Thunderstorms, Gloom, and a Rant

Warning: this post contains language not suitable for children and most adults. It’s another rant.

It was a cold and stormy night.

And that was last night.

Daughter and I were out and about and the rain poured and the wind blew our umbrellas slight askew.

Dinner was good. I left a puddle under my chair. Hope the waiter didn’t think I lost bladder control.

Poor old lady just couldn’t hold it.


The umbrella was almost dry when we left. And the rain had become sprinkles and splashes.

The clouds and wind and gloom carried over to today.

Whew. I think I’m ready for just a little sun.

I’ll regret saying that before long. No doubt it will be a hot summer.

So hot you could fry an egg on the pavement.

We prolly ain’t gonna eat that thar egg.

The Rant

And, in other news, Arkansas Governor Beebe vetoed Repub state senator Jason Rappert’s bill to ban abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat. I must say Rappert graciously amended the bill to exclude the use of a vaginal probe in seeking to detect said heartbeat.

Thanks Governor Beebe. There is some sanity remaining in Arkansas’ government and at least one person standing up for women’s rights here in The Natural State. I’m sure the fight isn’t over yet.

There seems to be a preponderance of self-righteous assholes in Arkansas’ house and senate.  Wonder how much of the Koch brothers money has been used to stir this shit and create the big stink.

This is such an embarrassment to our state. These are unconstitutional measures wasting time, money, and effort. It is simply incomprehensible to think that there are men and women who support this travesty. Are you nuts?

We aren’t going to continue asking for our rights.

All of you who carry signs outside the abortion clinic need to go home. You don’t need an abortion that’s great, that’s wonderful. Keep your opinion on the subject to yourself. Go carry signs outside your workplace demanding equal pay if you need a mission. Go home and bake cookies and be grateful you’ve never had to make the devastating decision to terminate a pregnancy. It isn’t your body, it’s not your decision, it’s not your morality, it’s really not your business.

If you are a man you shouldn’t even be in the discussion. Half the time you get your fuck and leave us to raise your offspring. You guys don’t have such a good record in deciding what’s best for women. Men have a history….they rape us, beat us, live off us, abandon their children. They commit war, perpetuate poverty. How many women run sweatshops? Are there statistics on this?

Wanna take this biblical thing a bit further, assholes? Well then…did your god tell Adam he’d have to toil for a living and Eve she would bear her children in pain?….Then why the fuck am I doing both? I don’t think you’ve taken enough of your punishment…I think you’ve put a bunch of it off on me. And don’t go blaming Eve…Adam had free will.

Stop stirring up this shit and let it rest. I’m not going to lie down for you. I’m not going to walk behind you. I’m not going to give you unearned respect. Right now I don’t have any respect for you bible-quoting, women-bashing, gun-toting assholes anyway. Just keep preaching Rappert. Just keep trying to take us back a hundred years so you guys can beat your wives and they’ll just crawl back to the stove and make you some biscuits. Let me warn you. It won’t happen. You are thoughtless and ignorant in your pursuit of this horrific legislation and your war on women. We can live without you.

Just shut the fuck up and get over yourself. It’s not about YOU. It’s not about your god or your bible. Let’s face it, men wrote most of the books in that bible and men LIE.

And it sure as hell isn’t about your morality. That seems to change with your testosterone levels.

Good men are out there:  men who think about the consequences of their actions, men who love and care for the women and children in their lives, men live as equals with their wives and significant others, men who fight for us, men who are spiritual and still understand the irrational rant you just read, men worthy of us.

Unfortunately it seems the assholes are getting all the press.

8 thoughts on “Thunderstorms, Gloom, and a Rant

  1. Damn, can you throw out a right and proper rant! You got ME fired up and I’m not even awake yet lol.

    The nosy-ass laws/amendments/bills/proposals that get paraded around as some kind of superior morality are insane and infuriating. As the daughter of a misogynistic Jewish ‘Holy Man’ and sister of a born-again Christian brother, I feel every word of what you say about the men who are not worthy of us. They stand on their respective books and try to tower over and intimidate the weak, deviant and of course, >unclean< females around them…*gag, puke, cough and choke*. And I'm going to hush now before I end up on a rant of my own…

    1. It angers me so….My daughter and I both! She’s a social worker. I’m afraid I may have influenced her decision.LOL. I’m glad we aren’t the only angry one. I’m fortunate that my husband feels much the same as I do.

      Religion has no place in government….I know you agree….I love your blog!

      I have spent a moment or two wondering if these stupid white men, having lost power, are resorting to past control mechanisms in their religion. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

      Damn…now you got me going again…


      1. My son is in college working towards becoming a social worker. Don’t know if I’m part of the reason but it makes me proud nonetheless. 🙂

        Religion is all about control…at least that has been my experience & observation. And yes, I think it is being really grabbed and used by those who are starting to feel their loss of so-called power.
        To those who say that religious brainwashing in order to gain power/control isn’t part of the game …I call bullshit. If a religion can twist the thought process into such a contorted mess as to make people believe God gives a crap about which sporting team or political candidate wins, it’s then much easier for other forces…politicians, officials and other ‘leaders’…to bend the mind further to accept almost anything. “War keeps us safe” “Abortion is bad but sending kids to die in said wars is A-okay” That such a thing as “necessary evil” even exists…the list of contradictory and nonsensical crap that religious citizens/voters can accept and promote like good little Sheeple is astounding, isn’t it??? And terrifying for those of us who refuse the dogma and propaganda of the Poli-Pastors in power…I’ve seen comments made by super-believers on some threads that make me want to retreat to the hills before I get skinned alive.

        Claims of “War” on the religious-political sect make me chuckle, too. Damn straight there is. Keep yer church and views on sex where they belong – in your own house and off my lawn…you’re trampling my garden and like a truly evil woman I’ll either force some poor helpless man to eat them…or I’ll just start chucking them at everyone! 😉

      2. The ‘eating them’ prospect is certainly one way to avoid the long lines and expense at the grocers…..hehehe.

        And retreating, oh dear, I’ve often thought the Northwest Territories most appealing…but my Canadian husband says I have to go that one alone… may come to that yet.

        I find myself becoming so redundant in my rants that it frightens me. And frankly I don’t understand the mind that refuses to question, the mind that has dogma for all three meals and just parrots same. People eat that stuff up and never bother to question the legitimacy of what they are told. They hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe and never bother to do due diligent research, never bother to clue into the agenda of the person perpetrating the ‘myth’.

        And the agendas are the scary part.

        Good luck to your son! Mine is still trying to figure it out. He’s 21 and practically a f***ing genius and doesn’t have a lick of common sense. There are days when I despair. I want him to change the world. Guess the daughter is working on that one! LOL…

        I would love to become a sign-toting activist in my old age….So far I’ve been unable to figure out financing for that endeavor! Perhaps in retirement I can pitch a tent on the Capitol steps and pack in a good supply of pickets, boards, and markers. You could join me…


  2. Amazing how much we seem to be on the same page about things. I only half jest when I threaten to find a suitable cave, crawl into it and just watch the spectacle of society from a safe distance. Hubby has these weird ideas about walls,necessities like plumbing, etc., so we butt heads about the idea 😉 Seriously, I get torn between the desire to fight until my last breath and just…whew, calling the game a loss and tossing it in. You can wake sleeping people but folks seem to be almost comatose to the point of Zombification and instead of there being enlightenment with all of our access to information, it feels like we’re heading in the opposite direction and that scares the bejeezus out of me. It’s either fight it or what…succumb to it? Activism it is…I’ll bring a tent and coffee pot and see you in DC!

    I feel the same way about becoming redundant in what I say and write. If I am starting to drive myself mad, I surely must be driving others outright bonkers, too. But things get me so riled up…I don’t know what to do with the energy other than write (or spew or sputter) it all out.

    Do you think that we are becoming ‘lesser’ beings at this point in time and we’re going to end up tipping back into the Dark Ages if something doesn’t radically change? I’m not even sure that we’re not already in the beginnings of a new dark age (what could be darker than an overzealous, religious, militarized, police state?). These dogmatic fools that want to bring on the end times…THEY are in power??? How did we let that happen??? And there is so much division among so many people! And what feeds it? Gov’ts and religions…hrm…can we abolish both and start over now, please? Before we all have to die just so’s a bunch of elitist freaks can get their rapture, harps and/or virgins??

    My son…I love him but he’s a sweet lug that believes anything anyone tells him up to and including the meme that says if you say “Orange” backwards slowly, it sounds like “gullible”. Common sense? Well…er…no. We’ve got 5 kids between us all recently out or heading out into the world…interesting and terrifying to watch them all try to navigate this world and fake society. My daughter…well…I named her Harley Rose and she lives up to the name in every sense. If anyone sets the world on fire, it’ll be the wild one that wants no part of any religion or system at age 15. 😀 1 out of 5 ain’t bad, eh? Or so I keep telling myself..!

    1. are we becoming lesser beings? Interesting that you pose that particular question. Falon, my daughter, is 31. She works with a man who has three kids and has been encouraging her to procreate in multiples. We’ve discussed the reasoning behind his encouragement for many years and that being the sheer numbers of children born with average/below average intelligence is frightening. Poverty and ignorance seem to breed at an alarming rate. Our population is apparently dumbing down.

      I certainly don’t intend to be mean about it. But without education and a reduction in this pervasive poverty, it is an avalanche. Isn’t that what the 2% desire? A population easily manipulated, easily controlled? Yeah…it frightens the hell out of me….I’m not sure government has much to do with it. It seems that the evil in all this arises from Corporate America. So many working for them, depending on them, being controlled by them. It’s in our jobs, advertising. They control how we think, eat, sleep, breathe, live….and there are so few of them. Where did all this power come from? We gave it to them because they had money. An ex-father-in-law once told me that he wouldn’t associate with people like me under normal circumstances. I told him I was really sorry, but not everyone could be a wheel, there had to be cogs. And without the cogs, the wheel wouldn’t go anywhere. Our wheels have no respect or appreciation for their cogs. You can see it in the social security debate. Remove the cap on payment into the system and Social Security will flourish. The 2% don’t become wealthy all on their own, but the social consciousness and sense of responsibility for those who help them make their money is non-existent and skewed.

      Every time I write to my idiot senators and representatives, I get responses full of platitudes…so much bullshit when all it really means is that I have no voice.

      I’m a fringe dweller. I’ve never been one to work and play well with others. I can get along with anyone in short spurts, but my anger at the system and the injustices I see will always out. I’ll find an underdog to defend or an issue to debate and I’m out on my ass, which is the situation I’m in now.

      And speaking of religion. I love the threat of hellfire and damnation. Yeah, right. Trying to scare me? This life is frightening enough. Frankly I’m more inclined to look at the simple philosophies of Richard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull) and be comforted.

      If we are headed to another Dark Age, perhaps we can at least maintain hope that another Enlightenment will follow.

      I love your daughter’s name! And one out of five is definitely not a bad, not bad at all!

      By the way, I’m Kathy. And you are? Rebecca?

      Katherine Satterfield


      1. MisBehaved Woman March 1, 2013 — 4:34 pm

        I didn’t take your comment as ‘being mean’ and I understand 100% what you are saying. The introduction to the movie “Idiocracy” really isn’t far off base even though the movie is supposed to be a spoof on society. The more highly ‘educated’ folks do wait to reproduce while social programs encourage those with less education to reproduce as much as possible. To blame ‘the government’ for that entirely doesn’t jive with me. Yes, the gov’t has implemented some programs that hurt more than help or have been perverted from their original intent but it’s the social-programming along with it that has been necessary to make it all work…and that programming traces only back to corporate controls and agenda. People just smart enough to perform menial tasks, not smart enough to ask many questions…the PTB are getting exactly what they want from society.

        I find myself getting more and more frustrated with the folks who want to scream about the evils of Corporate America but who don’t actively do anything to withdraw their support of it. There needs to be a massive campaign to encourage people to vote with their barcodes! If we don’t give the corporations money, they won’t have as much to use against us, right? This ties into what you say about us giving them the power. We give them the money they use to create policies and social conditioning that works against us. We seem to be stuck in the cycle as the roots of modern media mind-control have sunk really deeply into our collective psyche.
        Discouraging at times too, because so many keep playing into the game…they want their opiate bliss and to hell with tomorrow, right?

        Love your response to the ex father-in-law! You’re right though, on all points. Our cog-to-wheel ratio is off and the wheels are crushing us because of it. Social media is a double-edge sword in this context. People have more ability to connect and organize – which rocks – but people also get away with ‘half-tivism’ – posting memes to make themselves feel good without exerting much effort… so there are less people willing to get out and actually personally ACT. I didn’t support everything about the Occupy movement but I was thrilled to see so many people stand up and take to the streets.

        I think I’ve given up writing to my representatives after the last reply I got from a senator…he misspelled “Monsanto” but assured me he’s on top of the GMO issue and I shouldn’t worry my pretty little head about it; the big men got it covered. I don’t like thinking violent thoughts and recently realized that interacting with my supposed representatives triggers some really nasty ideas in my head so maybe I should back off that avenue for awhile!

        It’s always a pleasure to meet and interact with another ‘fringer’. Most would probably consider me downright reclusive but my life works for me so meh, whatever. Playing in group settings doesn’t work for me but it took me umpteen times of trying to volunteer with this organization, work for that cause, etc., before I realized it. I am dipping my toes back into prison reform advocacy but gonna play lone wolf this time and not jump up to work with any one group because I WILL eventually get fed up and blow up it that’s just spreading ugly the world doesn’t need right now. I’m back around to the issue of halftivism and getting frustrated with people who talk a lot but won’t put word into any kind of action.

        My dad converted us to Judaism when I was 12 and this is a predominately Catholic area…I’m long used to the threats of Satan’s torture (grrrr….just a perverted image of Green Man!) and eternally roasting my chestnuts on an open fire. Even by that age I did not understand why people were always trying to scare me by a threat of something I didn’t believe in. They may well have been telling me that Unicorns would stab me to death if I didn’t behave!
        Before handing his life over to Abraham’s OT, my father was a member of A.R.E., studied Edgar Cayce and the like. I was lucky then, learning to meditate at before I started school – and he also gifted me a copy of Jonathon Seagull for my 6th birthday…I’ve read it thousands of times over the years and gain a new understanding or insight almost every time. It doesn’t take 2 volumes of Dogmatic preaching to explain the basic concepts we need to know to thrive and grow…at least it doesn’t take that much for me in order to *Get It*. Enlightenment? Billy Joel sings the hope best with “2000 Years” on his River of Dreams album. Which reminds me…that’d make a good blog post for a Friday so off I go!

        And yep – I’m Rebecca McFarland or some of my friends call me Ducki. Whatever works. It is VERY nice to have bumped into you here and I look forward to blogging and chatting more with you!

      2. Wow….I am so impressed Rebecca! Well said!

        I have but one question. How do you move from halftivism to activism with a full time job and very little flexibility? Is writing about the issues and trying to change minds one at the time a step in the right direction?

        I was raised in the South by poor people who struggled to make ends meet.They came straight from the farm. I grew up on fried food and Baptist churches and racism. I was fortunate that my parents were not religious and so that influence was minimal. I was always different, not too smart, but I questioned everything.

        And I am still questioning.

        After Friday’s shocking display of idiocy in DC, I have been rendered speechless.

        How do you start a revolution?

        We have an amazing system of communication. Why do we allow representatives make decisions for us? Why are we not asked to vote on every bill and decision made in Congress, suggest solutions that are put to a vote… and majority rules? All it needs is a Facebook type page for each senator and representative, require us to apply much like we do for a driver’s license…or voter registration….

        How do we demand that government be for, by, and of the people?



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