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Inspiration and The Lack Thereof

27 Feb

I’ve been searching for inspiration today. After yesterday’s rant and today’s cleaning chores in preparation for our monthly Bunco games, I feel a little drained.

I was fortunate today in that and I have entertained a few notions and philosophical waxings between us. We should meet. It might be dangerous for the rest of the world, but hey, what’s life without adventure.

So here I sit at my desk, staring at a painting by A J Casson, a Canadian artist and part of the Group of Seven, contemplating the demise of the rational man and considering the impact of nature, nurture, education, environment, and the gene pool on our belief systems.

What a day.

Good thing tomorrow is another one.

Thunderstorms, Gloom, and a Rant

26 Feb

Warning: this post contains language not suitable for children and most adults. It’s another rant.

It was a cold and stormy night.

And that was last night.

Daughter and I were out and about and the rain poured and the wind blew our umbrellas slight askew.

Dinner was good. I left a puddle under my chair. Hope the waiter didn’t think I lost bladder control.

Poor old lady just couldn’t hold it.


The umbrella was almost dry when we left. And the rain had become sprinkles and splashes.

The clouds and wind and gloom carried over to today.

Whew. I think I’m ready for just a little sun.

I’ll regret saying that before long. No doubt it will be a hot summer.

So hot you could fry an egg on the pavement.

We prolly ain’t gonna eat that thar egg.

The Rant

And, in other news, Arkansas Governor Beebe vetoed Repub state senator Jason Rappert’s bill to ban abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat. I must say Rappert graciously amended the bill to exclude the use of a vaginal probe in seeking to detect said heartbeat.

Thanks Governor Beebe. There is some sanity remaining in Arkansas’ government and at least one person standing up for women’s rights here in The Natural State. I’m sure the fight isn’t over yet.

There seems to be a preponderance of self-righteous assholes in Arkansas’ house and senate.  Wonder how much of the Koch brothers money has been used to stir this shit and create the big stink.

This is such an embarrassment to our state. These are unconstitutional measures wasting time, money, and effort. It is simply incomprehensible to think that there are men and women who support this travesty. Are you nuts?

We aren’t going to continue asking for our rights.

All of you who carry signs outside the abortion clinic need to go home. You don’t need an abortion that’s great, that’s wonderful. Keep your opinion on the subject to yourself. Go carry signs outside your workplace demanding equal pay if you need a mission. Go home and bake cookies and be grateful you’ve never had to make the devastating decision to terminate a pregnancy. It isn’t your body, it’s not your decision, it’s not your morality, it’s really not your business.

If you are a man you shouldn’t even be in the discussion. Half the time you get your fuck and leave us to raise your offspring. You guys don’t have such a good record in deciding what’s best for women. Men have a history….they rape us, beat us, live off us, abandon their children. They commit war, perpetuate poverty. How many women run sweatshops? Are there statistics on this?

Wanna take this biblical thing a bit further, assholes? Well then…did your god tell Adam he’d have to toil for a living and Eve she would bear her children in pain?….Then why the fuck am I doing both? I don’t think you’ve taken enough of your punishment…I think you’ve put a bunch of it off on me. And don’t go blaming Eve…Adam had free will.

Stop stirring up this shit and let it rest. I’m not going to lie down for you. I’m not going to walk behind you. I’m not going to give you unearned respect. Right now I don’t have any respect for you bible-quoting, women-bashing, gun-toting assholes anyway. Just keep preaching Rappert. Just keep trying to take us back a hundred years so you guys can beat your wives and they’ll just crawl back to the stove and make you some biscuits. Let me warn you. It won’t happen. You are thoughtless and ignorant in your pursuit of this horrific legislation and your war on women. We can live without you.

Just shut the fuck up and get over yourself. It’s not about YOU. It’s not about your god or your bible. Let’s face it, men wrote most of the books in that bible and men LIE.

And it sure as hell isn’t about your morality. That seems to change with your testosterone levels.

Good men are out there:  men who think about the consequences of their actions, men who love and care for the women and children in their lives, men live as equals with their wives and significant others, men who fight for us, men who are spiritual and still understand the irrational rant you just read, men worthy of us.

Unfortunately it seems the assholes are getting all the press.

Gardens, Paths, and Rusty Finds

25 Feb

Saturday afternoon we laid a small rock ‘patio’ for an old bench of my grandmother’s. Bob still hasn’t chosen a color for the bench. I rather like it the way it is.

Yard Junk 006

It was definitely an afternoon project.

Bob dug out the soil and laid a sand base. I pulled weeds and cleaned the beds in the surrounding area, taking some of the soil he dug and filling the boxes that had settled.

We moved a couple of wrought iron window boxes to the ledge behind the bench. I’ll plant those with flowers, something fragrant in a couple of weeks. The garden boxes behind are slated for the addition of juniper. Bob wants a couple of Japanese maples added to the two large boxes behind the juniper. He will add some sort of climbing thing on either side of the bench.

Yard Junk 008

We’ll plant these soon.

A garden is always in flux. We rearrange every year. We add new plants and clean and discard the ones that didn’t work out for us. Our biggest problem is the Bermuda grass. It invades everything.

One year I dug a small trench around the center bed and filled it with vinegar and salt. It helped. But Bermuda grass is tenacious…it digs in deeper and will still breach your barriers.

Some days I want to kill it all and start over. I imagine some sprig would survive to taunt me.

The hyacinths bloomed.

Yard Junk 004

The daffodils followed.

Yard Junk 010

The camellia had blooms all winter but now they are big and beautiful tucked away among glossy leaves.

Yard Junk 001

Spring is slowly moving in. Its tentative greetings are a welcome sight appearing against the refuse of fall’s demise and winter’s storms.

The clean-up has begun. Finding these gems in my garden is satisfying. My gray thumb gets a workout trying this and that. So does my wallet.

The pecan tree was looking a little…uh, well you decide. I thought he looked rather sad. He’s very old. He no longer bears pecans of any use. I can’t let him go.

Mr. Pecan

Mr. Pecan

Lastly,  I found this in the yard.

Dead Dogs' Toy...used to be furry.The squeaky still works!

Dead Dogs’ Toy…used to be furry.The squeaky still works!

We routinely have to retrieve the forks, knives, spoons, and spatulas they take out of the dishwasher. On one occasion Bunny dragged a bed pillow through the doggie door. We’re not sure how she accomplished this herculean task. Where there’s a will, there’s a way I suppose.

Damn Dog.

Saturday Southernism

23 Feb

Since I was out of pocket on Thursday, I decided to share a Southernism on Saturday.

I grew up with country folks. They wuz all from a little hamlet about 35-40 miles from where I is living now in Little Rock. My great-granpappy on my mother’s side and my grandpappy on my Daddy’s side was both farmers, living off the land. I’m sure there were more farmers in the family than those two. And I’m purty sure they all had chickens. Even we had chickens when I wuz being raised up. I got to keep the money from selling the extra eggs. Wooowhooo.

So today’s colloquial offering goes something like this:

It’s been sleetin’ so hard out there, them roads is slicker than a floored henhouse.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever encountered chicken sh*t, but that stuff is slick.

You are now enlightened.



Hint Fiction Friday

22 Feb
Hint Fiction Friday

Hint Fiction Friday

This week we’re going to try a bit of Flash Fiction, more words, still short.

Lost and Found

I don’t know my name. I’m called Grace. They say it’s my way of walking give me that name.

But I don’t know.

I bin told I’m in my 30’s or thereabouts. I couldn’t tell ya my birthday if my life depended on it.

That’s just one more thing I don’t know.

The folks here say when they found me I was near bout dead. I’d been beaten and stabbed a few times. I don’t recall.

I sit by this here window many long hours ever evening wondering xactly where I come from, wondering if I got any family or friends.

James tells me they’ve put up signs and made inquiries in the near town. He says it’s called Hendersonville. He says no one seems to know me. No one seems to be missin’ a wife or mother, a sister or aunt.

James wife, Laura,  give me a dress and some underthings, a sturdy pair of boots and a shawl.  The dress is a little big but it’s a pretty light muslin with sprigs of pink flowers on it. Sometimes when I go to walk around the yard or to her vegetable garden for onions or cabbage, I borrow her bonnet.

Laura’s real nice. She’s offered to make me one of my own soon.

I do chores for her. It’s the only way I can repay the kindness the folks have given me. I feed the chickens and peel potatoes and clean the cobwebs and dishes.

And then I sit at the attic window near where they’ve made me a bed, wondering.

Most of the cuts and bruises have faded now. There’s a couple of stab wounds they say will scar right bad. One is on my shoulder. T’other is on my side. The doctor told James I was lucky none of them stabs hit anything important.

I bin here for two months. I bin awake for 6 weeks.

James found me. He said I was lyin’ in a lump in a ditch near the creek where Laura goes to do the washin’. He was looking for her that day to give her a new hankie he got her at the general store in Hendersonville. It was her birthday he says.

He carried me to their cabin and went to fetch the doctor.

Sometimes, when I’m lookin’ out this window, I get a powerful feeling of dread and fear come over me. I kin feel hands on my throat trying to choke me.

Sometimes, when I’m lookin’ out this window, I hear a man growling, raging and feel a clenchin’ in my stomach like I fell over a chair.

And sometimes tears jist fall outta my eyes. It’s like a thunderstorm in my head. And the rain just falls.

James and Laura say I can stay as long as I like, forever if that be my way.

I ain’t got nowhere else to go fur’s I know.

I don’t know my name. I’m called Grace.

Time Travel, Pussycats, and Weather

20 Feb

Today has been Ruff

It wasn’t really, just had to share the picture. That is sooooooo cute. I love puppies. They have puppy breath.

We’ve been on a roll today with class, groceries, and news from the professorial front.

Zach’s zoology prof had an accident involving a horse and a broken pelvis. That had to hurt. I was tossed off the back of a buckskin named Suzi when I was a teen. She took a sharp left turn at a full run and I just kept going straight ahead. I was halfway home when I regained consciousness. Were you aware that you can run when knocked out?

The weather is rather stinky with sleet falling occasionally. The temperature is dropping. The weekend, however, will bring us back up to the 60’s, the temperature that is. We are not time travelling as far as I know. The 60’s were certainly interesting. Bob’s friend says if you remember the 60’s you weren’t really there. Hehehe…he smoked a LOT of grass.

I time travel on occasion.  I’ve often bridged the space between seconds long enough to miss my exit on the freeway. Many times I have left late and arrived early. Some say it’s my lead foot on the accelerator. Nay, I say, nay.  Yup, time travel must be possible.  I can’t wait to choose a year, but which one. So many choices, so little time.

Florida Southern College is building five cat houses on its campus. I’m appalled. All those Floridians voting for Bush and taking the moral high ground only to devolve into prostitution. How could they?

What? Oh, the houses are for cats, feral cats.

So let me get this straight, these cats will be bribed with food and shelter and then taken away to be neutered.

‘Scuse me, isn’t that state sponsored birth control?

The Right will rise up and protestuth.  The Pope will resign! Oops. Whatever is the world coming to? We need a new organization to protect the rights of cat mothers and their unborn babies. Those Pussycats have rights! They should make their own decisions.  State mandated medical procedures are unconstitutional! We need a Feline attorney. We need help.  Women everywhere should be arming to protect our Feline sisters.


Proposed Cat House

Proposed Cat House

Read all about it here.

Then there was Thursday and this is for Falon.

Little Bunny Foo Foo

We sang Little Bunny Foo Foo a million times when she was little.

Sometimes we still do.

Chillin’, Designin’, and Lazin’ Around

19 Feb

It was a woefully unproductive Tuesday.

I do have a design concept crawling around me wee brain. It will require the drafting of a few patterns and the sewing of a few muslin samples.

Ah, the quirks of a brain unable to rest are many.

I Stumbled across a list of tunes for relaxing at For those of you not inclined to Stumble here is the list:

The Top 10 Most Relaxing Tunes:
1. Marconi Union – Weightless
2. Airstream – Electra
3. DJ Shah – Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)
4. Enya – Watermark
5. Coldplay – Strawberry Swing
6. Barcelona – Please Don’t Go
7. All Saints – Pure Shores
8. Adele – Someone Like You
9. Mozart – Canzonetta Sull’aria
10. Cafe Del Mar – We Can Fly

You can listen on You Tube if you aren’t familiar. I think the links will work. The first, second, and fourth are great and I do love Adele. Oh, and Mozart…well you get the picture. At any rate, I’m making it a priority to download to my Fire. Great going-to-sleep music……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Me, after listening to all 10 Relaxing Melodies. And copious amounts of cosmetic surgery. Oh and twenty years of hair growth. And a very large supply of blonde L'Oreal cause I'm worth it. Do I look pregnant lying there like that?

Me, after listening to all 10 Relaxing Melodies. And copious amounts of cosmetic surgery. Oh and twenty years of hair growth. And a very large supply of blonde L’Oreal cause I’m worth it. Do I look pregnant lying there like that?

Oops. Sorry about that. According to the experts, the first one requires about five of its eight minutes to slow the heart rate. Then its dream land! If you have a highly stressful job, you might want to loop the music and stay plugged in. Just saying.

I know I’m feeling pretty relaxed. Shoot chill music and Word Whomp are just the ticket for calm and cool!

Monday, Monday, Alternative Universes, and Atolls

18 Feb


“Today I feel like I did tomorrow.”
Carroll Bryant

And I do…did.

Wonder if this is indicative of some sort of cognitive behavioral awareness, thingy….

Could it be time travel? Schizophrenia?  Alternate universe theory?

I think I’m going with the latter.

Bunny whacked me hard in the face this morning. I bent down to check Molly’s new citronella-spray-please-shut-the-feck-up collar and the Bunster jumped as I bent and hit my poor little turtle nose with her hard, fat head. It was not a meeting of the minds.

Hurt like hell and still does. She gave me a headache.

Bob loves that dog. I’m inclined to think she’s half human just because of the way she looks at me with her big, brown, pretty, intelligent eyes.

Molly stares with big, brown, neurotic, needy eyes.

Well there’s my alternate universe theory. I’m surrounded by men and dogs. That has to be an alternate to any sort of sane universe.

I could be experiencing some sort of Benjamin Button effect. Living younger would certainly explain the concept of experiencing tomorrow’s physical wellness a day ahead of time.

I am seriously deranged. Quantum physics anyone? I’m selling if you’re buying!

Please don’t send the men in little white coats. Let’s wait and see if I have black eyes from the Bunster’s impression of an iron skillet to the face. That would throw this whole thing into the realm of concussion and we could discharge the insanity plea.

Oh my. Nonsense atoll.  That would be a coral reef lacking any coherent meaning. Right?

Chocolate has to be the answer.

Nonsense Atoll 2

Nonsense Atoll, hehe


Hint Fiction Friday

15 Feb

Today is Hint Fiction Friday! Yippee.

We’re starting a new trend here. I hope everyone likes it. Just a reminder the object is to tell a story in 25 words or less.Thanks again to David Allen for inspiring my attempts.

Today’s offering follows.


No stories left to tell. The days were melding into an amorphous blob of pain. Time had stopped with the last hint of her smile.

Happy Weekend to All. Thanks for reading.

Hearts, Flowers, and Theories

14 Feb

It’s Heart Day!


Love is in the air.

Two dozen roses appeared on my counter this morning.

I is loved.

I got Bob a Dammit Doll. He needs one. Or maybe I need one for him. There’s something else to ponder.

I know I needs a tissue. Allergy season has arrived on the Kathy front. Claritin isn’t working. Let’s hope the front moves on soon. Sneezy needs a break.

I went about delivering Valentine cheer to son, daughter, and son-in-law. Falon and I shopped a bit. I needed trousers for my theoretical job, theoretical because I don’t have one. I’ve been wearing jeans for the past 15 years. Okay it’s been way longer than that.

I cannot tell a lie…I am much more a denim and work shirt kind of girl. Add a pair of Toms or Clark’s slides to my feet and I is good to go. Oh, and a great sweatshirt for chilly offices in the winter is a must.

This theoretical job is a real personal stretch. I suppose I can’t curse until I get to my car. Guess I can’t eat peanuts while I work. Wonder if bathroom breaks have a time limit.  Will I have to use good grammar and punctuation? What about speling?

I is theoretically exhausted.

Have a great remainder of this day, Valentine’s Day. Let’s send love waves out to all those who need them!

And I leave you with this:

“I am the archaeologist of love. I’m digging for the bones of a loved one I shot and buried decades ago.”
Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages. Specifically ages 18-81.

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