Brand New World

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ve probably guessed that I wake up in a brand new world every morning. It takes a few moments and a small quantity of coffee to bring me back to planet Earth. Okay sometimes it takes all morning and a large quantity of coffee.

This morning was no different.

The door was shut so Molly’s click-click-whine had not disturbed me. There was a hot spot at my back. It turned out to be Peanut buried under covers. There wasn’t much sun coming from the window. It was rather overcast. These epiphanies poured into my conscious mind like sorghum molasses flowing on a biscuit outside in January.

In other words, it was a slow process. Very slow.

I crawled out again. Bob had made coffee. I was grateful.

Time passed. The fog in my brain did not. It did occur to me that the house was a shambles and needed some major help. A few weeks ago we had all the duct work replaced under the house. We also emptied one (yes we have two) of the attics in preparation for new insulation installation.

That attic filled a shed, half the kitchen, and half the living room. We found books, and baubles, an amazing amount of paper. There were records from my great-grandmother’s property taxes well before World War II. Oh my. I organized the paper. We took it back to the attic and stored it on shelves that are permanently attached to the rafters. I missed a couple of boxes in the process. Oh, well.

Days passed. Still there was no insulation installation. Now the living room was becoming problematic. I had the urge to rearrange the furniture.

So we moved all the bins and boxes to the carport. Poor Bru-honda can barely squeeze into the space. He requires cover from falling limbs, the occasional hail storm. And I require cover when exiting the house. You never know when rain will fall.

Then we moved all the miscellaneous Christmas decorations to my Craft Cave, the room designated for my random ventures into design and crafting. That created a tight squeeze for my large butt.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, this morning. House a shambles…I kinda got side-tracked on the back story.

We are still waiting on the insulation, but I must clear some of this out.

I start in the Cave. Now during all this shuffling, we removed a full sized pillow-top fluffy thing from my son’s bed. He no longer wanted its comfort. It’s not an easy thing to fold. Not an easy thing to carry around. Not an easy thing to store. It’s been folded in my Cave for many days. Well at least until it fell off the chair and landed in a heap on the floor.

It is the first thing I pick up. This fluffy thing has to be folded once again. And it has to be stored. First I have to decide how to store it. I go looking for a bag. I keep all the plastic packaging when I buy new comforters and pillowcases and sheet sets so I started there. No luck in finding a package. All the big ones were already taken. I did run across two of those space-saving things you suck all the air out of with your vacuum.

One was big enough for papa bear. One was about the size of baby bear. The other looked just right.

I took the just right one and the fluffy thing to my bed. I did the folding struggle. M’arm’s started to hurt.

I proceeded to a writhe and squirm bag stuffing. Returning to the cave, bag in hand I began a close-the-bag-suck-the-air battle. I stood on the bag, kneed it repeatedly, nearly broke a finger on the closing, lashed the floor with it, cursed it soundly, and still did not achieve closure.

And now there is a hole in the bag.

Molly and I both need a life.

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2 thoughts on “Brand New World

  1. Once the bag thrashing started, being the good friend and all, I still wished that I were a teeny tiny fly giggling on the wall. Poor Cathy!

    Can you patch the bag?

    1. Duct tape and baling wire will fix anything, doncha know!

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