Nice, Pot, and Al Capone

Nice takes practice.

I need practice. I practiced this morning. I smiled and said thank you sweetly.

Bout tore muy heart out. Me being Southern and all it’s s’posed to come naturally. Thang is, us Southern women is real good at pasting on the smiles while throwin’ killing eye daggers. We can flirt, fawn, and flatter with a vengeance. We can charm the ears off an elephant. We can heap on verbal abuse and elicit a profound thank you from the victim.

Yes, we are a talented demographic.

And some of us are genuinely nice.

Them’s the ones ya gotta watch out fer.

I’m watching out for Election Day.

The mere possibility of Paul Ryan anywhere near the White House, including his position in Congress, elicits a flight or fight response in me. He’s downright scary. Women take particular note of Romney and Ryan. They want to take you back to the 1950’s. Please do your research.

I’m going to repeat myself boys and girls. This is not about your personal morality (or theirs). It is about HUMAN RIGHTS.

Tomorrow the voters of Arkansas take on the legal use of medical marijuana. It’s about time Arkansas. Although I must say that generally we’re behind every other state except Mississippi. Arkansans have thanked god more than once for Mississippi. Otherwise we’d be dead last on … everything

If only the federales would get on board. Make it legal, sell it with the same restrictions as booze, and tax the hell out of it. It would so pay off the national debt, set up scholarships for our kids, and stop all the overcrowding of our jails. We’re spending billions and it isn’t going away. Let’s turn it around.

You know the cigarette companies are primed and ready to roll out the first pack of Reefer. They’ve probably been ready for 40 plus years.

It is a win-win proposition. Unfortunately we seem to be hung up on that morality thing again. Take a look at prohibition. Banning alcohol in the United States from 1920 to 1933 led to stockpiling, smuggling, moonshining, and a rise in organized crime.

Al Capone was a regular in Hot Springs! That’s just a little side note of Arkansas trivia.

Does any of that smuggling thing sound familiar, the organized crime thing?

It seems so silly that we allow pharmaceutical companies to experiment on us with pain killers, antidepressants, and the like while they get rich and we suffer side effects, including death. It seems silly to continue to support crime and crime fighting while depleting the government coffers. Marijuana is simple and natural. It is not a synthetic created in a lab.  It eases the pain of the body and the mind.  We could grow it in our gardens if so inclined. We could stop this madness.

You can be morally against any issue and still recognize the need to change that issue. I would argue for the religious among us that it is a God-given plant and, just as with wine, moderation is the key.

Legislating against it isn’t working peeps.

Figure it out.

I think I am the victim of a Monday brain fugue. Way too many random thoughts. Smoke too much? Nah…don’t do that anymore. It’s way too expensive! And I lost my bong.

It’s probably the time change. I think I’ll stick with that story.

Oh please, oh please, oh please share your thoughts!

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