The End, Survival, and Reading Material

Merkins were discussed again at tonight’s Bunco. Oh my. We also touched on the Mayan Calendar End Date and the cataclysmic events that are so unlikely to take place on Friday.

But it made me think. Suppose I was to survive a devastating event and have only two possessions left me. It’s that desert island question. So…what two material things would I want above all others. We’re not talking peeps here.

What about clothes?  I certainly wouldn’t want to subject any other survivors to the sight of my naked butt. Speaking of dreadful experiences… although that would be one way to whittle down the population and save any meager resources for myself, just take off my clothes.

But surely the clothes on my back would be enough until I could figure out how to sew new clothes from the fibers I strip from the coconuts on the island and spin into thread on the spinning wheel I build out of driftwood. Then I can knit garments with my hand-carved knitting needles or weave the thread into fabric on the loom I build from the branches falling from the trees on the inland stream. Then we can sew the fabric with tiny bird bone needles. Yeah, I’ll make those too. Tools? No problem. Rocks and the pocket knife I so fortuitously placed in my pocket before the devastation will do for anything I need to build including shelter.

What about a radio? Music would be great. Nah…might not be a station left. Television has to go the same way as the radio. Short wave might be effective in locating other survivors. What good would that do unless boat-building is easier than it looks?

My Kindle! Amazon would surely survive. And my 3G would allow me to browse and buy, uh, borrow! I’m sure my funds would dry up eventually so I would have to borrow…oh, but then how would I pay for Prime? This is really distressing. I can’t live without reading material. And one book wouldn’t cut it. My library card would certainly be useless. Boredom is not an option. Must have something to read!

I could choose pencil and paper. Then I could write my own material! The next great American novel! And all I have to do is survive a disaster with paper and pencil in hand!  But would that count as one or two possessions? What good would one be without the other? Okay, I’m counting paper and pencil as one.

Awwww. I must have my dog. Which one? There’s the rub.

I’ll make ‘em draw straws.

Oh please, oh please, oh please share your thoughts!

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