I missed my post yesterday.

It feels like a new lover has gone. Over one missed post.

Wow. I’m hooked.

Yesterday almost did me in.

First stop: the vet’s office. It was a last ditch effort to control the flea population. Frontline hasn’t been working. We tried a couple of different applications. Dogs still scratched.

So I bit the bullet and bought the oral treatment.

Looks like the fleas are gone.

I’m doing a happy dance.

Don’t look, it’s not pretty. I can’t dance.

So, after the vet’s office, I realized the rear compartment of Bru-honda was full of Goodwill donations. Oh no. Oh hell. I was in Benton.

I adjusted and stopped at Wal-Mart in Bryant. My purchases were safely loaded into Bru’s backseat.

I headed back to Little Rock. It’s a quick trip. Benton is only about 15, maybe 20 minutes from my house. Bryant is less than 10 minutes from the vet’s office.

Next stop: Goodwill.

And finally, I was headed to the grocery store.

Kroger was….interesting. I put on my happy face and started in the restroom. Well geez, I had coffee before I left the house. A girl’s gotta pee, right?

The coffee shop had been eclipsed by a Honey Baked Ham display. The attendant told me I could get more coffee at the deli. Okay. I needed more coffee.

Produce department is in front of the deli, so I proceeded to dodge all the elderly that were clogging the aisles. Later I discovered that Tuesday is Senior Day and you get an additional 5% off.  I should have suspected the store was going to be somewhat chaotic. Produce was littered with boxes and carts. The guys were desperately trying to restock shelves. And squash wouldn’t be in for half an hour.

Coffee next. Got it!

There was one little old lady on a motorized cart. Her walker was in the basket. Her husband was pushing another cart. Seemed like every aisle I turned into was blocked by the two of them side by side. He would notice, move his cart and allow the rest of us to pass.

The baking aisle was a zoo. The poor lady trying to restock was overheard muttering plaintively, ‘I can’t catch up!’.

We, the shoppers, seemed to maintain a good attitude. I chatted with several. Then we moved on.

I finally left the store, all my bags packed, and $186.00 poorer.


I’m driving and trying not to think of unloading and putting all this stuff away, not to mention pondering the chore of cooking it…and then cleaning up after the cooking it….and then cleaning up after the eating it…

The ‘I need gas light is on’. I forgot to get gas.

Sam’s is now added to the list of stops.

Might as well get some Taco Bell while I’m this close.

I got home just before 2.

I unloaded. I started to put away.

My lack of sleep caught me and there were a couple of hours of slow motion while I continued the chore list.

Enter Bob. As I was explaining my method of thawing the turkey, he decided he wanted a whole turkey to stuff instead of the breast I had purchased for the five of us.

Okaaaaayyyyyyyy… I’ll stop at Kroger again. No problem. Freeze the breast for next month.

Falon came over to use the Cricut.

I left for dinner with Sherri’s mom, Dorothy. I had her flight itinerary for Thanksgiving with Sherri.

So dinner, then take-out for the kids.

Time to buy Bob’s turkey. The only turkeys left were over 20 pounds. So be it. Bob got a BIG turkey.

I wonder if that’s a sign.

Finally home to stay shortly after 7:30.  My ass was draggin’.

And I still had to make room for a 20 pound turkey in the fridge.

The day just would not end.

I finally found a home for the turkey, Zach went off to play with friends, Falon left the Cricut and went home, and I crashed.

Now that’s a day in a common, almost senior woman’s life.

And I missed my post. I’m so sad.

Tonight and tomorrow I will bake and shake together a Thanksgiving meal to share with my beautiful family.

I bid you a Happy Thanksgiving, a happy holiday. I will be back with more antics next week.

I hope I have given you a smile!

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  1. wow what a Wednesday! We went to the movies, saw Lincoln (excellent), and while I baked cheesecake, chocolate pudding pie, and assembled spinach dip, Don drove to the truck stop in Morgan/Maumelle to pick up Jeff so that Trena would have a good Thanksgiving. We got to bed at midnight but rose to give our thanks the next day.

    1. We gave thanks for surviving Thursday and Friday on Saturday. It was a Black Friday.

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