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Power Outages and the Fun Factor

31 Dec

Top Ten Reasons Power Outages are FUN!

Order is not significant to the fun factor.

#1-Silence is golden.

With snow on the ground and no electronic devices of any sort running, there is NO background noise. I could actually hear my husband and son speaking. It was really easy to eavesdrop on Zach and Tony in Zach’s room. Just kidding Zach. Didn’t do it. The birds still hanging about were audible. My ears didn’t ring. No white noise meant the slow, rhythmic, and hypnotic dogs’ breaths induced a sound sleep. The dogs are also a viable alternative to electric blankets.

#2-No laundry for 5 days.

‘Nuff said.

#3-There isn’t a single aggravating TV commercial.

See comment on #2.

#4-There is no TV.

I read two books on my Kindle (I know I cheated and had to re-charge on a trip out) and a flashlight (are batteries cheating?)!

#5-You can air out the house

This is your golden opportunity to open up the windows and replace all that stale air. No worries, just do it.

#6-Everyone actually finds something to do that doesn’t require electricity!

The boys built huge fires in the fire pit and cleared some of the deadwood in the yard and some of the old lumber from the barn! We sorted the junk mail during daylight hours and put away a lot of holiday decorations toward the end of the outage.

This brings us to…

#7-You don’t have to cook!

You can eat out with no thought to how much you’re spending. Or you can eat sandwiches, chill the milk in the snow, or….

#8-You can pull out the barbeque

Have the guys make burgers on the grill! Seriously who doesn’t love grilling in the winter when it’s freezing outside? There was little to clean up, the veggies were great in their little aluminum packets, the burgers were a bit overdone, but I didn’t have to cook it!

#9-Do the dishes by hand.

Great memories surface when you stand at the sink and scrub the dishes. I remember begging Daddy for our first dishwasher. I promised I would never complain about doing the dishes again. Can I tell you that emptying the dishwasher ranks close to the top of chores I hate the most? I had to bite my tongue for a number of years over that one.

#10-The stars are bright.

We do not live in the city limits and our road is not densely populated so we see the stars clearly most nights. But the intensity of them when there is no ambient light is stunning. It reminds me of stargazing from the pool. We did not get in the pool this time. Just thought you should know….I mean it was really cold so the pool would have been rather lethal.

I’m so glad that’s over. Thanks to all the guys from all over for helping us. We noticed trucks all the way from Sumter, SC. Y’all are the best!


Now it is time to say goodbye to 2012. Another year has passed, bringing incredible change to my life. I lost my job, began to blog, and sold my first item in my Etsy shop. I’ve watched my son take a one year hiatus from university. I’m confident he will resume his studies soon.We’ve worked through another year of this little blink of an eye we call life.

We are evolving.

Thank you! to those who are following and liking and stopping by to read my words. Thanks especially to Eunice at nutsfortreasure for encouraging me so much. I hope will grow and I will continue to learn. This old dog is ready for a few new tricks. Tricks…..hehehehe.

Happy New Year to all of you. May all your wishes come true. May you prosper and be happy always.

It is definitely my pleasure.

All Hail the Power Company

30 Dec

It is 12:25 Sunday, 12.30.12. We have just returned from dinner and a double feature to find our power has been restored! Yippppeeeeeeee.

I was so sure Peanut would be a pupsicle when we got back, but they came through. After the storms began on Christmas Day, we lost power. And for the past four days we have been cold. Thank goodness we have a gas water heater. I don’t think I could stand stinky guys for that long. We’ve cooked on an open fire in the backyard, suffered through a couple of cups of the worst coffee ever, cooked burgers on the grill and finally gave up and started eating out yesterday, twice a day!

So I am behind on everything, email, posts, my Etsy shop,  laundry (which piles up at an alarming rate when you’re wearing multiple pieces of clothing and huddling under every blanket in the house), and just about a million other things.

I can’t imagine living for a month without power. The folks who endured Sandy and its aftermath have more than my respect for their hardiness and perseverance.

At any rate, given time I’ll catch up.



Happy Holidays Friends and Family

24 Dec

Holidays Happy!
Tree is Sappy.
Baking smells.
Papaw tells.

So sister knows what Santa’s bringing
Brother is sad, his ears are ringing.
Dad’s a mess, he’s been nogged.
Mom’s so tired, dinner’s bogged.

Uncle Fred has diarrhea.
Aunt Frieda sings Ave´ Maria.
Grandma’s hearing done went south.
She put the candy cane candle in her mouth.

Cousin Joe tells naughty jokes.
Auntie Bea gives him elbow pokes.
Cousin Jamie who just turned two,
Runs and screams ‘I a cow, moooo!’

Chaos is normal this time of year.
Gathered together from far and near,
Friends and family celebrate, with presents and food,
Clinking glasses and swearing ‘It’s all good, dude!’

I wish you the happiest of holidays!

Celebrations, Winter Solstice, and Chrismahannakwanzaka

20 Dec

The Winter Solstice has begun. Depending on hemisphere, time zone, personal internal time clock, age, and/or relationship with reality, it may have ended for you. Me? I’m in the here and now and we are just beginning!

Tomorrow is the shortest day and longest night of the year, a time long celebrated. Pagan gods have received sacrifices, the return of the light and the Sun god’s reappearance have been feted.  Hanukah, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Santa Lucia Day, Epiphany, Koliady are all celebrated near the Winter Solstice.

Regardless your reasons for celebrating the season, it is wonderful time of the year and a great excuse for good food, good fun, family, and friends.

I’m off to celebrate all of them. I could just be ‘off’. But any excuse for a margarita right? So while my family celebrates the Pagan Present-Giving Season and all the other culturally enjoyed holidays, let me wish you are very

Merry Christmahannakwanzaka!

Ummmm…I’m still waiting for my epiphany.



The End, Survival, and Reading Material

19 Dec

Merkins were discussed again at tonight’s Bunco. Oh my. We also touched on the Mayan Calendar End Date and the cataclysmic events that are so unlikely to take place on Friday.

But it made me think. Suppose I was to survive a devastating event and have only two possessions left me. It’s that desert island question. So…what two material things would I want above all others. We’re not talking peeps here.

What about clothes?  I certainly wouldn’t want to subject any other survivors to the sight of my naked butt. Speaking of dreadful experiences… although that would be one way to whittle down the population and save any meager resources for myself, just take off my clothes.

But surely the clothes on my back would be enough until I could figure out how to sew new clothes from the fibers I strip from the coconuts on the island and spin into thread on the spinning wheel I build out of driftwood. Then I can knit garments with my hand-carved knitting needles or weave the thread into fabric on the loom I build from the branches falling from the trees on the inland stream. Then we can sew the fabric with tiny bird bone needles. Yeah, I’ll make those too. Tools? No problem. Rocks and the pocket knife I so fortuitously placed in my pocket before the devastation will do for anything I need to build including shelter.

What about a radio? Music would be great. Nah…might not be a station left. Television has to go the same way as the radio. Short wave might be effective in locating other survivors. What good would that do unless boat-building is easier than it looks?

My Kindle! Amazon would surely survive. And my 3G would allow me to browse and buy, uh, borrow! I’m sure my funds would dry up eventually so I would have to borrow…oh, but then how would I pay for Prime? This is really distressing. I can’t live without reading material. And one book wouldn’t cut it. My library card would certainly be useless. Boredom is not an option. Must have something to read!

I could choose pencil and paper. Then I could write my own material! The next great American novel! And all I have to do is survive a disaster with paper and pencil in hand!  But would that count as one or two possessions? What good would one be without the other? Okay, I’m counting paper and pencil as one.

Awwww. I must have my dog. Which one? There’s the rub.

I’ll make ‘em draw straws.

Ruts, Solutions, and Power Washing

18 Dec

Tuesday is gone.

I’ve been cleaning…all day and into the night.

There are some things that one can do over and over and over and never finish.



Those are the two that drive me batsh*t crazy.

But then if you look at humans closely, it seems we are a repetitious lot.

We eat, sleep, poop. We work. Sometimes we play. Most of us have dug in and stay with the same schedule day in and day out.

Some of us like that rigidity.

Some of us don’t.

Bob likes it.

I don’t.

So I’m thinking it’s time to shake things up and start anew.

First I think we need to build our homes of concrete with drains in every room. On cleaning day take out the power washer, hose it all down and walk away. I’m thinking thirty minutes max and it would be dust free, clean, and sanitized.

Auto interiors need to be completely waterproof.  Open the doors and use the same power washer to clean up spilled soda, crumbs from lunch on the go, dust and grime. Five minutes and the interior shines!

Clothing? Perhaps we could go with disposable. Better yet let’s invent a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle no matter how long it stays in the dryer. Oh, and make the washer and dryer one machine. I want to throw the laundry in and forget it until I need to pull it out to wear.

That cooking thing has me stumped. I can only see one solution. Eat out. Unfortunately it is so much healthier to eat at home. Cheaper too. So we’re going to have to exercise some serious creativity on this one. I’m open to suggestion.

Now…we have to work on jobs and rut destruction.

Brain freeze! Alas, it will have to wait for inspiration to show up.

Yuck. That requires more of that patience thing. Of which, I have none. Wonder if you can buy it…..

Cat Wreaths in the Making

17 Dec

This tutorial is brought to you by Ashe McTweed, aka AsheKitty.


One 24” wreath.  (Hob Lob had them on sale for ½ off last week)
Assorted floral pics, or bushes of silk poinsettias, torn apart
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutters
Other detritus as needed to trash the cocktail table in living room.

Step 1: Trash your cocktail table with all the materials listed above. Make sure the wreath center is not littered

Step 2: Go to the kitchen and make a snack. Get a drink, hot or cold, your choice. Make a sandwich if desired.

Step 3: Return to the living room.

If the cat hasn’t arrived, move on to Step 4.

Step 4: Return to the kitchen. Make dinner, 5 courses should be sufficient.

Step 5: Return to the living room

This is the result of hard work and patience. Cat wreath is now completed.

Lovely Cat Wreath for your Home. Cheap! Just call.

Lovely Cat Wreath for your Home. Cheap! Just call.


Should we say how many times you fell off the table? Or the sofa after we moved the wreath?

Should we say how many times you fell off the table? Or the sofa after we moved the wreath?

Sayings Saturday

15 Dec

After writing about the book I picked up on country sayings, I decided to start a new tradition: Sayings Saturday. Here’s the first one to share:

[she] looks like she bin rode hard and put up wet.

Now I don’t know iffen you ever seen a horse run slap out purty hard, unsaddled, and left ‘ithout a gud brushin’, but it ain’t a purty sight. That horse hair dries up all stiff and salty, sometimes the eyes get all wild like and holler….nope not purty.

Sayings Saturday

More useless information for your trivia trove.

Speed, Age, Static, and Tatts

14 Dec

I love to speed. Driving on the interstates at less than 80 causes time stopping sensation in me wee brain! Zoom, zoom, zoom! It’s exhilarating! Driving the four lanes around town at less than 50 is the same. Of course less than 50 on the side roads is for old people.

One year, 3 weeks, and 6 days until my 60th birthday. I’m marking the days. I suppose at that point I will officially become a mass of screaming, bubbling, overwhelming, mind-boggling hysteria. The kids will have to call for a strait-jacket and loads of drugs.

Well…that doesn’t sound so bad.

Who am I kidding? I’m bordering on hysteria already. And who knows if I’ll even make it that far. I mean, shit happens, right? Not expecting to meet my demise anytime soon, but we never know.

But 60? I’m terrified.

Will I suddenly begin wearing orthopedic shoes and those funky white stockings? Are twin sets in my future? Will I have my tatt removed? Never get another one?

I told Falon I was gonna celebrate 60 with another tattoo. I’ve even decided what I want; a Celtic knot with a peony, a viola, and a ladybug. The knot is for my Canadian-Scottish husband, the peony for Daddy, the viola (the flower) for son Zach who played viola ( the stringed instrument) from 5th grade all the way through high school, and the ladybug for daughter Falon. I want all of it together in one design. I will live for the day….live for the pain…okay it’s not really that painful…I will live, live, live to see what the next 60 years bring!

This time I will get the tatt somewhere less noticeable than my arm. I wanted to see the first one. At least I can cover it with long sleeves if necessary. I don’t find it necessary.

I read something about things older women should avoid…like tattoos, dark eyeliner, and certain hairstyles. I figure at this point I’m old enough to wear or do anything I want.

Take dark eyeliner. I wear a dark aubergine . I like it. It doesn’t highlight the tiny lines. Now if I try to wear a light, highlighting shadow, my eyelids look like a roadmap for Tinkerbell…tiny little lines light up and crisscross and jump out and yell ‘boo’ at anyone standing near.

Hair. I like it messy. Usually I do a minimum ‘fix’ with enough product to keep it fluffy. Yesterday I ran my hands through my undone hair while at the Panera drive-thru and it stood up and sang an Ave´. ‘Look at this,’ I said to the cute little girl taking my money. I laughed maniacally, took my muffins, and peeled out leaving rubber on the asphalt.


It’s good to be so mature.

13 Dec

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

Ooops…almost forgot the ‘more’ on the Team Readership Award.

Whoa Nellie Bozo!

Yesterday I mentioned that fellow blogger Eunice at nominated me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award! I love it! And a whopping big thanks for thinking of me to Eunice! It’s my turn now.

Here are the rules:

If you wish to accept this award, nominate 14 more bloggers! That’s it.

Now, since I’m new at this, and feeling my way around the big wide blogging world, I pretty much chose you guys either for making me laugh, making me think, or just because…well, just because you’ve enriched my blogging experience.

My 14 are:


All of you have touched me in some way.  If you wish to go forward with this and need assistance please let me know!

Many thanks.


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