and watched while we bantered back and forth while attempting to tie down the unwieldy plastic barrels, barrels smelling of water sweetening syrup in various flavors. I think raspberry was our favorite.

We made it about 2 miles down the road, this time without the help (?) of the Garmin, when the barrels shifted. It was time to stop and rethink the ropes and cords.

Which is just what we did!

We were on our way again. Another couple of miles passed and the damn things shifted again. This time we got really aggressive with the rope. And we decided the freeway was definitely out.

So, very sedately we proceeded.

While traveling and keeping an eagle eye on the ten big blue barrels in the trailer, we discussed Jack and Jill. Jack and Jill are Falon’s bunnies. They inhabited a small space in the house, occasionally being let out to run, and weather permitting let outside to play through the winter. Spring having sprung and allergy season upon us, the bunnies were being housed outside…in a pen that was scrapped together. She wanted one that was easier to navigate, thus a stop at Tractor Supply.

And finally we arrived at her house to drop off the new bunny cage and five barrels.

She took my cup to fill with ice. I headed to the bathroom. Midway, I hear a shriek and an exclamation. Apparently the bunnies have escaped into the yard. Now we are in jeopardy of losing the rabbits to the woods behind her house. We’ve arrived just in time to avoid catastrophe.

I chase out the back door. Jack is hovering around looking lost. I open the door wide and the little bugger runs in and disappears under the bed.


Now where is Jill?

Nowhere to be found.

We searched the yard. We gave up. Wild bunny.

I get my ice, untie the barrels, pull five off the trailer and begin to tie up the remaining five.

Jill has been spotted. I know this because I hear another shriek that indicates it is so. We hit the backyard again, finally spotting her moving into position behind the hutch. I wait. Falon gets a towel. The bunnies don’t like to be picked up, so the towel prevents scratched arms.

We corner the little bitc, uh bunny. Finally she is carried, kicking and scratching, into the house space reserved for bad bunnies and put on ‘no toy’ status. Bad bunny.


The barrels were tossed over the fence along with the new cage which attaches to the hutch and we started for home.

The rest of the family was regaled with the tale. Except for Simon who was on a six hour mountain bike marathon, putting in an estimated 50 miles before it was all over…

I slept the rest of the afternoon.

I think I’ll put off my next adventure for a couple of weeks.


4 thoughts on “Adventures, Biscuits, Barrels, and Bunnies

  1. Well chasing bunnies is good exercise I suppose.

    1. Frustrating exercise. The little buggers are slippery!


  2. gee whiz, gal. Too much activity!

    the sleeping and eating more at my speed….I was afraid you were big-Bunny chasing there for a bit.

    1. Big Bunny is easier to catch! And she doesn’t kick and scratch quite as much. Yep all that activity has just about put me down! And still so much to do. Back the the barn on Friday!


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