Childhood Wisdom

I’m watching paint dry. This much excitement in one day is difficult to contain. I’m also covered in glitter. It’s blowback. Bit windy out here for spraying, but hey, it’s a lovely shade of green.

The first project toward the goal, stated above, is almost done. I got off to a bit of a slow start. It seemed my mind changes would never end. And the extra trips to the hardware store were a bit of a cramp in progress. The tutorial and the buy option will be up Tuesday. Yay.

I’m still on the Learning Curve.

The lovely thing about this goal is that it feeds my randomness. Whatever strikes my fancy can become the Project du Jour. And there is always the trash bin for the ones that just don’t work.  Gotta love it!

The current knit project is a hat, a beret. I like simple, uncomplicated knit pieces involving short time commitments. Things I can do while atrophying my mind with TV.  Hats and scarves fit the profile beautifully. I’m thinking of something a bit different for the finish. I’ll share when I get there.

Found a tutorial for the Russian yarn join here. So cool. Weaving in ends is a pain, so I try to knit or crochet them in as I go. This is definitely a must try, or a must do again as it is something I seem to recall from years ago. At my age recollection is rather shady. Perhaps I should recall sex in my shady past. That ain’t right.

So now we’ll have to talk about rock ‘n roll and drugs too? Perhaps another day.

My daughter is a social worker. She works with kids in a school-based program. Sunday morning I will take her to the airport. She’s attending a conference on play therapy. I traveled with her occasionally when she was seeking certification in same. On one occasion we shopped the dollar store, returning to the hotel with crayons and coloring books. Coloring is a lovely stress reducing activity. I’m not as concerned with the lines as when I was a kid.

Is that wisdom?

I’m determined to build a swing in the backyard, preferably a double. There are two trees outside the living room French doors that appear to be usable as the outside supports. We are lacking hardware and a cross beam. There are probably enough bits and pieces in the barn for the seats. Swinging as exercise is appealing. Swinging for stress reduction is more appealing.

Imagine the free feeling of pushing off and soaring higher. Imagine the smile that began when the playground came into sight and widened as you seated yourself. Imagine recreating that in your own backyard. Recreating it anytime you choose.

I think I’ll go get started. I’ve dreamed long enough. Time for action.

Oh please, oh please, oh please share your thoughts!

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