Friday, Concerts, and Impatience on Sunday

Friday 12.06.12, 9:00 a.m.

Today I’m short on inspiration…. Bread….milk….money.

Join the rest of the world.

I did spend a few minutes this morning cutting a piece of tin with my Sonic Cutter. Near bout shook ma hand offen my arhm. That’s Southern again.

Screwed that puppy onto the back of the hall table I built. Just a few finishing touches to go!

Tonight is the night for TSO….I’ll be picking up my sweet daughter for dinner at five. We’re headed to Bonefish Grill, hoping for some really good numz before the show. I know the conversation will be delightful. She’s my kid!

One of her presents for the pagan present-giving season arrived today. I kinda got excited and ordered some more stuff for her. Tomorrow Bob and I will go shopping for the Boys again. We didn’t make much of a dent last weekend. I would love a grown man gift list. Anybody? Anybody?

Girls are so easy. And when we make a list, you can find the stuff that’s on it. Not so much with the opposite gender. How would I know how to pick out sports equipment?

Still have decorating to do before the next Bunco fest on the 19th. I’m thinking another R-rated Bunco might be just the thing to cure SAD. That seasonal affective disorder thing grabs Bob by the nads every year. He’s depressed anyway…just like the rest of us….but this year he seems to be weathering it a bit better. Must be the 70 degree weather in the middle of DECEMBER. That weather thing is so not working on me.  Still. I want a bit of cold and a little snow to gaze upon. Probably ain’t happening.

I’ll bet my new friend Vanessa Dawne gets lots of snow in BC. Well, maybe not so much on the island.

Bob is Canadian. He’s from Toronto. The first summer he was in Arkansas, he got involved in fence building across our five acres. Triple digit temperatures and very high humidity almost killed him. Then there were the ticks and chiggers. He didn’t know what they were. That man looked like the victim of some dread disease. He itched and scratched till his legs were red and dotted like my skirt. I think the bugs were delighted with his virgin blood.

I’m surprised he stayed.

But then, I’m here.

Sunday, 12.09.12

The concert was a blast! And dinner was terrific! We shared  coconut custard for dessert and it was plate-licking good. It took massive amounts of personal restraint to leave the plate on the table. I think Falon’s tongue was hanging out.

The concert. What is it about long-haired musicians that I find so sexy? Perhaps it’s the talent? The way the instruments are caressed? The confidence?  <big sigh>

And I adore the classics with a rock twist! I’m smitten. I’m such a sucker, even bought a Tee shirt and wearing it now.

I simply cannot believe we are still shopping for the Pagan present-giving season. Yesterday was a major trip. Falon, Bob, and I hit the flea market, bookstore, department store, lunch, dropped Falon  and hit the sports store and another department store. I was whooped! We were out for nearly 8 hours. Nap attack hit on the way home and I succumbed to the sofa for a bit.

And I left my bag at Panera. Freaked out. They had it and I was able to pick it up with no losses! Kudos to the Panera on Kanis. You guys are sooooooooo cool! I may have to reevaluate my take on humanity!

This week is going to be rather chore-laden. Post office to mail Barry’s presents to Canada, grocery store for cookie making supplies. And we have to check our lists twice and balance those pesky accounts. I think TSO put me in a celebratory mood.

I was even nice to the old couple that took 10 minutes to pick up and read the label on a pound of ground pork, put it down, discuss it, pick it up again, put it down, then switch places so the lady could pick it up, read, put it down….all while I waited for them to move and move their cart so I could get to the center cut pork chops I wanted for dinner.

I did not jump up and down. I did not scream obscenities or push them the hell out of my way. I almost crossed my arms and stopped myself. I was a model of patience and virtue and respect for my elders.

I so suffered my own impatience.

It’s amazing how we rush ourselves from task to task. Instead of enjoying the present, being in the now, we look forward to the next moment scarcely allowing this one its time. This moment really is the only one.

How much less stressful for me if I had taken a moment to notice the age spots on the little old lady’s neck? How did she earn those? What tragedies has she endured? What joy? Is she fortunate to have her health? Are she and her husband still in love? Do they hold hands? Has he been good to her? Do they have children? Are her children here? Close to her? How many years have they been married? Were they young when they met? Was the marriage arranged?

How lovely to have spent my time creating their story in my head while they shopped for pork and I waited to pick up the dinner chops! How lovely to find the beauty in a moment, perhaps exercise the imagination, engage in a conversation.

I will try to engage in the now more often.

4 thoughts on “Friday, Concerts, and Impatience on Sunday

  1. How fun. I have to say I am glad I don’t have to give gifts yet because I am so not ready. I have two things purchased.

    1. I have been know to do it all on the Eve. BK (before kids), I was always last minute!


  2. Oooh Kathy, I’ve never been mentioned in anyone’s post before — how cool! I simply love your style — wonderful wit, ‘Zoomer’ attitude, loving mother, & Southern charm. I dream of being able to express my humour like you do. Thanks for being my friend.

    Oh yeah, now’s the time of year I especially appreciate living on the west coast when the rest of Canada has snow & cold — my paradise. Born & raised in Calgary, I know SAD & wacky weather! While I do miss the magical beauty & calm of snow-covered fields, I certainly don’t miss the 3 weeks of -45 degrees we had one December in northern B.C.!!! Here, we usually get snow once or twice in a winter — it may stay for 4-5 days but it’s lots of fun when it is here.

    Well, I’m totally blown away that I’m on your blogroll — I may have to post more, now that I know someone’s reading, hee hee. 😉 I am moving things over to a main site at where all my blogs are listed on the sub-menu. Soon, hopefully, I’ll have the old posts at

    Again, thanks so much for following my site. Have lots of fun with your remaining shopping. 🙂

    1. I simply cannot imagine -45! I would turn bearish and hibernate, not to be seen until well after the spring thaw! Snow makes everything beautiful. It glitters and glows. The first time I visited Bob in Toronto we made a quick trip to Niagara Falls. As we left the restaurant where we had dinner, it had begun to snow! I laughed and laughed. It was so beautiful. Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I’m slowly building the blog and an Etsy shop and I need lots of encouragement.
      I’ll be sure and follow up on following your new site! Thanks again.

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