Power Outages and the Fun Factor

Top Ten Reasons Power Outages are FUN!

Order is not significant to the fun factor.

#1-Silence is golden.

With snow on the ground and no electronic devices of any sort running, there is NO background noise. I could actually hear my husband and son speaking. It was really easy to eavesdrop on Zach and Tony in Zach’s room. Just kidding Zach. Didn’t do it. The birds still hanging about were audible. My ears didn’t ring. No white noise meant the slow, rhythmic, and hypnotic dogs’ breaths induced a sound sleep. The dogs are also a viable alternative to electric blankets.

#2-No laundry for 5 days.

‘Nuff said.

#3-There isn’t a single aggravating TV commercial.

See comment on #2.

#4-There is no TV.

I read two books on my Kindle (I know I cheated and had to re-charge on a trip out) and a flashlight (are batteries cheating?)!

#5-You can air out the house

This is your golden opportunity to open up the windows and replace all that stale air. No worries, just do it.

#6-Everyone actually finds something to do that doesn’t require electricity!

The boys built huge fires in the fire pit and cleared some of the deadwood in the yard and some of the old lumber from the barn! We sorted the junk mail during daylight hours and put away a lot of holiday decorations toward the end of the outage.

This brings us to…

#7-You don’t have to cook!

You can eat out with no thought to how much you’re spending. Or you can eat sandwiches, chill the milk in the snow, or….

#8-You can pull out the barbeque

Have the guys make burgers on the grill! Seriously who doesn’t love grilling in the winter when it’s freezing outside? There was little to clean up, the veggies were great in their little aluminum packets, the burgers were a bit overdone, but I didn’t have to cook it!

#9-Do the dishes by hand.

Great memories surface when you stand at the sink and scrub the dishes. I remember begging Daddy for our first dishwasher. I promised I would never complain about doing the dishes again. Can I tell you that emptying the dishwasher ranks close to the top of chores I hate the most? I had to bite my tongue for a number of years over that one.

#10-The stars are bright.

We do not live in the city limits and our road is not densely populated so we see the stars clearly most nights. But the intensity of them when there is no ambient light is stunning. It reminds me of stargazing from the pool. We did not get in the pool this time. Just thought you should know….I mean it was really cold so the pool would have been rather lethal.

I’m so glad that’s over. Thanks to all the guys from all over for helping us. We noticed trucks all the way from Sumter, SC. Y’all are the best!


Now it is time to say goodbye to 2012. Another year has passed, bringing incredible change to my life. I lost my job, began to blog, and sold my first item in my Etsy shop. I’ve watched my son take a one year hiatus from university. I’m confident he will resume his studies soon.We’ve worked through another year of this little blink of an eye we call life.

We are evolving.

Thank you! to those who are following and liking and stopping by to read my words. Thanks especially to Eunice at nutsfortreasure for encouraging me so much. I hope thepolkadotskirt.net will grow and I will continue to learn. This old dog is ready for a few new tricks. Tricks…..hehehehe.

Happy New Year to all of you. May all your wishes come true. May you prosper and be happy always.

It is definitely my pleasure.

Oh please, oh please, oh please share your thoughts!

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