Peanut, Molly, and an Early Night

I started writing a story today. I wanted to finish it but I exercised my randomness too much. I’m hoping the story will be a good exercise in writing. I need one. I need to find the focus to stay with something for longer than 600 words. Wish me luck.

I had an early night last night, just couldn’t keep my eyes open. So about 10 I began the nightly routine; insulin, lock up, bathroom, a little soda to wash down the meds, retrieve the Kindle and the phone, turn out the lights, check the night lights, fold the last load of clothes, straighten the bed (Bob always leaves it in a tangled mess when he gets up for his night shift at the hospital!)…

Why is it when a woman says she’s going to bed, it takes forty five minutes to get there? A man will say he’s going to bed and he just goes to bed. From spoken word to under covers in less than a minute.

Anyway, I finally did crawl under the covers. Peanut was waiting for me. He likes to snuggle. Molly whined. And paced. Since I don’t like to shut the bedroom door when I’m alone, I have two choices: listen to her whine or allow her to sleep on Bob’s side. Hehehehe. That cracks me up. Poor Bob.

It’s a no-brainer. Molly doesn’t give up her neuroticism just so I can sleep.

So upsy-daisy. She rolls around on me, head down, making little noises for a few minutes. It’s normal for Molly. Geez, I really need to get the dog some good drugs. Finally, she settles down in the middle of the bed next to the pillows. Good thing it’s a king-sized bed.

Now Peanut loves to chew on Molly’s ears. He gets downright obsessed. Last night before the ear attraction kicked in, the little creep started bouncing around, barking and growling at Molly, doing his best to entice her to play. She tried to ignore him. She kept her head down, her eyes closed.

She couldn’t resist. So she jumped up, twirled in a circle, took 3 steps forward, and dove headfirst under the covers against my side.

Molly generates a LOT of body heat. I feared for my Kindle.

Peanut, before I could make any attempt to remove Molly, began to paw the covers, his little feet moving rapidly, making a sweet verbal entreaty for her to come out and play.

Well she was coming out one way or another. Once removed, I decided to lose the glasses, the Kindle, and the light. That always calms them down, peace is restored.

Not last night. Once again, I feel Molly twist as Peanut continues his assault. She dives again!

What? Are we playing submarine?

I embarked upon another mission to remove Molly and calm Peanut. They finally got the message, but my early night had slipped away.

Oh, the joys of being a pet parent, the joy of unconditional love. So worth it.

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4 thoughts on “Peanut, Molly, and an Early Night

  1. and what was Bunny, the Lab ninja assassin doing through all this? Funny, I had thought that she would be the neurotic one!

    1. Bunny is the calm in the storm, the easy going, playful, little piggy. When Peabutt and Molly are acting up, Bun just disappears. I personally think she goes and eats all their food.


      1. That’s just too funny! So maybe Bunny really was using that knife on the night Bob saw her.

        So Molly was first. Maybe she is going through the first child syndrome, all the younger pups getting all the attention (to her viewpoint).

      2. First child? You may be onto something. I told you she needs a therapist!


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